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Author TORN, acte de presence.
Reylan Talonspyre

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-calls number

Hi I was wondering if I too could suck Torn?

Click Here to contract Lyme Disease!

-Horndog -
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::shakes fist at Kayin::

Yeah, an age using the RoT icon when there was no RoT kinda got to me.

::scurries off to commandeer Fire's guild::

*During first war under Horndog's command*

"Ok, now we are all going to scout TORN to death. First, we all need to get 1 Green scum unit."

"Uh, are you sure about this?"

"Of course. After we each scout about 14 times, we send in the 'Terminator Drow.'"

"The Terminator Drow?"

"Yes, you know, the single green drow that will kill 17% of the enemy's scum units."

"Ahh, yes."

*20 Minutes Later*

[purple]"We are all out of turns and TORN is retaliating."[purple]

"Well, uh, that was the plan..."

::Horndog flees::

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