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Author 9 Reasons for the League to be of Fear & ROAR for Help

Posted: 2002-08-04 19:08     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Ladies and Gentlemen.

In no particular order...I present the 9 reasons for the League to be of Fear...and to "ROAR" for help.

#1 Mantella

Assasin. Dark, secretive...even the members of the Velve know only that which he wishes to tell us.

#2 Ghetoren

He has flash, wit and style. A little more outspoken and visible than some of our other members, but no less deadly...if anything, he is more so.

#3 Querion

Otherwise known as 'Q'. Scummer extraordinnaire, but also a tried and true battle veteran. Will do anything to accomplish his goals.

#4 Makoto

Warrior, a gentleman and reluctant lord. Modest. A killing machine.

#5 Nostromo

An enigma. The strong, silent type... the perfect Velve member. Strikes hard and fast from the shadows. You never know from where or when.

#6 Fujisawa

Experienced. Lethal. Need I say more?

#7 Rakeesh

Courageous. Consistent. His sword is true, fast and sharpened to slice through bones like butter.

#8 Glowyn

Master of Shadow, friend of the dark. He moves silently using whatever means he must to defeat the enemy.

#9 Myself, Cruella

Beautiful, feminine, armed and dangerous when necessary.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Velkyn Velve.

Ilharess d'lil VELKYN VELVE
Not just another guild

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The dead priestess smiled to herself at the words of the Velkyn Velve, she had fought them before and they carried no fear for her. But what did the dead have to fear of anyone? She had already met her end many years before at the hands of uneducated peasants who refused to hear the truth that she preached. But by Darden's grace she had been raised to serve him after death, her soul forever His, Nine reasons for the League to fear the Velve? I cannot think of one. The dead are eternal, we can be struck down but we are never destroyed. Let the living try to kill us if they will but we will forever rise and always our numbers grow. The living die, the dead only multiple.

Orthae Velve may not have returned, but the memory of them is within me even if I now must bear the banner of another.

Innocence bowed her head as she sat and waited; the dead had time in abundance, they could always wait. Her eyes stared off into the distance, long ago leached of their colour by the murderous waters that had taken her life. But with life gone, she had nothing left to be taken for her faith was unshakable.

{ooc:Sorry couldn't resist a little ic stuff)

LoF-AGM of Scum
You can't stop me, you know who I am, this justifies now just what I am,
You crucify me, won't lay by my side,
And now you'll need me until I die...Guess what? I'm dead

Little Devil

Posted: 2002-08-04 20:48     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Yoyo go mistress. um wait wrong guild =grins= well good luck to both.

And now i sees why yas been ingoring lil me's.


Posted: 2002-08-04 21:07     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Killies going to cry
For his pain VV shall die

*beams* nice little rhyme...

Erm yeah.... So right now (if Killie even knew what was going on) I think he'd break down adn cry and curse everyone ebcause no one seems to care a whit about his plans *grins*

Anyway good luck everyone... wars with VV are usually fun adn interesting so lets see what we can do with this one *goes to try and get her browser working properly*

In my heart I never left you...
Tribe Husky


Posted: 2002-08-05 06:57     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Hi-ho, it's off to war we go. For pity's sake heathens, can't we start one war at least this age?

Anyway go us and ROAR once again.

dulce et decorum est pro patria mori
AGM Pasties & Diplomacy ~ LoF


Posted: 2002-08-05 08:31     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Break down and cry?????

no what i would be doing is ordering the death of lots of VV ppl.. in fact... thats what I am about to go and do

Well that is Mantella, Fujisawa and Glowyn off the fear list anyway *G*

I have to admit, your other quad though is a different kettle of fish.

~Progeny~ ~LoFT~

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Was it just that easy...


Posted: 2002-08-05 23:01     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
GO ROAR!!!!Snakey hasn't forgot you guys.Good luck bro's.

Snake-GM-����� & ���-LGS
TGH (KICK ASS�)-guilds...IOM-Valid
you can call me "Adder" but I'm the subtractor
Akta dig f�r ormens bett


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Sits back and wonders about the reluctant part said about him. Hmmmm....is that message that she wants more out of me. If that be the case, as you wish M'lady. The I can agree with.


Posted: 2002-08-06 00:30     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
*whispers to Makoto*

Nay...you give your all.. of course if you can find more to give, by all means do so...'tis simply that you are a modest sort, unpretentious and seem to be repelled by the trappings of finery that some lords live with...you are a warrior, not a high living, foppish lord set upon a throne in a castle, ordering his troops from there......you will be found, your armour dented and spattered with mud and guts, your blade bloody in the midst of battle.

Precisely where you should be.

*turns to Killie*

I knew what Lak said could not be true. I know, better than any that you would never sit in a corner and cry...not the Killie I know.

*Checks in on Mantella, Glowyn and Fujisawa*

Off the fear list?

*checks list again*

They are still there Killie. As Glow questioned...

Was it just that easy...

The answer will be forthcoming.

Ilharess d'lil VELKYN VELVE
Not just another guild

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oh I am sure they will be back to torment us, but fear them?

nah, how can you fear something you have had broken through already? I mean they would come back and surely we would just have the belief of doing it again.

Anyway, this is fun. But it always is :-)

The Drunken Husky


Posted: 2002-08-06 12:55     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Yes, it's fun, as always.

And our big bite is coming back to bite us.

Nice work, but then I wouldn't have expected anything less.


So, with that in mind, rather than being suicidal, I would suggest that we retreat to our respective corners and gather our forces for another day.

Ilharess d'lil VELKYN VELVE
Not just another guild

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Mantella The Merc

Posted: 2002-08-06 16:07     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
The dark man limped slowly in, the uneaven movement in his gait more agrivated than usual. A stream of blood slid down the side of his face from behind the dark shadow of his wide brimmed hat. The sword and dagger which hung at his hips too were stained with blood, though that of course was not his.
"You'll not strike me off that list still my cold heart stops beating."

I fight for what I believe in. I am a mercenary, and I believe in money.


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A grins spreads across my face as the whispered words flutter to my ear. Ahhh nothing more could be said to speak so true. I'd face the rain of metal and flesh and forge my way to the end. A renewed confidence shakes in my soul. With a most gracious exits, I kiss upon the hand of my lady taking two steps back before turning sharply and thus go where I always go in times like this.....to the front of the storm.


Posted: 2002-08-07 19:09     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I'm going to piss somebody off, but I think that's the general idea.

I just got threatened by what turned out to be a very justified VV leader. Apparently LoF negotiated peace and wanted to keep it quiet for a couple of days. So quiet, in fact, that they forgot to tell ROAR.

Yes, I said you could negotiate for us (this was yesterday, where Cruella says we've had peace for "a couple of days now") but TELLING us would have been a big help.

Ok. I'm done bitching.

I will give the secrets you request
But you will be the one to sacrifice
So lay your olive arms upon my breast
and sing the poems. Free the butterflies


Posted: 2002-08-07 20:10     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
How dare you post this out here..

So because the god damn icq message did not make it to you, you decide to tell the world about our peace.

I sent you a ICQ message about it, and when i got online and got yer messages, I realised you had not got the message abotu peace so I straight away messaged you again about it. I also straight away told cruella when i got online tonight about it to.

You could have waited to properly talk to me about it in private. Instead you betray a faith mate out here in public. Congratulations, well done...

I considered just messaging you on ICQ again when I read this, but why bother. I can't be arsed dealing with it at the moment as you did not feel the need to keep it private

~Progeny~ ~LoFT~

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Posted: 2002-08-07 20:39     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
"Betray a faithmate"?

What exactly would you call betrayal, exactly?

Because to me, it sure looks like twice in a row ROAR has been forced to fight beside LoF, and each time LoF arranged their own peace with no regard for what happens to us.

Now if you want to call tattling on your spineless little "secret peace" (that we would never have agreed to) betrayal but not your actions or your bald-faced lies (not a single person has had any problem contacting me, and you claim to have failed twice?), then you do as you please, as I will.

I will give the secrets you request
But you will be the one to sacrifice
So lay your olive arms upon my breast
and sing the poems. Free the butterflies


Posted: 2002-08-07 20:58     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

I have never failed twice.. the first war I contacted Koi.. you know the actual GM or ROAR. How the hell did I know he was AWOL as he had replied to me just a day earlier. And as I keep saying, I told Bat that I would make peace if they could get in contact ROAR. When we fought against OB, your numbers were removed from their banner BEFORE ours because I still did not have actual peace when you got it as I did not make it until i knew you guys wanted it. Once again though I messaged Koi anyway asking him but got no reply ever.

This time, you asked me to message you if I got us peace.... so I did... how the fuck do i know how ICQ works. I mean I have lost icqs I have sent and had ones sent to me lost because ICQ has a knack of being crap at times.

As for my secret peace, well I looked at the rankings, I saw the HUGE amount of Isonians below us with around the same members as us and I also know how these days all people want is one day after a war to hit people so I wanted to give my guild a chance to get into a position to strike first. Sorry you would never have agreed to it, but I felt it was best for our guilds and our faith based on teh current guild rankings and current war states throughout the game.

You have now brought complaints agaisnt us TWICE to the boards before you have actually spoken to me about things to clear it up. Do you think no other guilds have had this happen in regards to problems with peace? It has happened to us and many others I would bet but I actually had the belief to talk to my faith mates in private and not bitch and moan about them for all to see.

Finally, don't you dare call me a lier, I have not lied about a thing yet. I mean cruella got my message about ROAR saying we could make peace, I mean you expect me to say that to her and then suddenly not tell you guys?????? I mean come on...

The Drunken Husky

Blaze Draconis

Posted: 2002-08-07 21:46     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Heh, its not that unheard of that ICQ messages get lost. I've had dozens upon dozens sent to me and never received.

But this is something that should have been brought to the estring, not here. If you have a problem with LoF, well, considering you're both faithmates, this is a faith issue and should only involve same faith viewing.

Miscommunication is bound to happen in any war. Especially when there are more than 2 guilds involved.

This was a bad move to post it public, Velveteen. Not only has it tarnished LoF in the public eye, but now has brought up walls between ROAR and LoF. If you have a problem, do it privately. No GM is perfect and we ALL make mistakes.

Would you want a faithmate publically declaring your mistake and then bashing you about it? I'll keep it in mind when you screw up the next time. I have no ill towards any in ROAR or LoF. What I have a beef with though is targeting our own faith allies. And people wonder why Darden isnt that united of a faith.

Canon's Preacher
Co-founder and GM of the Dogs of War
Blade of PoR
Co-Founder and advisor of WOLF


Posted: 2002-08-08 00:07     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Q still plays?

Well I'll be damned. Tell him to post or something.

Pale night whisper - break.
Bright hopeful dreams - destroy.
Withered flesh remains - consume.

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