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Ever wonder how Scully got Mulder from D.C. to New Mexico? Rated G.


Our version of what happened after the movie but before the season 6 opener. Rated PG-13.


Scully and Mulder have an increasingly difficult time ignoring their changing relationship. Rated R.


Beach fluff. Rated PG.


A confrontation between Mulder and Scully. Takes place during season 6. Rated PG-13.


Post episode Milagro. Rated PG.


Why Scully doesn't want anyone to know. PG.



The Ephermeral Archive: The place to find the newest stories.

The Gossamer Archive: The classic site for archived stories.

Dianora's Fabulous Designer Webpage: Dia is wonderfully talented- be sure to check out her Star Wars stuff, too.

Karen Rasch's Homepage: Check out Karen's outstanding stories.

MD's Fan Fiction Links: World of Denial is no longer with us, but check out these stories - MD has wonderful taste.

Haven for the FBI's Most Wanted: An excellent site for everything X-Files.

Rachel Howard's Homepage: A great collection of stories.

The Fiction of Anne Haynes: Every X-Files fiction fan should read "12 Degrees of Separation".

The Fanfic of Liz Owens: Liz does fabulous work.

Fan Fiction of Elaine Risley: Elaine has also written Star Wars fiction.



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