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The Technologies of Public Engagement

The technology in your organization is about being empowered, proactive, and successful. It's about setting your goals high, then using the right tool at the right time to not only meet that goal, but exceed it. It's about recruiting new constituents, really getting to know them, and building a relationship that will grow and last.
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 ·  TechRocks Collaborates Through the SBC Excelerator

 ·  Free Online Technology Planning Tool

 ·  New Version of ebase Released

ebase® 2.0   -- The affordable and powerful database for nonprofits

The 2nd version of ebase® combines more flexibility, security and Internet savvy.
Save Harry -- Case study on web site usability.
See how this campaign against the promotion of Coca Cola with Harry Potter's imagery improved their site with user-based navigation
TechAtlas -- Automated technology assistance
Answer questions regarding your technology and start down the path to sound technology planning and usage.
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