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Star Trek Bridge Commander is the first space simulation set in the Next Generation universe that truly puts you in command of your own Starfleet starship and crew.

While on duty in a remote area of space, a nearby sun suddenly erupts releasing a deadly blast that damages your ship, kills your Captain and threatens nearby colonists. Now you must take control of your ship and lead your crew to solve the mystery. Your mission is clear -- discover the cause of the devastating explosion and prevent it from happening again. During the race you will battle the Cardassians, ally with the Klingons, investigate the unpredictable Romulans and reveal a secret plot that threatens the Federation itself.

The excitement and the challenges grow as you and your crew race to find the cause through over 30 different missions.  These will include many of Star Trek's most fundamental elements - defense, combat, diplomacy, exploration, rescue, and scientific discovery. For the first time you will be able to command both Galaxy and Sovereign class ships much like the U.S.S. Enterprise-D and U.S.S. Enterprise-E.

The question is -- can you keep your cool while bulkheads fail? Will you save your crew, save the colonists and defend the Federation from a new threat?   

Are you ready to take the Conn?

You now have your chance Star Trek Bridge Commander warped into stores in late February 2002.


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