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Author ISA vs TGH/Cadre/Legacy (cont)

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I could care less if he jumped ship. You ICQ me or have the leaders of the guild you go to ICQ me. If ya dont? Well... I hit him down to 60/hit just to make a point. I'm a bastard I know.


Waht wretch is saying i think is you hit us and the numbers on our part do not give us a chance in hell to come back at you.

Numbers or skill? ;>

Nymph, I cannot believe you actually avaired DK and told him to bring some love. That cracked me up.

from Pointy Sticks to ISA
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Yea what Con said. I don't know what people's ideas were that I did not talk to nor even know the other guild GM's that well to make hypothesis on their ideas. Did my previous post come off as a flame or something? I feel like I am in some english class and someone is analyzing my 100 year old poem.

NO I didn't mean that freedom was within the innerself and could only be found by deep meditation. I just said the sky was blue. quit overanalyzing things! I am a simple man with simple words. Atleast I think I am. Maybe someone with a higher IQ can help me out..anyone?


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Err, Radic, I at least enjoyed your previous post to the one above, lol.

No ones anaylazing you =p

from Pointy Sticks to ISA
Leif's so steamy my monitor blew
Liara's Husband, everyones whore

The Mighty Stamar

Posted: 2002-08-13 20:42     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I'd like to adress a few points here with Isa.

First, as to the treaty stuff or what not I'd like you to refer Here

As to Losmar and his confusion and yours please refer to this Document.

Lastly I give you all some important advice. It's worked well for me all of these years.

And please all of TGH try not to reveal any more of our Secret military plans

Official distributer of Kick Ass(tm)TGH

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How did you get the prints to are top Secret weapon now we are going to have to move on to plan B…..Chickens…no wait its?????

I'm sorry for what I done.
I deserve it.I hope Jesus forgives me.
I'm tingling all over.



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I thought my post spoke for itself, really, and needed not too much interpretation. Since we were losing out on first strike, it would have been nice to have a numerical member advantage. Just a wishful 6 AM kind of comment, not worth being blown out of proportion.

I agree with Con, I fought on the same side with ISA and the EFFers for too long to take much umbrage at being on the receiving end of the tactics we employed successfully as allies.

We are in an unfortunate position in this war presently, and are unlikely to dig out, but hey, war is hell. I sure wouldn't say we don't have a chance in hell to get back in, but for that to happen at this point, ISA would have to make serious mistakes. Skills are not lacking here - many of the best players in the game are involved in this war, and serious tactical mistakes have been few and invariably have been capitalized on.

Seeing wars go in such a way is a pleasure to me, I love a well fought battle. I'll continue to use all the actions I can offensively, and when this war ends, another will surely be close behind. Much like Grunt, I hate peacetime, so that does not bother me in the least.

I am glad to see the tone of this thread lighten up a bit though, games are supposed to be entertaining. I have certainly been entertained in the course of this war.

War on!

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*pops in*

I read the first two posts then skipped right down to the end of this thread.. did I miss anything?

*sets off a jello bomb and skips away*

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Ouch, kick a man in his Icon. I haven't had a tongue lashing like that since my trip to Bangkok. Seeing as that film was PG-13 I doubt you even saw it, Scooter. Perhaps I should simply change my icon and make your post appear totally irrelevant. Fuck it, too much effort, monkey man stays.

Ooohh touchy. I thought you were supposed to be a good flamer. Hell, this is just what i expect.

i guess your to busy conspiring with other guilds to make fake wars so they can break treaties. Shame really

I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork- does a raw blink on Hara-kiri rock. I need scissors! 61!


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I still hold no ill feelings towards TGH as a whole and my broz in TGH.

However I started not like some of the TGH leadership cuz their bitterness.

I will end here unless I am forced to reply back.

I am glad WiT is now hit so those asses can't scum us no more.

I am flying back to Canada tomorrow thus my timezone will be same as many of you and I finally got no more work and will have lot mnore time to deal with you ppl.

Last but not least, welcome 68guy returning to game =P

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Voice Fionn

Posted: 2002-08-13 23:24     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
On to the next thread.

Mija's Evil Side

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