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Creating a cohesive transportation agenda for a Livable City.

The Path to a Livable City is TLC's easy-on-the-eyes booklet detailing the steps we must take to create a more livable San Francisco. The 48-page booklet was written by Gabriel Metcalf in cooperation with San Francisco Planning & Urban Research. No other document brings together the agendas of pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and land use activists into a cohesive vision for reform of our transportation system. TLC will use the Path to a Livable City to influence the Transportation Authority's upcoming 30-year transportation plan, in order to create a transportation system that provides the best access and mobility while improving the livability of our neighborhoods!

View the PDF (Adobe Acrobat format, 2 Mb) document here, or order one by sending $12 to Path to a Livable City, Transportation for a Livable City, 1095 Market Street #207, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Building a Housing Yes! campaign.

Among the worst obstacles blocking the construction of more affordable housing in San Francisco are the requirements forcing developers to set aside valuable real estate for car parking even when the residents don't own car! TLC is working to support the following changes to the law making it easier to build housing for people, instead of for cars:

black dot Legalize secondary units for residents who don't have cars.

black dot Eliminate the minimum parking requirement.

black dot A victory (so far!): We helped prevent a monster of a parking garage from replacing housing in the Tenderloin.

Strengthen the existing transportation reform groups!

TLC serves as fiscal sponsor of the city's transportation reform groups. TLC ensures that all donations made through TLC conform to IRS requirements for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, freeing up those organizations to use their other funds for unlimited lobbying and supporting and opposing political candidates. TLC also provides technical assistance to help the city's transportation reform groups be as effective as they can be. Please support the following organizations:

Walk SF

San Francisco Bicycle Coaltion

Rescue MUNI

Housing Action Coalition

City Car Share

Transportation and Land Use Coalition

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