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Thursday 11th May - Jodi will play a spot with Brendan Gallagher (Karma County) during his residency at the Hopetoun Hotel in Surry Hills.
PAST GIGS (Sydney unless otherwise noted)
Saturday 22nd April - Jodi will play in solo mode at the Dancing Cup Cafe, in Katomba Street, Katoomba.  Special guests on a few tracks were Tegan Northwood and Robyne Dunn.
Friday 4th February - Jodi played a solo support slot at the Cat & Fiddle Hotel in Balmain, Sydney.  Followed by Bernie Hayes, with Stella One Eleven headlining.      
Thursday 10th February - The Dearhunters performed a headline show at The Punters Club in Melbourne.  Support from Golden Rough and a solo Darren Hanlon.
Friday 11th February - the Dearhunters played in the Candle Records "Concert of the Century".  Included all Candle bands except Stella One Eleven, held at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne. 
Thursday 17th February - Jodi Phillis performed at a Leonard Cohen tribute night at the Hopetoun Hotel, Surry Hills.  Featured a duet with Suzie Higgie.
Friday 24th March - Jodi and Robyne Dunn both played solo, and then in duet mode, at Triseles in Katoomba. 
Sunday 9th January - Jodi Phillis headlined for the first time ever in solo mode at the Three Weeds in Balmain, Sydney.  Gen Maynard ably filled the support slot with some wonderful new solo material
Friday 17th December - Dearhunters headlined at The Hopetoun Hotel for their last show of the Millenium.  Jodi's sister Carrie played in the support band, The Desperates
Thursday 2nd December - Dearhunters supported Kasey Chambers at Goldmans in Newtown
Friday 12th November - Dearhunters played at Triselies Greek Taverna in Katoomba 
Thursday 11th November - Dearhunters played the middle slot of three bands for the Golden Rough album launch.  Lansdowne Hotel, Broadway
Saturday 6th November - Dearhunters play at Hootenanny Spring Fair at Erskineville Oval.  The huge lineup included Paul Kelly, Kim Salmon, Karma County and Chris Wilson
Sunday 31st October - Tim & Jodi played at The Works in Katoomba as part of a larger festival.  Also there were Robyne Dunn, Jonah's Pride, Alannah Russack and Caroline Polley
Sunday 17th October - Dearhunters played their last gig at Mojo's for a bit, North Freemantle in WA
Saturday 16th October - Dearhunters played Mojo's in North Freemantle in WA 
Wednesday 13th October - Dearhunters headlined at the Greenwich Bar in Perth
Saturday 9th October - The Dearhunters supported Karma County  at the Milton Theatre in Milton, south coast NSW.
Friday 1st October - The Dearhunters headlined at the Cat & Fiddle Hotel in Balmain.  The lovely Eva Trout supported.
Thursday 16th September - Jodi & Tim played 2 acoustic sets as a duo at the Dancing Cup in Katomba.  There was free Orange Passion. 
Saturday 11th September - Dearhunters launched their new album "Red, Wine & Blue" in Melbourne at the Empress Hotel.  Special guests were Tim & Kellie from Screamfeeder and the Mabels in duo mode
Friday 10th September - Dearhunters supported Ed Keupper at the Continental in Melbourne
Thursday 9th September - Dearhunters launched their new album "Red, Wine & Blue" at the Hopetoun Hotel in Surry Hills
Saturday 7th August - Dearhunters gigged at The Living Room, up on the Gold Coast
Friday 6th August - found the Dearhunters at Ric's Bar in Brisbane
Wednesday 4th August - Dearhunters played at the Press Club in Brisbane
Saturday 31st July - The Dearhunters launch their split 7" with the Hired Guns of Melbourne at The Hopetoun Hotel in Surrey Hills, Sydney. Special guests are Love Me.
Sunday 11th July - The Dearhunters participated in a huge afternoon gig-fest at Goldman's (Newtown RSL).  In order of appearance: Machine Translations, Something Urban, Peter Fenton, The Dearhunters and Leonardo's Bride.
Thursday 10th June - Jodi appeared at Goldman's (Newtown RSL) with Peter Fenton of Crow for "Peter Fenton's Eccentric Reclusives Night"
Thursday 3rd June - Jodi appeared at Goldman's (Newtown RSL) with Peter Fenton of Crow for "Peter Fenton's Eccentric Reclusives Night"
Thursday 20th May - Jodi appeared at Goldman's (Newtown RSL) with Peter Fenton of Crow for "Peter Fenton's Eccentric Reclusives Night"
Saturday May 8th - Dearhunters appear at Rick's Bar (Brisbane)
Friday May 7th - Dearhunters play the Living Room (the Gold Coast)
30th April - The Dearhunters headline at the Hopetoun Hotel in Surrey Hills
29th April - Jodi supported Karma County at the Hopetoun Hotel in Surrey Hills
23rd April - The Dearhunters supported Robert Forster and Grant McLennan at Goldmans
19th March - Jodi played solo, supporting The Mabels at the Hopetoun Hotel
11th March - Dearhunters play at Goldman's supporting Youth Group
11th February - Jodi Phillis played solo (with other performers) at the Hopetoun Hotel as part of a Glen Campbell Tribute night
29th January - Jodi Phillis & Tim Oxley support the Cowboy Junkies from Canada at the State Theatre
1998 Shows
17th December - in solo mode, Jodi supports Stella One Eleven at the Annandale Hotel for the Stella's single launch of "Hard"
13th December - The Dearhunters play at the Cat & Fiddle, Four Horse Town support
12th December - The Dearhunters are supported by Four Horse Town & Luxedo at The Globe
9th December - The Dearhunters are supported by Four Horse Town at The Hopetoun Hotel
22nd November - The Dearhunters perform a 2-set show at Rick's Cafe in Brisbane
21st November - The Dearhunters perform at the Bar Stage during the Springboard Festival in Surfers' Paradise
20th November - The Dearhunters support Grant McLennan at The Zoo in Brisbane
8th November - Jodi plays solo at the annual Newtown Fair
17th October - The Dearhunters are part of the Pacific Circle Music Convention showcase at Bar Broadway
3rd October - Dearhunters play at The Sandringham Hotel with Love Me
22nd September - guest spot for Youthgroup at the Annandale Hotel
25th August - Jodi Phillis & Raph Whittingham are guests at Youthgroup's Annandale Hotel residency
4th August - Jodi is Bernie Hayes' special guest at The Sandringham Hotel
27th July - Jodi, Tim & Raph play as Lunar Tunes at The Sandringham Hotel
11th July - Dearhunters at The Annandale Hotel with Love Me
6th,13th,20th & 27th April - the band soon to be the Dearhunters play a residency under the name "Lunar Tunes" at The Sandringham Hotel. Guests included Bow Campbell on the 6th & Genevieve Maynard on the 13th
1997 Shows
3rd December - Jodi + Greg at The Hopetoun Hotel as special guests of 5 Gals & Their Guitars
27th November - Jodi Phillis, Raph Whittingham, Greg Hitchcock & Bob Moore at The Sandringham Hotel, supporting The Soulthieves.
7th October, 1997 - Jodi is Bernie Hayes' special guest at The Sandringham Hotel
10th July, 1997 - Jodi plays at The Hopetoun Hotel as special guest of Tim Freedman's Moody Jews
29th May, 1997 - Jodi and Greg Hitchcock support The Gadflys at the Annandale Hotel under the name "Acoustic Lounge O Sound"
16th May, 1997 - Lounge-O-Sound headline at The Metro, and are supported by Love Me, Melanie Oxley & Chris Abrahams, and Trunk
18th April, 1997 - Lounge-O-Sound at the Three Weeds, Rozelle, with support from Love Me
9th July, 1996 - Jodi is Bernie Hayes' special guest at The Sandringham Hotel
21st June, 1996 - Jodi & Trish Young at the Harbourside Brasserie, as special guests for The Gadflys CD launch
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