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I'm a fan of making life simpler and easier and in a way that's what the Pogo mobile device does.  It gives me a mobile phone, great internet access, PDA and MP3 all in one small device.  This is an independent Pogo site where you can find information and discussions on the Pogo mobile phone. So whether you're a Pogo wannabe, a Pogo owner or a Pogo (I wanna write apps for this cool thing) I hope you enjoy this site.


Version 1.2 now available for download

V1.2 Release Notes

New ring tones site goes live
You can now import your Outlooks contacts into your Pogo.  See http://www.pogouser.com for details.
Pogo is now network independent.  Now you can use it on any network.

Features Specification of the Pogo Mobile PDA MP3
- Diary - (you can store all your diary information in but as yet no sync with Outlook)
- Contact List - (Store contact info, including email address)
- Alerts
- Games - (7 Flash based games)
- Stylus or touch-screen input
- Hands-free phone operation - (it comes with hands free kit)
- PC access to input personal information - 
- Automatic back up and synchronisation of all data (this is between the Pogo and their web site not with your PC
- Built-in MP3 player - (Yes it does and can even get it playing the music out of the onboard little speaker)
- Optional removable multi media card (up to 64mb)
- It does not appear to have a Notes type applet to simply jot things down on.   Only diary, and contacts.

Pogo Phone Size
- Dimensions: Width 13.5cm, Height 10cm,15cm diagonal, 2cm deep
- Weight: 240g (8.5 oz.)
- 3.8" front-lit transflective colour touch screen (note NOT backlit certainly mine does not appear as bright as the publicity shots)

Pogo Phone
- Integrated phone and address book(can now import contacts from Outlook into Pogo)
- Speed dial
- Custom dial-tones - (seem to be Pogo specific, You download them from their web site via the Pogo)
- Caller identification

Pogo Messaging
- e-mail - (well of course)
- SMS text messaging
- Unified messaging (you can write a message and send it as SMS AND email at the same time, neat!!)

Pogo Internet
- Proprietary compression enables access to internet (HTML, Flash) at speeds exceeding 56kb/s(frighteningly impressive, but reduces to 256 colours)
- Built-in GSM modem for web access and now with GRPS access too!
- Micro browser, to view normal web sites in full colour on the move (but has trouble with various bits of Java)
- HTTPS & 128-bit SSL..






(c)Mike Bilsborough 2002 - To visit the official pogo site go to http://www.pogouser.com