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History Day Guide 2003 -- Temperance and Prohibition in Ohio
Manuscripts  State Archives  Microfilms   Audiovisuals  Published Materials 

Manuscripts: Journals, letters, ledgers and diaries.

MSS 18 Joshua Swayne Papers, 1841-1857
Letters Swayne received from family and friends while a medical student in Columbus relating to practicing medicine and to temperance societies in Spring Valley, essays on contemporary social issues
MSS 118 Free Will Baptist Records, 1819-1920
Constitution, records, minutes of Ohio River Yearly Meetings, Meigs Quarterly Meetings, and Gallia Quarterly Meetings of the Free Will Baptists; subjects include slavery, temperance, and Sabbath schools
MSS 142 Janney Family Papers, 1796-1905
Correspondence of John J. and Rebecca (Smith) Janney, on Whig, Republican, and Union parties, temperance, women's suffrage, prison reform, and banking; of Francis (Janney) Derby, pertaining to her medical studies and practice
MSS 166 Robert Henry Day Papers, 1846-1936
Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. Correspondence relating to Day's career on the bench, legal profession, politics, his campaign for reelection, 1928, and family and personal matters; together with correspondence (1933-36) of Day's son-in-law, Joseph S. Platt, correspondence (1865-67) of William Pitman, and 2 letter books (1886-1900) of Robert S. Smith. Contact repository for more information.
MSS 270 Viola D. Romans Papers, 1804-1946
Papers of Romans, a state legislator of Columbus: addresses, radio broadcasts, programs, pamphlets and newspaper clippings and scattered correspondence, relating to the Women's Christian Temperance Union, women's suffrage and the Women's Republican Club of Ohio
MSS 282 Charles W. F. Dick, 1887-1928
U.S. Representative and Senator from Ohio and Secretary of the Republican National Committee. Correspondence and speeches by Dick and others, concerned with political campaigns in Ohio, patronage, and personal matters related to Dick's service in Congress. Contact repository for more information.
MSS 325 Frank B. Willis, 1871-1928
U.S. Representative and Senator, and Governor of Ohio. Political correspondence, statements, and speeches, relating to Willis' congressional terms, gubernatorial and senatorial campaigns for nomination and election and service in those offices, and campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 1928. Includes material on Ohio politics, League of Nations, World Court, armaments limitation, prohibition, immigration, Negroes, veterans' benefits, postal affairs, tariff, territorial and insular possessions, Teapot Dome, patronage, and pensions. Contact repository for more information.
MSS 338 George White Papers, 1914-1953
Oil company executive, U.S. Representative, and Governor of Ohio. Correspondence, speeches, reports, proclamations, campaign material, financial ledgers, and other papers, relating to White's governorship (1931-35). Includes material on taxes, prison cases, prohibition, highways, public utilities, press policies, invitations, Ohio Justice Dept., and public welfare. Contact repository for more information.
MSS 411 Temperance and Prohibition Papers, 1870s-1960s
Majority of pre-1933 material available on 364 rolls of microfilm, cataloged as MIC 107 at the Ohio Historical Society. Microfilm also available through interlibrary loan. Remainder of collection, mostly post-1933, not filmed as part of MIC 107. Includes papers of various temperance and prohibition societies and leaders including the American Issue Publishing Co., Ernest H Cherrington, Intercollegiate Prohibition Association, Howard Hyde Russell, Scientific Temperance Federation, and the World League against Alcoholism.
MSS 474 Delia Thompson Papers, 1884-1887
Papers of a Columbus Women's Christian Temperance Union missionary and founder of the Sunday school that became the Union Grove Baptist Church of Columbus
MSS 522 Intercollegiate Association for the Study of Alcohol, 1901-1976
Promoted the study of alcohol and its effect on the human body. Established in Chicago as the Intercollegiate Prohibition Association, in 1934 changed names to Intercollegiate Association for the Study of Alcohol; headquarters in Westerville, Ohio. Correspondence, minutes, financial records, scrapbook, and newspaper clippings (1901-1976). Contact repository for more information.
MSS 540 William E. Halley Papers, 1921-1963
Republican politician and editor of the "Legislative Digest Review". Collection contains correspondence and state government reports, concerning the political activities of Ohio Republicans. Contact repository for more information.
MSS 550Ernest Hurst Cherrington Papers, 1927-1957
Correspondence, manuscripts of articles, notebooks, speeches and financial records relating to Cherrington's work with the national temperance movement
VFM 555Charles A. White Papers, 1900-1919
Papers, 1900, 1904, and 1912-1919, of Charles A. White, Lisbon, O., including several letters to White relating to the Panama-California Exposition of 1915; several letters from W. B. Wheeler relating to the Ohio Anti-Saloon League; and letters relating to Republican party politics in Ohio.
VFM 1404A. Victor Donahey, 1922-1935
Scattered letters, 1922-1935, from Vic Donahey, Columbus, O., to J. William Donahey, Chicago, Ill., relative to his first inauguration which expected to be "A la Andy Jackson," his veto record, the responsibilities of the governor's office, and prohibition.
VFM 3026Pickaway County Dry Federation, 1914-1920
Scattered records of the Pickaway County Dry Federation, re. expenses for rental and advertising, letters concerning the 1918 and 1920 campaigns for prohibition, and one page of minutes (9-23-19) of the Pickaway County Dry Federation executive committee.
VOL 1042-1044Pickaway County Dry Federation, 1914-1920
Records of the Pickaway County Dry Federation include expenses, receipts, and accounts with the Ohio Dry Federation; donations and accounts of 1914 of the State Wide Prohibition League; and minutes of the PCDF executive committee.
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State Archives: Local and state government records.

Series 3308 Fairfield County (Ohio) Auditor. Liquor Record, 1927-1931
Journal includes complaints, affidavits, summonses, warrants, evidence, rulings, orders, judgments, appeals, and execution orders. Cases relate to criminal offenses such as operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, illegal liquor sales, first and second offense of drunkenness, etc.
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FLM 167 Stegh, Leslie J. Wet and Dry Battles in the Cradle State of Prohibition: Robert J. Bulkley and the Repeal of Prohibition in Ohio. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Kent State University, 1975. Ann Arbor, Mich. : Xerox University Microfilms, 1975.
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Audiovisuals: Photographs, video and film footage, and audio recordings.

SC 1102 Prohibition and Whiskey Crusade, 1873 - [193-]
Views of prohibition and the whiskey crusade, including sketches of crusading women of New Vienna, Ohio, "Van Pelt's Surrender" and picket scenes in Mount Vernon
SC 1337 Temperance, 1874
Photographs, illustrations and postcards documenting the Temperance Crusade of 1873-1874, which began in Hillsboro, Ohio
SC 1493 Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 1873 - 1912
Photographs documenting members and activities of the W.C.T.U. including the Temperance Crusade of 1873-1874, which began in Hillsboro, Ohio and postcards with temperance messages
SC 3875 Eliza Jane Trimble "Mother" Thompson, c. 1900s
Photographs of Thompson, national and local leader of the Temperance movement.
SC 5354 Temperance (Whiskey Crusade), 1873-1874
Stereographs of temperance crusaders in Mt. Vernon, Ohio by Fred S. Crowell

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Published Materials: Books, periodicals, and pamphlets.

B W569h Hogan, Charles Marshall. Wayne B. Wheeler, Single Issue Exponent. Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Cincinnati, 1986. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms International, 1987.
329.01 R299S8, W2 Willis, Frank B. Demanding a Clear Wet and Dry Issue, Senator Willis says the American People Insist Upon Explicit Statements from Parties and Presidential Candidates on the Prohibition Question ... Columbus, O., [Willis-for-President Headquarters, 1928] Reprinted from the New York Times, Sunday February 12, 1928.
Ohio Docs OPR 1.9: P964/ 930 Ohio Department of Prohibition. A manual of the prohibition law and Enforcement in Ohio : Annotated with Ruling Case Law, Attorney General Opinions, and Legislative Enactments / Edited and Annotated by Harry J. Karr. 1930.
Temp. PA Box 17 20 Killets, John M. Duties of Grand Jurors under National Prohibition Act: Instructions to Grand Jury, April 28, 1921. Westerville, Ohio: American Issue Publishing Company. 1921.
Temp. PA Box 17 46 Ohio State Prohibition Campaign Songs. Westerville, Ohio, American Issue Publishing Company. 1918.
Temp. PA Box 47 93 Why the Brewers Amendment Should be Defeated. Westerville, Ohio; Ohio Dry Federation, 1922.

The Ohio Historical Society Temperance Collection contains hundreds of books and pamphlets related to the temperance cause including the publications of major temperance organizations, such at the Anti-Saloon League and the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Please search the Archives/Library collections in the Online Collection Catalog under the general search term "temperance" or ask at the Archives/Library's reference desk for assistance.
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