Scope of Business

The Arctic Group offers business development and consulting services to represent companies and individuals interested in global expansion. We have particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia where, for the foreseeable future, the opportunities are limitless.

The Arctic Group provides a wide range of services, including identification of potential partners, identification of project opportunities, guidance on how to establish a presence in Europe or Asia, identification of federal, local, and external subsidies for business development, introducing potential partners and suppliers, as well as providing information on the legal framework, regulations, and supporting government organizations.


Members of the Arctic Group's management team are visionaries backed up with US and international work experience and extensive contacts in the global high-tech industry, mostly in Asia and Europe, and have an extended network of facilitators and representatives spanning the world.

Services Offered by The Arctic Group

The Arctic Group offers services in two primary areas:

  • global development of business ideas, followed by participation in their implementation
  • establishment of industrial operations in Central Europe with specialization in manufacturing, R&D, and services in the information technology area, including telecommunication

Why The Arctic Group?

Diversity in thinking, diversity in planning, and diversity in execution is what to expect from The Arctic Group. This is truly what a good consulting firm can bring to their client. A business relationship with the client cannot afford a consulting firm that does not hear what client needs are and does not develop a unique strategy for the situation.

The Arctic Group's core competence is problem solving using human networking. Our internationally experienced team reacts quicker to client needs than most organizations of this type can. We take pride in our efficient and effective working style.

Members of the management have lived and worked extensively in Asia, Europe, and North America; local languages skills help The Arctic Group and their representatives in projects from China through Russia, Hungary, and around the world. The management has directed teams from diverse cultural, economic, and business backgrounds. With offices in Budapest and Boston, its team of dedicated professionals can represent your organization's best interest in nearly any region and cultural setting and in most business disciplines via Arctic's professional global network. The Arctic Group manages win-win business dealings revisiting customers to deliver quick results and continued success.

The Future

If your organization plans to explore business opportunities or looking to expand your operations into Europe, North America, or Asia, the Arctic Group is here to assist. The Arctic Group will work with you to identify the most suitable partner region, to determine the best location and site, and to arrange meetings with government and business leaders. The first step is to contact the Arctic Group and then the future is ours.