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Author Invite: Continue as you started. (LKAvsGrapes)

Posted: 2002-08-09 09:14     Profile; Edit   Reply w/Quote
yup it was me who pretended to be katalyna =), well its kinda fun. But when i pretended to be TBL, no one reacts..i dont know why?!..hehe.

anyway, this game is just a game, guys! lighten up....and this is just a cycle, if u bring us down, we will bring u down...


Mr. Evernight

Posted: 2002-08-09 12:08     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
"Katalyna, you better find something better to do, than crashing our IRC chats! I saw you!"

"yup it was me who pretended to be katalyna =)"

I don't think that's funny at all. I don't know who your GM is, but I really, really hope they teach their players to be more honorable than that.

I'm literally speechless. "Haha, I was impersonating another player who is unable to get online to defend herself, and made her look like an OOC spy! Just in jest, of course! tee hee!"

-Thyarr | BDSM Outcasts
Thank you, disillusionment!

Lady Dustball

Posted: 2002-08-09 15:28     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Actually I do not post something like that in jest, in fact I found your comments to be rude and showing no respect

I do not find lighthearted accusations funny. And how could someone have been booted, every scummer that worked with that person should have been booted. As I siad by not booting those that were in LKA that worked with the person it has been shown LKA may as well condone those activities

I never flatter myself but it is well known that Enema and I do not like each other, for the most part I can not think of anyone in Enema I actually even talk to.

I have never severed a friendship becuase of the game but because of peoples actions. And in fact the one person I stopped talking to I talked to the other night, and he understands why I feel the way I do about things. I do not take most game things personally but what that person did I did take personally cause it was personal to me, as was the comments made by certain people in the past.

The only reason I had posted about the invasion of chat thing is for that reason and I know right now you do not get on much and well even jokingly I did not find that funny

Hey none of that, if I did not already have a Darden I might end up having to lay claim to you, just cause you are funny

I do not like things like he was saying even joked about due to past experiences in the guilds games and things I know happened. And I found it funny in a way that someone in LKA would talk about using unguildeds after what happened last age


Posted: 2002-08-09 21:50     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
DAMN! I haven't been on these boards in a long time! Anyways... I'm back ppl!

*hope I remember how to play this game*

Victory is sweet, but to see your enemies BLEED is even sweeter...
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Posted: 2002-08-09 23:12     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I don't know who your GM is, but I really, really hope they teach their players to be more honorable than that.

Thyarr, it's really none of your business at all what we do in chats. We joke, play around, play practical jokes and generally have a smashing fun time. If it doesn't suit you, don't show up. Has nothing to do with the GM or honor. We've all played with Katalyna - hell, she mostly taught me how to play and RP. We all love her dearly and would not dishonor her at all - it was purely freakin' jest. Grow a clue and at least attempt to have fun once

*runs to chat to join as Thyarr*


Posted: 2002-08-10 00:26     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Holy shit it's Nitemare.

Dude, I saw VeV up over in Maxim. I'm confused.

When and where does this "real world" occur?!
"Normal? If we're all freaks, and you're normal, you're the freak."
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Posted: 2002-08-10 05:58     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
*Starts to give Nitemare a 'Welcome Back' pressie .... then yanks it back real quick.*

Wait'a minute, just back huh? Well then someone's been playin yer kingdom for ya since the war started *Smirks* Nice to have ya back though hmm hmm.

As for dragging us down with ya, who said that, Hellforge? Well I don't think any of -us- mind where we are on the ranks s'long as LKA isn't at the top with ISA right now *Laughs*

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September 11, 2001


Posted: 2002-08-10 06:02     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
*is utterly stunned* And because of that, this post is probably going to be completely disjointed and all, because my mind is litterally blank. I'm shocked... :/

Dema - thank you for clearing this up, and I appreciate the explanation.

Hellforge - I don't know you. If I do, then I probably do under some alt, or maybe your name isn't connecting right now. I've had a lot of bad stuff going on, and I'm rather kinda fried. Thank you for admitting that you did it. Please don't do it again. I understand that it might be kinda fun and all, but I've had people go around on the internet and impersonate me, and not do a half bad job at it - and get people incredibly upset at me. One of the people who has done this even messaged me, and messed with my mind.

It's a serious mindfuck when stuff like this happens. *borrows phrase from Abaddon* Ironic that I should borrow a phrase from Abaddon when my brother did this to him back in Braggarts Hall. Heh.

Maybe it's because this happened to me - or maybe it's because I'm having a lot of problems here that makes me so... flabbergasted? shocked? Upset? flattered?

Imitation is the best form of flattery, I think the saying goes. I'm honored that y'all thought of me for this, I guess? Upset, too? I mean, I can't think of any -good- reason why someone would go around using my name. We all have 'reputations' staked to our names here, and regardless of them, it does tend to fluster one when someone goes around imitating you.

I remember when Dysh was imitated on the boards. That wasn't cool. I guess I can actually sympathize with Dysh about what happened then, even though this wasn't on as grand a scale.

I agree with Thyarr - I don't really find it all that funny.

Toad - I appreciate your comments that this was done in jest, and I believe it. I'm pretty darned sure that Hellforge didn't mean any harm by it, and that it was all in good fun. It's just... amazing... to think that someone would do something like this, I guess. Especially to me. Maybe I should lighten up about it, who knows. I'm certainly not going to sit here and spit fire and brimstone and be all upset and pissed off and curse LKA up and down when there's a good chance I could be over reacting. I personally don't think I am, but... I've already proven to some folks here that I'm not the most rational thinker in the world.

I am completely in shock, and once again I apologize for what seems to me to be the rambling nature of this post. To me, my name is sacred. There's no other Katalyna on these boards than me, and it's kinda "wow" for someone to do something like this.

One last thing, Hellforge - if you don't mind answering. (You can PM this to me if you want too.) What IRC server were you on that you did this? Or, even if you don't feel comfortable telling me this - did it ask you to identify with a password? "Katalyna" is registered to me on several servers, so it's curiosity.

Um... if you read to the bottom of this, thanks? :p *does a little cheerleading dance to give you some entertainment value!* *passes out cookies* Wheee. :)

*goes back to peeling off dead, pinkish skin and cursing the Evil Daystar :D*

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On yer knees, boy.~

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*Read that whole thing an' takes her cookie for it too.* hehe

Oh don't worry about over-reacting or whatever either Kat, hell, it's yer name demmit ;>

Speaking of the Evil Daystar *Gassssps* It's coming out again now, I can see sunlight outside! eeeep *Runs an' hides under her covers till the Evil Daystar goes away again.*

Then we're off to kill more LKA, Kat, bring yer one-legged kobolds to the chat t'night! *lol*


Posted: 2002-08-10 09:26     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

The possibility is strong that this was happening on our private LKA server.

I wasn't there when Hellforge did it - but belive me, he did it just to see the other LKA members reactions. ;)

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Posted: 2002-08-10 15:32     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Hello to all :)
I am back


LOST KNIGHTS ALLIANCE (LKA) 42 4,928,497 117,345
--> 37 3,165,097 85,543

Total: -5 -1,763,400

--> 25 1,076,826 43,073

KEEPERS OF THE BLUE ROSE (KBR) 9 841,393 93,488
--> 9 385,907 42,878

CHILDREN OF THE LIVING DUST (CoLD) 16 1,467,163 91,697
--> 9 343,565 38,173

Total: -8 -3,238,885

��� KRONOS ���
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Posted: 2002-08-10 15:46     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
*reads the posts*



*looks around*

*shrugs shoulders*

just dropped by to say hello and good luck to everyone again... btw anyone has any idea on why this war is not over yet?

- LKA -


Posted: 2002-08-10 17:15     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

All in the name of the Lost
Dema Makhan

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Posted: 2002-08-10 17:15     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Three was only 5 of us.. .Like i said...

And all it was, you joined, and said "So this is your little chat"

hehe... things got quite really quick... hehe...

Then he changed his name... to his normal name...

BTW... Let the farming begin

All in the name of the Lost
Dema Makhan

AGM of Diplomacy


Posted: 2002-08-10 20:51     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
dont you worry about that land you took from me Leo I took twice the amount back from another lka member and then dumped it all :)

and oh yes you guys must have finely gotten sick of me beating your bottom huggers senseless since you had me killed off lastnight :)

anyway lets drag this war out for the rest of the age. *im up for it*


Shadow Dragons
The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.

Vego Steel-Blade

Posted: 2002-08-10 23:42     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Arkengarth... Sorry. We wanted yer acres more than ya did...

Ooops I did it again.

Anthrax. Its not just for Breakfast anymore.
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Posted: 2002-08-11 00:53     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Asmodean - (sorry for spelling error :/)

thanks for letting me know.

Dema, I think you all fail to see my point. If someone was going into war chats wtih your name and advertising it, how would you feel?

Soshite bokutachi wa mata aeru hazu sa
Kokoro wa sugu soba ni iru
Donna ni hanarete itemo...



Posted: 2002-08-11 13:24     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Are you people still in war?

*checks ranking page*

wow look at the last 3 places of Iso.

Well done LKA my broz and sisz.

ISA has entered our 2nd war already ehehehe LKA should catch up too =pp

Go Foret =)


Posted: 2002-08-11 13:26     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Lol! Hey Tara... give it back!
Let me make myself clear before people begin making accusations of me cheating.

I said I haven't been on the boards in a while... I've been playing since the games came back online.

The comment I made at the end was just to show that I started my realm off on the wrong foot and got killed because of it... =)
Hey Spike! Yeah, VeV is back up until DC returns to Maxim..

Victory is sweet, but to see your enemies BLEED is even sweeter...
ORB's Worst Nitemare
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Posted: 2002-08-11 14:59     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
well Dysh i've already offered them peace but they did'nt accept it. Apparently they dont know when they have already been conquered. =)

LOST KNIGHTS ALLIANCE (LKA) 36 3,132,879 87,024

KEEPERS OF THE BLUE ROSE (KBR) 8 214,435 26,804

is there really a point in continuing this war? in any case our peace offer still remains.


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