Since its formation, Australia Fair has earned a solid and prestigious acceptance in the field of financial services and as a reputable source of strategic intelligence and unique precious metals with a reputation that spans the world.

Through our global network we are pleased to offer our clientele......

  • Private Bullion Banking 
  • Gold and Silver Bullion Certificates
  • London Bullion Market Association accredited Bullion Storage
  • Privately Issued Bullion Coinage
  • Offshore Asset Holding and Relocation
  • Private means of Gold and Silver Payment
  • Secure on-line Buying and Selling
  • Encrypted Communications
  • Independently Audited - 100% Bullion Backed Certificates
  • Fully Transferable and Redeemable
  • Numbered Accounts
  • International Bullion Transfer
  • Free Seminars to select proprietary groups
  • International Intelligence Updates
  • Conservative and Private Financial Services Consultancy
  • Bullion Backed Debit Card (coming soon)

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The Anglo Far-East Bullion Company do not condone the use of spam. The company had no knowledge, did not originate, or encourage this spam, and regret any inconvenience as a result. 




"A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches"
King Solomon 1000BC

In the sphere of international intelligence, financial services and precious metals, reputation is everything.

Recorded in history as the wisest man who every lived King Solomon understood the value of reputation and placed it above money.

At Australia Fair we believe that the distinctive of a good reputation ensures value, and without this Australia Fair would just be one more voice in a noisy and hectic hive of commerce.

As a reputation takes years to build and only a few moments to destroy, the longer one is able to maintain a reputation of integrity the more valuable it becomes, and the less likely one is to forfeit.