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On this date an astounding discovery will be revealed to the world

On March 8th 2003 something extraordinary will be posted on this site

Something that could have Global implications

Something that will make you want to rethink your future...

My story:
Due to reasons you will come to understand as you read on I cannot reveal my identity at this time. Some months ago while trekking through a mountain range on an amateur photo shoot during my holidays, my attention was taken by a glint of light from under a shrub. I discovered it was the suns reflection off a piece of broken glass.

glass lens


By the curved polished surface on one side I thought it might have been from some type of magnifying lens. I rummaged around under the shrub wondering if someone had dropped their binoculars, but instead, to my surprise I found a badly damaged camera lens. I looked at the piece of glass in my hand. It was a fragment from the shattered lens. Beyond the shrub was a stony terrain that lead to the rock face of a sheer cliff towering high above the area. I spotted some other parts of the lens scattered between the rocks. Then I found the main body of the camera. It was an Olympus OM40 SLR, which was in production during the early eighties. The entire camera was smashed and covered in a silvery soot-like powder, as if it had been thrown onto a fire. Yet, on closer inspection, there was some oxidization on parts of the exposed metal casing. It had obviously been there for quite some time.

scorched camera
Back of camera


My first thought was that someone must have dropped the camera from the top of the cliff causing it to shatter on the rocks below, and that there must have been a raging fire through the valley at some stage. Taking a closer look at my surroundings there were no signs of recent fires. Had someone tried to destroy the camera by burning it? When I sniffed the soot it had a pungent explosives-like smell to it. I turned it over and wiped the film cartridge display window. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. There was still film in the camera.

It was late evening by the time I arrived home some days later. I'd been having mysterious dreams about the camera every night since I found it. Overwhelmed with curiosity and excited anticipation, I immediately took the camera to my darkroom. I had to pry the back open with a screwdriver as the plastic section of the outer casing had melted then solidified over the cover. Most of the film was badly damaged, parts of it having disintegrated due to extreme heat. I developed the strips of film that were salvageable. Nearly all of the negatives were color distorted. The images on the film sent chills down my spine. When I finally developed the photos and blew them up, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It made me wonder what the hell was about to happen on the planet!
damaged negatives

I began doing research on the net, looking for clues, desperately trying to find anything that could explain the images in the photos. I used key words in the search engine - words that exactly described the images. That's when all hell broke loose. After a few minutes the cursor suddenly started moving by itself, followed by a 'whirring' noise from the hard-disk. I froze with anticipation and by the time I thought to unplug the phone line it had stopped. I had never experienced anything like this before, but I'd been told by a friend that if the cursor ever moved by itself and there was a 'whirring' from the hard-drive, they were the sure signs that indicated someone was hacking into my computer. I picked up the handset to phone my friend. I wanted to tell him what had just happened. My eyes bugged with surprise as I heard a 'clicking' sound. Someone was tapping my phone. My gut feeling told me to get the hell out of the house.

I threw the camera, the photos and negatives into a bag. I was shaking with nervous tension - freaking out! I got into my four-wheel drive parked across the road and sat there for a while, wondering whether I was losing the plot. Was I allowing paranoia to take over? Maybe I'd read too many conspiracy novels over the years.

Suddenly a black van with tinted windows pulled up outside my house. I ducked down as a woman and a man got out and went to the front door. When they knocked on it, I cursed myself, because I'd left it open. The woman called out my name and they went inside. I got out of the car and hid behind some bushes in a neighbors front yard. It was about twenty minutes before they came back out. Heading for their van, they looked around, as if they knew I'd be close by. It was fairly dark, but I could make out that they were both dressed fairly casually in jeans and a pullover. The woman had long black hair. It wasn't until about an hour after they'd gone that I found enough courage to venture out from behind the bushes.

When I finally went inside I discovered they'd been through my things and had left a message on my computer:

"We need to discuss why you used particular words on the net search engine this evening."

They'd left a telephone number and told me to call it the moment I got in. After going through my things and not finding anything, I presumed they'd come to the conclusion that my using the words relating to the images must have been coincidental. I decided to bide my time, not to make any hasty decisions. The film I developed clearly related to a top secret of some kind. I shuddered at the thought of their response if they knew I actually had photos specifically relating to what I was searching for on the web!

I didn't know what to do. Maybe they were secret agents! But from where? Was it governmental or a privately run faction? And what were their intentions? Was I in danger? I then remembered a friend telling me that everything on the net is scanned at a classified central processing agency. And that considering the threat of extremist factions these days, if you were to use certain words that potentially related to national security issues, you could easily be tracked down and taken in for questioning.

All I know is this: I haven't done anything wrong! But if my presumption about the subject matter in the photos are right, then something big is about to take place. Something that will affect the entire planet and every living thing on it - something I believe the public has a right to know. At first I didn't know how to go about getting the information out there. I knew I'd be tracked down if I tried to go to the media. Not to mention that they'd probably pass me off as a crackpot.

I packed some bags that night and decided to take off around the country, while I tried to sort this thing out in my mind. That was the worst thing I could have done. After a few days I realized that running away was like admitting to the agents in the black van that I did have something to hide. I had a close call at a motel. On my way back from going out to get a burger I discovered the same van parked a few streets away. They'd probably tracked me down through the use of my credit card. I headed for the bank to withdraw all my funds. It was too late. My bank account and credit facilities had been frozen. This was big! I left my four-wheel drive at the motel and got the first bus out of town.

What I had stumbled across while trekking through the mountains that day was obviously information that certain factions have no intention of allowing to become public knowledge. That was why they had tried to destroy the photographic evidence in the first place. But what I've discovered must be given to the world. I've decided to reveal the photos on march 8th 2003 with any other information I've been able to find during my research. Soon after I will reveal the geographic location where I found the camera.

I did put my trust in a dear friend. He has supported me financially and helped me create a new identity. I am preparing for a mass release via the internet so that it can't be stopped. It is imperative that all people, not just those open to alternative views, are made aware of this event. Particularly the younger generation who represent the very future and survival of our world. That is why I have chosen to reveal my story and warning in such a novel way.

I only use computers at internet caf├ęs. I do not remain in one city, state or country for any length of time. I must keep on the move. I must not allow them to stop me or trace my whereabouts. I have set the date for the release in the future to allow time to build publicity. With the worlds full attention, these secret agencies or privately run factions cannot deny or lie to the public about what I will reveal.

I know there will be those of you who will judge this to be some sort of fantastic publicity stunt. But remember, things are not always as they seem. Make no hasty assessment about this event until you have seen the images in the photos. Reserve your judgement...until then...when all will be revealed. Then you can decide what is or isn't real.

In hope for our future,




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e day an astounding discovery will be revealed



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Whenever a significant new message is posted with the latest information and developments it will be indicate at the bottom of this page:

October 12 2002
The date this site was first posted.

October 23 2002
Surfing the net I've discovered many comments posted on message boards regarding this site. There are those who believe it is a hoax - but perhaps that is part of the plan - just read between the lines. Some have suggested it is a publicity campaign for a new movie thriller. Even a new computer game has been put forward. Others have stated that nothing will happen on March 8th 2003. Let me assure you that the photo's will be posted on that date.

The most common question asked: "Why am I waiting to post the photos?" Besides the obvious fact of building momentum, there is indeed a very good reason and that will also be revealed. As you will learn, the timing of this date holds much significance in the bigger scheme of things. It has been suggested that prophecies by the ancient Seers and Soothsayers of the distant past, speak of what I have uncovered.

The deeper I delve the more I discover, and the more I realize I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Information and validation is being leaked to me from a small resistance group within the ranks of those who are trying to track me down. They contacted me because they are sympathetic to my cause and believe humanity has a right to know what I will disclose. By the time I release the photos I hope to have all the pieces of the jigsaw.

Mystery revealed: A guy posted a message saying he couldn't understand why the person who tried to destroy the camera, didn't simply remove the film and expose it to light - an astute and sensible observation. Since posting this site I have restored some of the more severely damaged negatives, and I can now tell you that the camera was NOT thrown onto a fire and it was NOT scorched in a forest inferno. Once you see the images you will understand; things are not always as they seem. Be patient and all will be revealed.

I will keep you informed.



November 7 2002

Thanks to the radio stations that have mentioned my site and offered to interview me on their programs, but I must keep low for now.

A special thank you to Amy's i. Your readers are pretty much on the ball, picking up the numerous clues. Some of your readers have been spot on with what this event is about.

For those who tend to take things a little too seriously, please re-read the first paragraph of my posting on October 23rd and that should put you at ease.

A word of appreciation to those who have emailed me with positive comments, you are obviously enjoying the intent and mystery, leading up to the event.