Albany Division - Montreal Subdivision
Albany Division
Montreal Subdivision
(Massena, NY to Chateauguay, PQ)
Montreal Subdivision
Station List and Diagram

This information comes from the 'CSX Transportation Albany Division Timetable No. 3', effective Monday, April 1, 2002.
Radio:  NE Dispatcher channel 64,  Road channel 64
77.8 Miles  ·  Massena to Adirondack Junction
â NORTH â MP Station Siding Notes
QM161.0 Begin Yard Limit   End St Lawrence SD
Begin Montreal SD
QM164.1 Yard Limit Board    
QM169.6 Helena   Jct Rooseveltown Industrial Track
QM172.7 Bombay   HBD-DED
QM176.6 Bombay    
QM182.6 Fort Covington    
QM183.1 USA/Canada Border    
QM187.4 St Agnes    
QM199.7 Huntington 3000'  
QM206.7 St Stanislas    
QM210.1 Seaway   Movable Bridge (Note)
QM212.4 Valleyfield 2800'  
QM213.6 Cecile    
QM214.0 Cecile Jct   Jct CN
QM222.8 Melocheville   Movable Bridge (Note)
QM225.5 Beauharnois    
QM232.9 Chateauguay    
QM238.4 Adirondack Junction   End Montreal SD
Jct CP Rail
Note: Stations are in service part time as required by the St Lawrence Seaway operation and are controlled by the Bridge Operator. When closed, notification will be issued in a GBO, contact CSXT St Lawrence RTC when permission or assistance is required.
Rules in Effect

No. 1
No. 2
Massena and Adirondack Jct OCS-CROR      
MP 156.8 (Montreal Secondary) and MP 164.1 at Massena Yard Limits      
MP 197.8 and
MP 200.6 at Huntington
Yard Limits      
MP 208.5 and
MP 214.5 at Valleyfield
Yard Limits      
MP 224.0 and
MP 226.1 at Beauhamois
Yard Limits      

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