Glorious Staff Nothingness! Huzzah!
11/21/02 by: James
I told you I'd get the Staff Page updated! Sure it's very late Wednesday night, and not at all this past weekend, but I still got it up! I pity all of you, our loyal (read: One {read further: Me}) readers out there for actually believing I'm capable of staying on schedule. Actually, I don't as you've probably seen a delay coming. Jebus, I think we're getting Nintendorks syndrome... And they're not even on the web anymore! OK, I think I'm going to go to bed. I still have to update tomorrow... No delay this time, I promise!

Happy to me!
11/14/02 by: James
I would like to personally wish a very happy birthday to myself. Seeing as how I run things around here, I've decided to take the day off. I just got Resident Evil 0, so I'll be playing that until my fingers bleed. Don't think I'm going to forget about the site though. Our staff page should be up before the end of the weekend, with pretty pictures and everything. Whoda thunk it? I couldn't just not do something with this update, so I've made a new poll. Enjoy!

Heroine is not addicting.
11/10/02 by: James
Yes, yes. It is November, isn't it? And that means another GoTM. Jared is at it again, and this time our GoTM is GoldenEye. Jared's working hard to get these things out every month, you know. He just may be the only sense of regularity here at the Nformant. Now, lets all make him feel welcome while we point and laugh at his childish sense of humor. Haha! You think you're a smart one, don't you Max Meyer?

New study finds stupid people will read this headline!
10/02/02 by: James
I made a promise about something and I'm actually following through? Egad man! Do you think the Nformant might slowly be gaining some steam again? Wowzers. I've been mentioning this new feature for the past week or so, and now it's finally time to deliver. The Nformant is now the proud owner of what I like to call a Game of the Month section. "What is this Game of the Month?", you ask. A GoTM (Abbreviated, yo.) is a game that we highlight for one month, because it has some extraordinary meaning in our hearts. And who better to head up this new section than a new staffer? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Jared Kozemko, our new GoTM editor. Here's his very first offering, a little game I like to call Super Mario Bros. 3. Enjoy! Oh, and don't bother looking for Jared's staff profile yet. I do need some reason to update again tomorrow or Friday, don't I?

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