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Welcome to the work in progress which is The main purpose of this site isn't to talk about Chumbawamba but to provide access to radical culture. We're not chin stroking specialists, we're a pop band which means our area of expertise lies in not growing up. During our career in being infantile we've loved and hated a lot of popular culture and in this loose thing we call "a movement" there's always been a teeming underground of musicians, activists, artists, directors, actors, comedians and writers producing work that is provocative, revolutionary and inspiring. This is not just a library of their faces and work, we want to provide space for people to contribute and comment.

This is going to be an ongoing project which needs to have input from the people using the site. We're at the very beginning of compiling this data and you'll have to bear with us while we hoist what Hollywood calls "the talent" up there. The areas we plan to cover are music, film/tv, comedy/lit/political writing and visual arts. Where there are glaring omissions please tell us, if there are bands, artists, films or very talented revolutionary small animals that we don't know about, please tell us about them. We're in the process of working out how users can post articles, biogs, reviews and want to provide space for people to put their stuff up for downloading. In the meantime...

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18th STOKE STAGE with Gertrude

27th GENOVA, ITALY - Venue TBA



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Directed by Alex Cox / UK / 2002 / 112 min

Derek Jacobi, Eddie Izzard, Christopher Eccleston, Diana Quick, Sophie Dahl, Justin Salinger, Marc Warren, Carla Henry, Andrew Scofield, Margi Clarke

soundtrack by Chumbawamba

Mesmerising fantasia from director Cox (Repo Man, Sid And Nancy): updating the Jacobean classic to a post-apocalyptic Britain.

Last seen in Danny Boyle's Strumpet (EIFF 2001), Christopher Eccleston stars in this mind-altering fusion of past and (possible) future, as a man who insinuates himself into the corrupt and decadent court of The Duke (Derek Jacobi), in order to avenge the murder of his wife. Eddie Izzard co-stars as an ambitious young heir, Cox directs with his usual flair for excess, and the result is a visual feast, as theatrical and overblown as Moulin Rouge.

Cork Film Festival October (date tba)

Cairo Egypt In festival, October (date tba)

Birmingham Festival November 17th

Liverpool PREMIERE new date! Sunday 2nd February 2003

For more details see: http://www.Revengers

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"Coope, Boyes and Simpson prove that the British choral tradition needs no resuscitation," wrote an American critic, "their voices weave through and bounce off each other with a powerful elegance - it's nice to know that, even with the numbing array of technology available, the human voice is still one of the most expressive instruments around."

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Michael Franti and Spearhead and 9-11
Since September 11, few entertainers have made explicit, high-profile attacks on President Bush and his policies in the "war on terrorism". So it was interesting this week to see the singer and songwriter Michael Franti of the band Spearhead pull no punches when he appeared at the Hollywood Bowl as part of the 2002 world music festival ...

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Long time friends of Chumbawamba, and regular touring partners in the late eighties, The Ex have always been known for their musical exploration, taking punk ethics and sensibilities into European jazz circles, but this time they pioneered an altogether different �reaching of the parts other bands only dream about,� by setting up a tour in Ethiopia.

.......[read more]

�Revengers Tragedy� directed by Alex Cox gets its world premiere

Christopher Eccleston stars in this mind-altering fusion of past and (possible) future, as a man who insinuates himself into the corrupt and decadent court of The Duke (Derek Jacobi), in order to avenge the murder of his wife. Eddie Izzard co-stars as an ambitious young heir, Cox directs with his usual flair for excess, and the result is a visual feast, as theatrical and overblown as Moulin Rouge.

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PRETTY VACANT exclusive article by ALEX COX

Exclusive to (until some one passes it along) film director Alex Cox (�Repo Man,� �Sid and Nancy,� �The Winner,� �Revenger�s Tragedy� etc.) writes about Queen Elizabeth�s Golden Jubilee in Britain.
(This article was commissioned by Sunday newspaper The Observer in the UK but they chose not to publish it!)

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John Sayles
One of America's best known independent filmmakers, John Sayles's work is primarily concerned with personal and political relationships. "My main interest is making films about people," he admits. "I'm not interested in cinematic art." Nonetheless, he has developed a distinctive personal style, utilising ensemble acting as well as his own performing skills.

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Time for a new Black Power movement : an interview with Walter Mosley

African Americans were appalled but not surprised by the terrorist attack, says author Walter Mosley. They understand the anger of America's enemies, which is why they should be the ones to lead a new movement for peace

... ....[read more]

Nickel and Dimed: Undercover in low-wage USA, by Barbara Ehrenreich

Class was first defined in Europe, became an obsession in Britain, and has been the object of pathological denial in the United States. Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich's odyssey through the lower depths of the US employment structure, is a useful corrective to the image of America as a class-free sanctuary.

.......[read more]

No, Nay, Never ... Neo-nazism in Burnley, Lancashire

Reflections on the electoral rise of the neo-nazi British National Party in Burnley, hometown of four members of Chumbawamba.
Boff - Chumbawamba
May 2002

.......[read more]

Viva la Republic! Pagan images of the last Queen of the British Isles by her indigenous subjects..
A Jubilee exhibition in which her Majesty is the subject, featuring works from Genesis P-Orridge, Jamie Reid, Banksy, Andy Watt, Fiona Banner, Brian Jones, Tim Flitcroft, Josie McCoy, Jasper Joffe, Gary O'Dwyer, Tai Shani, Little Richard/Richard Torry, Mike Dawson.....[read more]

Art show at the Foundry in London
There�s an exhibition at the Foundry in London. It's the anniversary of Genoa G8 protests.......[read more]

Jon Langford - �The Death of Country Music�

Perhaps more known for his simultaneous careers as a punk rocker and an crooner Jon Langford also creates the art work for album covers, and shows his paintings and stone carvings around the country. In Nashville, one of his exhibitions called The Death of Country Music, rendered the forgotten heroes of Country Music (one of America�s truly original art forms) on canvas and in carvings on pink granite headstones ... eg �Hank Williams Signs His Contract�. ....[read more]

�Brass Eye� and humour as a weapon of indeterminate size

to celebrate the release of �Brass Eye� on video and DVD in the UK (May 2002) we reprint a couple of articles outlining its genius as spoof documentary TV taken to new levels ... Will Self talks about the morality and humour of duping 'real' people into fake broadcast scenarios and Euan Ferguson tells how Government Ministers jumped on the moral bandwagon to condemn the programme, only to admit they hadn't even watched it....[read more]

Ever Wondered what Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld get up to Behind Closed Doors? has the answers ...

You know those three cartoon Disney ducks, like Donald Duck�s cousins or something who make cameo appearances when Uncle Donald is star billing ... they tried giving then their own show a coupole of times but it never really worked ... what were they called now ???

Dick, Donny and Dubya!

Yeh maybe that was it ... ... Anyway somebody gave em a show on cable and they�re freakin� everywhere now ....[read more]

Biotic Baking Brigade strike again!
Just after noon today, Fine Gael leader Micheal Noonan, received what must have been a much needed sweet and sloppy snack, courtesy of a kindly custard thrower, as he shook the hands of local people in Boyle, county Roscommon.

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STOP THE WAR DEMO IN LONDON - 28TH SEPTEMBER 2002 ... various reports

Biggest protest in a generation hears calls for peace with Iraq

As many as 350,000 people marched through central London yesterday in one of the biggest peace demonstrations seen in a generation. Organisers said the numbers protesting against war in Iraq were three times higher than expected, though police put the figure at 150,000. Led by the Stop The War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Great Britain, protesters marched from the Embankment,made their way past the Houses of Parliament and through Piccadilly to Hyde Park.....[read more]

�Israel's arms inspector� (NEW) ... Hilary Wainwright explores the double standard when it comes to Weapons of Mass Destruction

Sixteen years ago this week, an agent of the Israeli secret police, Mossad, enticed the Israeli nuclear technician, Mordechai Vanunu, to Rome. The holiday ended abruptly when Mordechai was kidnapped and taken to Israel, where he was charged with espionage and treason and given a prison sentence of 18 years. His crime? In 1986 he had blown the whistle on Israel's nuclear weapons.

Hilary Wainwright -The Guardian
Friday October 4,....[read more]

Albert Interviews Chomsky on Iraq
By Noam Chomsky

Various questions are circulating among people worried about war. On Sept 1, 2002, Michael Albert put a dozen of these to Noam Chomsky, via email. Here are the first three questions and his responses...the whole interview will appear in the October issue of Z Magazine.....[read more]


Welcome to �the Axis of Dissent,� the newest page on This is an improved, and wider reaching version of the �This Just In� page which was previously located on The basic premise of this page is to provide an up to date series of alternative views dissecting the ongoing �War On Terrorism.� It will be a combination of ongoing writings and opinions from people in Chumbawamba and of the very best investigative journalism from around the world, which runs counter to the mainstream version of events.

Danbert (Chumbawamba) - July 2....[read more]

WAR ON IRAQ (NEW) The U.N. Resolution and the final march to war by Danbert Nobacon - November 12th 2002

The past week has shown statesman and governments buckle, bow down and kneel to the supreme god of US power. In the USA and at the United Nations the man who came to power by fixing elections has quite clearly done it again. As the Bush military wing is fine tuning its plan initiate a �blitzkrieg� against Iraq, the fifteen nations who voted with the Bush-Blair version of the UN Resolution on Iraq can only be described as appeasers

.......[read more]

WAR ON IRAQ (NEW) 'Blitzkrieg' aims to force rapid regime collapse

The Bush administration is putting the finishing touches to plans for a massive land, air and sea attack on Iraq, should the United Nations inspectors fail in their mission.

Rupert Cornwell in Washington
The Independent - 11 November 2002

... ....[read more]

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