The Unfairy Tale

This is a Danbert Nobacon solo project, originally released in 1985 on Sky And Trees Records, and re-released in 1997 by Rugger Bugger Discs. The release has extensive liner notes.


Does God Go To The Toilet?

Well, in beginning was the turd...
Does God go to the toilet?
Does God go to the toilet?
I don't know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know...
I don't know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know...


Creation, not so much out of the blue as
Once upon a time there was a pile of brown
And out of that brown grew pips and seeds
And worms crawled from out of that brown
And life flourished and multiplied, multiplied
And pips and seeds grew into plants and trees
And bore fruit which was easten by wormkind
And worms grew wings or fins or arms and legs
And grew into animalkind, animalkind
And creatures walked the earth
And fish swam in the sea
And birds flew in between trees
That's how we came to be
And pips and seeds were returned to the earth
Along with a generous helping of brown
And life continued to grow and flourish
From brown to green, from green to brown
Like, like the seasons
And was regenerating, always regenerating
The earth was everybody's home
Every being was free to grow and roam
Their roots were everywhere and everything
All dependent on each other for existing
Existing as one
Whole earth catalogue
Existing as one
Big happy family
Existing as one
Web of destiny
Existing as one
Earth, together

Lying In The Dirt

Chapt. One - Manf Ugga-Ugga Freaks Out
Man grabbed hold of the wrong end of the branch and it snapped
Man was fallen down
Fallen down to the ground, to the brown
He felt a right dick lying in the dirt of the ground
From that day on he reeked a vengeance upon the ground

The Tree Of Knowledge

The tree of knowledge has been cut down
Torn from the ground, made into defenses and paper money
His own roots man severs
Mother Earth dismembered
Distanced from her, he cannot hope to live by consumption alone
He built himself a void, man and the garden
Are both destroyed in his attempt to fill that void


Mummy, mummy, mummy
I got a pain I got a pain in my tummy and it's hurting me
I'm well and truly shatted by it all stained and scarred
And brutalized just by day to day living
But the comic tragic magic is I'm not dead yet
I'm not full submerged, I still got some life in me yet
For my mummy, mummy, mummy earth, I'm gonna stand by her
Course the world was in a mess when I stuck my head out
It's still in a mess, but I can see for myself now
Soz I've got to dash, I've got to get my shit together
Keep things moving and make myself useful
For my mummy, mummy, mummy, my mummy, mummy
My mummy, mummy, mummy earth, I hear her calling me


I'm out in the country for a walk one day
I get the urge and I've got to go
I look around, make sure no one's around
I pull down my pants and I face the ground
I think, well, we all go to the toilet
Just like we've got to eat
We don't eat--it's called starvation
We don't babber--constipation

Lay People

It doesn't matter how rich or poor we are
Doesn't matter what sex or species we are
Doesn't matter with which nation we associate
Doesn't matter what politics we love or hate
We've still got to go to the toilet
There's no way of getting 'round this I'm afraid
We're all busy going to the toilet
But not on television
We've all got to do the toilet one
But not on television
We're all lay people when it comes to the brown
We're all at one with each other
Cause somewhere in between the black and white
There's us just sitting or squatting
Laying down the brown

A Fairy Tale (Real No-Shit)

Chapt. Two - Guess who? Manfred The Great
The great king bashed down his goblet on the oaken table as kings do when they want more wine. Everyone was silent. 'Minstrel the noise of chattering women grates on my ears. Play me some music,' he bellowed.
A fairy tale handed down
I believed it, didn't we all
A man, a hero, walks on to the scene
Unquestionably good at everything
First he does battle with various creatures
Which compared to his goodness are evil monsters
Having made dragons extinct forever
He murders a couple of the castle guards
He enters the castle quite unnoticed
And tells the girl he'll be back for her
'And so I shall make her mine forever'
But runs into trouble and is taken prisoner
Is taken to the big bad, bad, bad, baddy
Baddy tells hero how goodness is finished
And has him strapped up to a slow-death device
But he escapes as the rope starts to burn through
The blade crashes down on the block where his head was
With a sword from the wall he finishes the castle guards
A lamp gets knocked over in the panic and a fire starts
A race against time to rescue the princess
To get past the baddy to get out of the castle
Out of the window where the horses are waiting
The couple ride off and the whole place goes up in flames

House Plants

But it's shit we don't see it though we watch it on the telly
Every day
We give our heroes license to kill in reality
Just like on TV
And we wish we were in his shoes 'cos he gets all the girls
Treats them as property
A pile of shit we don't see it, though we watch it on telly
Every day
That's an electrode in our front rooms a house plant
Pumping in signals
Only five feet from being an implant
Pumping in signals
How often do we leave it switched on?
Channel S.H.1.T.
How often do we sit there switched off?
Staring at it blindly?
Jane's dad closed the book
'Not another peep out of you tonight,' he whispered
'It's not fair,' thought Jane, 'why's it always the boys who get to do the exciting things?'

Jack Horner

You see who's over there in the corner?
Little Jack Horner, sat in a corner...
I say, I say, I say
Why'd Jack Horner sit in the corner?
The story goes it's cos he had a square bum.
Well I'm telling you, that's not absolutely true
He was told to sit there by his teacher.
Jack's crime was this, he said, 'teacher you are wrong, the British army killed a lot of people too. The empire's built on the broken backs and the stolen land of all them blacks, all paid for out of your income tax.'
She said, 'I won't stand for that. Don't give me your back chat, the headmaster will surely hear of this.'
She said, 'Don't speak until you're spoken to. I'll tell you what you can and can't do. Now go and sit in that corner 'till I get back.'
Jack was all alone
Struggling on his own
But when the head walked in the children made such a din
They said, 'Jack get up, you got to get out. Don't let them push you about, you know they'll keep you in that corner 'till you're dead. Jack get out, don't sell out, don't compromise with Christmas pies, you know they'll keep you in that corner 'till you're dead. Keep shouting back, you tell 'em Jack, don't swallow none of their crap, you know they'll keep you in that corner 'till you're dead. Calling Jack Horners everywhere, don't bend to authority which doesn't care, you know they'll keep you in that corner 'till you're dead.'
Jane got up, she helped jack out, she said, 'Teachers don't mess us about, we won't listen to your dirty lies. It's you who've got your fingers in the pie. People die, you don't question why, we won't study your lies, we won't eat your Christmas pie, we won't eat dead animal pie, we won't eat nukiller pie, we won't eat your pie R squared, and if you really cared, neither would you.'

Catastrophe Reality

Chopped a tree, the garden of Eden is finished
When I say mankind, I use it as a derogatory term
Whereas scientists and governments use it as a saving grace
Well I once saw Micheal Heseltine on the telly, whilst he was still environment secretary, and it was a U.N. debate called 'The State Of The Planet, Ten Year On.' Ten years on since the last debate, and he's there saying, 'Look folks, don't worry. Everything is under control. The rate of progress is faster than the rate of decline.' As if that made everything OK.
A man who is older than me, with factories in South African says, 'That's the way of the world, and there's nothing you can do about it. You can't change it. So you might as well enjoy it whilst you still can. Well that's what I always say anyway, hmm, yeah, and remember that, that's a damn good outlook on life. I've come a long way I have, I have indeed. In fact, you could say I'm a shining example. The dirty kid come clean. Have a cigar.'
He must be right cos he's got more experience than me. Yeah, he's got a degree in better ways of destroying the earth, better ways of ceasing to be. Even if we forget about nuclear war, just for a minute, only for a minute See he's cutting all the trees down, the atmosphere is breaking down The rain cycle's collapsing, acid rain destroying our lakes. Forest is being cut down at a rate of an area the size of France every year Whole countries of fertile land are being turned into desert, ask him about it, see what he's got to say for himself. Ask him about it, see what he's got to say.
'What's it worth? What's it worth? Make it worth my while, make it worth my while, maybe then, maybe then I'll think about it.

Man Papers His Crack

Hey Manfred, what you doing back there?
Come on, come unclean, man!
You can turn your back when you paper your crack
You can turn both cheecks, you can de-odour the reek
You can wash your hands of it, when you have been
But you don't fool us with your Mister Clean
We got the brown on our hands, a piece of Momma Nature's land
We got the brown in our glands, care of Momma Nature land
Hey Manfred, Manfred, listen to me, come on listen to me man. Inside we're all brown in there somewhere, we've all got the biz. So quit holding ground, no matter who you are your brown still smells. Let it out, man, come on. It's you soul, it's your soil.
As long as there's brown we'll be sticking 'round
You take away the brown, that's when we start going down
Going down, going down, going down, going down...

All The King's Men

And so in the tradition of Manfred the Great
The people built the glorious vision in his name
Great Britain they called it, a land for heroes
A land where no one was starving, a paradise, a garden of Eden
The garden of Eden, levelled to the ground
And concreted over, re-built from scratch
With I.C.I. man-made fibres, they made their paradise out of plastic
But our world is cracked and it's showing through
The plastic backed cello-taped superglue
The paper money and the patched up lies
The cover-up jobs, the fact they try to hide
That all the king's horses and all the king's men
Will never stick our world together again
With their plastic, sticky-backed, red-taped lies,
And all the paper money they exchange for our lives
Think about it, our world, all the ecological catastrophes
They're happening all at once, at the same time now
Mankind to the rescue, I ask you why?
To him tomorrow is just another fucking day fucking up the earth
Filling his fat silver-lined pockets full
So please listen, dear peoplekind
See the reason that minkind won't save the earth
Cos there's no money in it for him, it's not worth his while
It's up to us
It's up to us
It's up to us, each and every one of us

Nadzeroon El Babo

Chap. de Terre... make the fighting... six...
Nadzeroon El Babo
Last of the wizards
Living in his last retreat
Living in the retreating rain forests of
Dallemandia Africa
Dallemandia Africa
Dallemandia Africa
If we are to believe the forestry corporation
Nadzeroon was your typical pessimistic stick
Stuck in mud
Wood a piece of
Give his opinion
Mind, when you asked
'Listen, Peep. I'm not your wizard. Your wizards, magicians, and kings live out there--bank managers, bureaucrats, and generals. Look around you, see what they do to the forest. We have ourselves, Peep, and each other, and that's all. This earth belongs to us as to everyone, and it's up to us to stand our ground like the giant mahogany, where our roots draw most strength. The forest needs me, Peep, I cannot come with you. Return to Scare City, and there you will find the Moneylith where man and his kind worships. Only you can know what to do. Share your knowledge, you'll find a way. Peoplekind be with you. Farewell.'

The Ballad Of Peoplekind

Listen, Peep
Don't you worry
Peoplekind be with you all the way
I say farewell now, Peep, OK
If we hurry we might just save our day
Give them a piece of your peace of mind
And tell them love from peoplekind
Give them a piece of your peace of mind
And tell them love from peoplekind
Give them a piece of your peace of mind
And tell them love from peoplekind

Declaring Peace

Whisper the words of wisdom no more
Speak the words of wisdom no more
Shout the words of wisdom no more
The governments of the world agree
That people need bombs and banks and barriers
Harriers, tanks, and aircraft carriers to carry us to war
To drop it at my front door
But if no one pulled a trigger then no one would get shot
If no one made the bombs, no one would get blown up
If nobody believed in stinking countries
There wouldn't be any territories to fight over
If nobody held money as sacred
There'd be food for all, not just those who can't afford it
And if nobody voted for a government
They wouldn't have the right to make people fight
But first they treat us like we're nobody, no one
Then it's "Join Britain's fight, be someone--bomb someone"
But dead we're no more than dust on the floor
Of the next generation
Who are marching as to war
But no more war, we won't go away
'Cause no more war is something we've got to say
No more war, we can try to make the fighting cease
No more war, advertise for peace
No more war, I know it's easier said than done
But we can make a start by declaring peace
No more war, look I know it's easier said than done
But we can make a start by declaring peace
By declaring peace
Just remember in 1982 when the Falklands war was happening
The New Musical Express didn't say a word about it


Chapter seven
There's bugs on the house plants of the folks back home
Insects are material, they're not inferior
Insects are material, they're not inferior
What do we want?
Insect liberation!
When do we want it?
Insects are dirty, insects are filthy
They never bother washing their legs or faces
Insects are ugly, insects are evil
They sniff around the brown and then they eat it
An insect loses its way one day and gets trapped in the house
An insect in the house, but not in this month's issue of "Wonderful Home"
Fly spray or stinky thing, hanging from the ceiling
A rolled up neswpaper on the head, the poor insect ends up dead dead dead dead
But insects are dirty, insects are filthy
They never bother washing their legs or faces
Insects are ugly, insects are evil
They sniff around the brown and then they eat it
They eat shit, and they're walking on it!
They fly around from town to town spreading disease
They're ugly little monsters, and I hate them
Won't you get rid of them for me? Please!
But who likes the taste, who makes use of our waste?
Who puts the goodness back into the soil?
It's insects, bacteria, germs, and worms

Scare City

But we spread more disease than all of the insects
By carrying our shit then spreading it by contact
When we shit on people we are shit on in return
So we put out more shit we think we've nothing left to learn
We keep on spreading more disease than all of the insects
And after the people had built Scare City high in the food mountains, the advertising men moved into the plush concrete drawing offices and started juggling around with ideas, and they came up with a concept and the concept was this: NEED is an anagram of EDEN. So they marketed need, shit for every occassion, replacing our real needs with a craving for the purified packaged shit. Waste product. Waste became the product.
Coca Cola is drunk two hundred and fifty million times a day in a hundred and forty five different countries. They can shift shit anywhere they want, when they want. Anywhere, any time, they can shift it. Yeah, eighteen million children starved to death last year. They can't shift food because it's not fucking profitable.

Jingle Smells

The blanket shit coverage we get on TV
Sells us paradise, buy buy buy buy buy buy it
They steal our lives and sell them back to us
As one big happy contraceptive pill-popping party
Based on the ad-man's philosophy
That total self-indulgence equals total freedom
Total self-indulgence equals total freedom
Like freedom from involvement,
Freedom from concern
Freedom from responsibility
Freedom from love
Freedom from love
Freedom from love
Freedom from love?

One Way System

Everybody's looking for a one way system
As if there's only one way out of this prison
Everybody's looking for that one piece of wisdom
As if there's just one answer to all of our problems
And the biggest one way of all the one ways
The central circulating shit
Is M O N E Y, oh why?
Why oh why, oh my oh my, all mine
They steal our lives and sell them back to us
And palm us off with the freedom of choice
the choice of a million and one lifestyles
Built on a billion and one false smiles
And life giving pills, philosophies, and products
All of which claim to be the one for us
And life giving pills, philosophies, and products
All of which claim to be the one for us
All mine, mine, make it mine, make it worth my while
Make it worth my while, and maybe then I'll think about it
Make it worth my while, and I'll see what I can do.

Sugar Daddy

The plantations in ex-colonial governmant land where 'Empire Made' had given way, with the years, to the more subtle multinational approach.
Now look, first we forget the tueweekie beans and scrap these little plots here. And we can take a road right through and start planting sugar cane all the way up to that hillside.
But what are we gonna eat, boss?
Ah, you'll think of something. I mean, when we cut that forest down there, within a year or two we can double the size of the plantation.
But we can't just live off sugar daddy?
'Course you can. I mean back home where I come from the folks live off the stuff.
But boss, we can't afford Coca Cola, never mind all this fancy processing biz.
Well look, no, look. Think of it as in investment, cash crops, you see. You grow the sugar, we send it to the dear old folks back home. Who come up with the readdies, and we give you some bread on the deal.
But boss, there's people starving to death out here.
Well, between me and you nigger boy, there's too many of 'em anyway.

Martini People

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere
There's a wonderful world you can share
But only if you're stinking rich enough
Martini people are happy people
They always smile because they're getting paid
To sing and dance and have parties in the South of France
Wouldn't you do the same, if you got the chance?
Uncork the speedboat from the bottle and be whisked away
From reality today, to packaged dreamland UK
From the TV screen to the Sunday magazine
Fancy cigarette packets, dead animal jackets
From the big flashy car which runs on British Petroleum
From BP's investments in Australia in Uranium
Dinner is served!

Thorn-EMI Lighting

Raw materials are running out, there'll be no more tungsten to put in light bulbs
Because the light bulb companies used it up, making light bulbs which run out
Instead of making ones which last for years, y'know they can, they got the know-how
They do the same with cars so they can sell, sell, and keep selling well
But by then there'll be no more cars, no more coal, no electricity
Because those in power got this ultimate power, one way power, nuclear power
Chain reacting accumulating illness, but their cure is killing us
The only questions asked, "How much does it cost? How much can we make?"
"How much does it cost, and how much can we make?"
Well it's kind of expensive, but the government will give you big, big grants
If you do a bit of work for them, it's a good investment
I mean you can't touch it really, 'cause once you're in it lasts forever
So how much does it cost and how much can we make?
It costs the earth can't you see
Can't see radioactivity
Can't hear radioactivity
Can't smell radioactivity
It just kills you

An Psalm

Chapt nine, Armagodman
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul. He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness. For his name's sake, yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff, they confort me.


But how do kings and presidents, prime ministers and generals, and company chairmen sleep at night?
How do they shut their eyes when they turn out the lights?
Turn out the lights for the people they're shitting on
Turn out the lights for the people they're torturing
Turn out the lights for the people they're poisoning
Turn out the lights for the people they're starving
Turn out the lights for the people they've murdered
They got two big secrets one up each sleeve, first they believe that they're doing God's work, and that's the lie that they can lie down with, 'Cause it's seconded by the people they govern. 'Cause the people they govern will work for them, buy from them, and die for them
And the people they govern will vote for them
And the people they govern do their sleeping for them
Do their sleeping for them, do their sleeping for them
Meanwhile Ronnie is on first name terms with God, or so he sees it in his head. Too many motion pictures when he was younger, and he's round at God's place for a meal.
God preparest a table before Ronnie
In the presence of Ronnie's enemies
God annointest Ronnies' head with oil
Ronnie's cup runneth over
Surely goodness and mercy, shall follow Ron
An Psalm is an anagram of napalms
Wake up, we must wake up!
We must wake up!
We must wake up!
We must wake up!


There isn't any light at the end of the tunnel
Open your eyes, go and have a look
There isn't any light at the end of the tunnel
If you open our eyes, you might get a surprise
It's all staring you in the face
Open your eyes, see your own light
When the sunlight filters in my room, in the morning
It's not saying 'get up' it's not saying 'time for work'
It's saying 'wake up'
'Wake up'
It's saying 'wake up'
'Wake up, wake up'

Times of Crisis

It gets worse... the earth, if looked after properly, has an estimated lifespan of another four billion years, but in 1983 there were two false alarms of impending nuclear war every three days. They say that such alarms are normal, and present no problem provided they can be identified as false alarms. I said in 1983 there were two false alarms of impending nuclear war, every three days, but in times of crisis with weapons systems already on the alert, there is less than eight minutes to decide whether an attack is underway or not. And there are over forty conventional wars going on in the world today. Times of crisis, you might say. They say that waiting longer than eight minutes would risk a surprise attack, and a loss of command and control. In the trade this is called the "use them or lose them" problem, which translated means, if he's gonna hit you, make sure you hit him first. Looking at it another way, a single American strategic submarine carries about 160 warheads, enough to eliminate every Soviet city of over 200,000 people. Of course a Soviet submarine could do the same to America. The nuclear weapons powers operate about a hundred such submaries and on average there are over forty at sea at any one time. A conspiracy of two men, a submarine commander and his radioman, could pretend to have received orders from above, and launch a nuclear missile without actually having received those orders. In 1983 there were two false alarms of impending nuclear war every three days. In 1983 Thatcher was re-elected by her sleeping people. In 1984 Reagan was re-elected by his sleeping people. In 1985... determine their destiny... ...let us move to a world in which all people are at last free to determine their own destiny...

Somebody Else

For someone to drop that bomb
Somebody else must do research for to enable the design of such deadly bombs
Somebody else must invest in manufacturing all those dirty fucking stinking bombs
Somebody else must obey without question the instructions to construct that dirty bomb
Somebody else must transport it, take the bomb from, from the factory to the market place
Somebody else must engender filthy attitudes which make making bombs acceptable
Somebody else must go to work to, to pay income tax so that governments can afford to buy bombs
Somebody else, could it be you, think about what you do and for who
Somebody else, could it be you, think about what you do and to whom
Give and take, give up your job, take some time today
Because the world needs you

In The Thick Of It

Chap aged twenty-three
Some pieces of my mind
I can be so happy just lying down
Back to the brown, looking up at the stars
On a clear summer's night I can think wow!
Well, I don't even have to think it, I just feel it
But I can be sad, so fucking sad
Lying on my side on my bed staring into space
And I can think, what a hassle what a bastard
What a load of shit life is
Life is wonderful, so intricate yet simple
It truly amazes me
How poeple like me confuse and abuse it
When really it's so precious to me
But I hold on, I hold on for dear life
To my fears as much as I do my hopes
I get bogged down and I dissappear
At times like this I just can't see very clear
Clearly a wise person once said to me
Life is, and that is all there is
To it, t'woo to it, t'woo
That's all there is to it, you twit
And so my lifes goes on, and on, and on, and on
Like I said, earlier on, it's really so precious to me
And that's the way it is, and that's the why I'm here
And it's worth shouting about, and this is how it sounds
And it's as simple as this, I just want to be loved
Same as anybody else, I just want to be loved


But I don't know you and you don't know me
I mean I think I know we're bound to disagree
So I still don't know you, you still don't know me
But now we both agree that we disagree
'Cause that's the one thing in common we've got, you see
It's that we both disagree
So between us we can double our profits, you see
Because we both disagree

Saying No

And we got to find as many ways, as many ways as we can find
Of saying no to the ways of governments and multinational companies
And we got to find as many ways, as many ways as we can find
Of saying no to the ways of governments and multinational companies
Yeh, got to find as many ways, as many ways as we can find
Of saying no to the ways of governments and multinational murdering bastards

Act With Mother

M spells man, K spells kind, could somebody tell me is man kind?
Manking is saying, gotta say goodbye now, gotto say goodbye to mother earth
I mean, how could I ever say that to her?
She's my mother, and I love her, there's no other, mother earth, mother earth
I used to watch, watch with mother, I grew up with her
Now I'm grown up, I stand on my own two feet, but that's no reason to forget her
By acting with mother not against her
First second and third worlds can help each other
By sharing the load, we can bear the burden
By working together we can replant the garden
Mother nature can be a right bastard at times, but I reckon she's a whole lot cleverer than mankind. He might have more experience, especially in apathy. Well ask him or ask yourself, 'War, poverty, death, rape, and violence on our streets?' And he'll look at you blankly and say, 'Mindless'. Man made catastrophe and it's happening now, today, so we're right up shit creek without a paddle, without a boat even. Question, what are full of holes yet hold much water? Answer, people. People need each other, not money, not packaged shit, we need each other.
How to be nice to each other?
How to talk to each other?
How to live together again?
I reckon, peace means learning to live together again

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