Hey everyone it's Max.          { october 2002 }
     I am now a student at Sarah Lawrence college. The band is still together, though it is just me and coby. The direction of Say Anything is now more of a Elliot Smith, Pete Yorn, Bright Eyes, type deal with me playing most to all of the guitars, bass, and keys on the album, coby handling the drums, and a revolving group of musicians handling everything else. We feel this looser definition of "band" fits us better.
     I willl be playing acoustic shows on the east coast after the release of our next record which will be on an awesome indie label that we cannot really name for a little bit. However we are really excited about it. The material on the record will be a mix of some of tunes from the semi-new demos (a bunch of which you can downoad below) and ones I've written at school. I am happy to say my voice has changed for the better, I've been working on it a lot, and it should dwarf my sort of poopy Baseball vocals. We're totally proud of the new material, though it keeps evoving everyday as we listen to more and more music. We won't reveal much about the new new material I've written at school but suffice to say its much more out there than our previous stuff and should dwarf that poopiness as well. The demos you will hear below are really really rough (max plays everything including fake, off time keyboard drums) and they are most of the time the first day Max has written the song but we think you guys deserve a new 's worth of songs as sloppy as it may be.

      Thank you so much for being patient while we figure ourselves out. Know I will never stop making music, and coby is along for the ride as well. Keep spreading the word...burn these new songs onto a cd and make yoursef a free new EP and show it to your homies and their homies' homies. More news soon!

    Menorah\Majora EP

1. A Walk Through Hell              mp3
2. You Help Them                     mp3
3. Try to Remember, Forget       mp3
4. By Tonight                           mp3
5. Baseball, but Better              mp3
6. I am a Transylvanian             mp3
7. I Want to Know Your Plans    mp3

( click the song title for lyrics and "mp3" to download the song. }
**note: "baseball, but better" is a new version, as of 10/16

band: sayanything
management: clint@lukensmusic

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