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Author My Poems......comments are good..^^

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Hi everyone, I will try to post my poems as much as I can, but I know all my poems are childish and can never compare to those great writers in this forum, exampe Demon Lord Ten...^^' very nice poems he have..=P

Anyways, this poem I going to post, I wrote at 2:12am and took me like a few min(2-4)

ANyways..^^ I hope you like its, even though it might not really make much sense?


Day by day,
I ask myself.
Why you not here,
with me so.
The only time I am happy,
Your there with me.

Sitting alone,
Asking the same questions,
Only you can answer.

Why are you not here with me?
All I need is you,
Here by my side,
In my arms,
In my heart.
On my mind.

Unsure of your feelings,
I sit here everyday,
Contempting what we have.
Is it something I should pursue?
Or something better left alone.
What should I do?
Unknowingly falling for you.

Kenchan of AoA
Protector of the Females of Evernight

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hmm...^^' I know my poems sux, but does it sux this bad? ~.~'

well anyways, i wrote this on valentines day


Lately I have been thinking.
Something is missing.
Day and night,
I miss it.
It's nothing more,
than you and me.
I wish on a star,
that somewhere not so far.
We could be together,
far...far along,
in the path of happiness,
where life isn't full of sadness.
I wish with all my heart,
something that is missing,
won't damper this feeling.
Feelings so deep,
only you can reach. <3

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Hmm.....how come no one is commenting? =(

OH wellz..^^' Heres another one...^^' sigh, but I guess no one really reads my thread..~~


The silver lighting,
of a moon up high,
Glaring down,
on a small clearing outside,
sitting there looking at you,
I see the stars, the planets, the universe,
You are my everything,my air, my hope, my soul, but...

Love, like a breeze,on a spring morning day,
blowing life into your emptiness,
bringing forth,the warmth, the caring, the happiness,
yet all, must end sooner or laters,

Love,like the sand on thy hands,
holding on as long as you can,
but never truly be able to hold on....

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Posted: 2002-06-03 23:04     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I've read all of your poems...

I liked every one of them...they seem to be a continuing theme.

The first one seems a little unpolished, and you seem to grow with each one.

I really enjoyed the last one....kind of like you passes through into a deeper feeling of the same person with each poem.

Keep it up, you are definitely getting there!
Oh and don't compare yourself so much with others....everyone has their own style!

I am the Lilly bug! Lazaruss is MINE!
I stole Red Baron's Wookie! No you can't touch it!
Huma is my Banana Man!
The Pengy Wiggle is under my control! (Thanks Enigma!)

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Wow! my very first comment..=)
Thx you, Lilandra for your comments..^^ most appreciate its..=)

Yeah, i know the first one needs to be refined hehe I only wrote it in like 2minutes or so.......and I was losing my inspiration so I couldn't refine its..^^

You sure hit the mark with ur assumptions..=) Most of these poems I wrote is about this one gurl...;p hehe..^^' and I seem to mostly write luv poems..hehe..so don't expect anything else..^^

Heres another one....hope you all like its....and plz pplz, more comments, even if u don't like its...just tell me..^^ I don't mind...=)


Tonight is the nite,
we see the sites,
when we promise each other,
for it is this,
that made us together,

Look up there,
With all the lights,
Millions of them,
Sparkling with bright,

I remember the time,
Not so long ago,
That we wished,
Upon a star,
That we will be together,
No matter the problems,
Not even the toughest,
Would break us apart.
Not even death itself,
Shall break us apart.

The wish from a past night,
So fresh in our minds,
Imprinted as it is,
Will never be forgotten,
Like our love,
Forever and ever will it be

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Ashley DeWinter

Posted: 2002-06-08 23:19     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Smoogles Kenshin

Kenshin, don't compare yourself to the others so much, as you were previously told by someone else. What matters is that what you are writing comes from the heart, and that it gives YOU satisfaction....not others. As long as you are content with what you are doing, that is all that is important. And they are right, you know, those who say that you are coming along....you really are!

Lady Ashley DeWinter
Immortal of SoV


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