"Enhancing The Survival of Today's Youth!"

Is Your Child's Life
Out of Control?

Is he or she really learning what it takes to survive well in life?

It has been found that a major source of childhood problems stem from difficulties in school!

Statistically, the child who does not do well in school is more likely to be the adult who turns to crime. Without educational subjects fully understood and applied by the child, his or her future is full of uncertainty. A failed student loses his or her pride and self-esteem and any hope for honestly succeeding in life. They soon start aligning with peers who have similar problems and begin getting into even more trouble .

No program will permanently improve a child's life, unless his or her education is fully addressed and handled. If not caught and corrected in time the problems only get worse. Symptoms include: trouble performing in a classroom, not caring, reduced attention span, or even revolt. 

No matter what other areas a program handles, if the child is not given the tools to learn and advance themselves, their future stability is limited. Almost all changes in children's behavior can be traced to a point where they started having problems in school. There is no child that can not learn, there are only children that do not have the knowledge and study skills to do so. 

An Alternative Solution for "At Risk" Children!


 We are a privately funded, nonprofit boarding school, registered in
the State of New Mexico.

Our school is
co-educational with students ranging
from 11 to 17 years
 in age.

Our program is structured for open enrollment at
any time.

I have gotten the knowledge I need to get along with others, fix problems in life and not get in fights with my family and friends.” 
Student, age 15


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