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Hits since 15-07-99
posted by PumaY2K (04-11-2002, 19:58)

Can you believe it? 40 months online... without stopping a single month... wow... I just had the monthly count: 11143... you guys have beaten the record again!! thanx a lot people... I really appreciate this... now search with that search box I have put over there (right menu) so I get paid $0.06 for each search... heh heh... Im amazed... more than 10000 visitors in 1 month is a lot so thanx again people... Ill hurry to finish that Eraser Mk.2 for ya...

Ner ner...
posted by PumaY2K (25-10-2002, 22:21)

Im still here... erm... although the topic is as idotic as most of all the others, I thought it would be a nice idea to show you the 'progress' if you want to call it like that... though its been almost two months since I started the Eraser Mk.2... but I have actually worked in it a bit... indeed... lol... anyway, here is an in-game pic of the car... as you can see, its not yet finished but those pics in CarEd really look awful so I decided to take 'em in-game... heh ... anyway, tell me what do you think... Meanwhile Ill try to figure out how to finish the car before the year is over...

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Volkswagen Microbus
Game: Need For Speed 4
What: Car
By: Econobrick
Added: 12-10-2002


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