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The reprints of Max Metal ($15.00) and Cyberpunk 2020 ($20.00) will be in stores around November 15th!

Because you asked for it - THE FULL SIZED CASTLE FALKENSTEIN CORE RULEBOOK IS COMING BACK! The award-winning original Victorian fantasy rpg has been scheduled for republication in a pocket edition, but the swashbuckling alternate 19th century background, innovative playing-card based systems and new, simplified LARP rules just won't fit in one pocket. Instead we will be re-releasing the original book (soft-bound only) and publishing a new dedicated LARP book a little farther down the line. Look for the Castle Falkenstein core book in January, but as usual we will post the date the reprint begins and the shipping date on the web site when we know them.

Reprints of Maximum Metal, (the power armor supplement for Cyberpunk 2020) and Cyberpunk 2020 are at the printers now. As soon as we have ship news from the printers we'll post it here.

COMING SOON - RTG has signed a deal with Kokusai-Tsushin Co. Ltd., the publishers of Command Magazine in Japan to publish a Japanese language edition of Castle Falkenstein. I'm sure they will be do a beautiful job. If you read Japanese or are just a Falk completist, keep you eye out.

Also, be sure to check out the new supplement to Lightspeed, Psi Rangers. Lightspeed is a science fiction/space exploration rpg from Christian Conkle using the Fuzion system. You can find a link to Christian's site in the Fuzion links. I've read it and it looks pretty interesting.

Lisa Pondsmith General Manager, RTG

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