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1306.7 Northern Territory in Focus
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Previously: Northern Territory Statistical Summary (ISSN: 0067-0855)

Provides an overview of the NT in the form of text, tables, maps, and graphs. Separate chapters are devoted to a chronological table of important events; environment; government; the economy; population and vital statistics; housing; education; labour; primary industry; mining; tourism; trade and transport; retail turnover; police, crime and the courts.

Note: This product was issued on an annual basis until 1994, then two-yearly until the final edition in 1998.

This product is produced in Printed publication format on a Biennial basis.
Issue Details
First Issue: 1960
FINAL Issue: 1998 was released on 25/11/1998

Price: $39.00
164 pp
ISSN: 1037-1176

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Northern Territory in Focus

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