~~~~ Serpentigena ~~~~

by Magpie

Snakes and Ladders ~ The nine part story that started it all. Spike, Faith and Wesley deal with issues of guilt, trust, love and redemption while they work together. Starts after BtVS s6 and AtS s3.
Warning: Angst, darkness, abuse, horror and a fluffy ending :-). NC-17.

Snake Eyes ~ Twelve part story which continues from Snakes and Ladders. The Second Chance Agency is doing well in Sunnydale, but clouds are a-gathering. The past must be faced and madness dogs the feet of our heroes.
Warning: angst, darkness, smut and character death. NC-17.

Singing the Snake ~ Nine part work in progress which continues from Snake Eyes and concludes the Serpentigena Sequence. All the players are in place and the Akashic prophecy is working its way to completion.
Warning: angst, more angst, darkness, smut including m/m, character death and a (moreorless) happy ending. NC-17.


Snake Charming ~ a collection of unconnected one-shots, experiments, PWPs and other short pieces set in the Serpentigena AU. This will be added to from time to time.
Story One ~ Buffy/ Spike PWP narrated using a very 'distanced' third person voice. NC-17.
Story Two ~ Faith/ Wesley PWP. Third person, some use of the passive voice. NC-17
Story Three ~ The tale of Faith and Wesley's 'romantic evening out of town' during Snake Eyes. NC-17.

General Notes and Disclaimers:
1. I am English, expect British spelling. We are odd that way.
2: My beta readers are Moose and Mezz. I am hugely grateful to them, for all the time they have spent polishing my words. I thank them enormously. Thanks also go out to Paul, Derry, Poodle, Lori, Lesley, Arianna, Justhuman and Wesleysgirl who have all helped me significantly at one time or another.
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel (the Series) and all characters, locations and other inventions therein are the copyrighted property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I merely borrow and return a little worse for wear. Well ok, a lot worse for wear.
4. If you are under 18, don't click on the links marked NC-17, which denotes material for adults only.