Rostock, Germany, June 12-14, 2002

The DSV-IS 2002 is over and was very successful. Thank you for your participation. Find here some pictures.

Thematic focus

Design, Specification, and Verification of Interactive Systems (DSV-IS) is the annual meeting of the human-computer interaction community interested in all aspects of the design, the specification, and the verification of interactive systems. It serves as the principal international forum for reporting outstanding research, development, and industrial experience in this area. The 9th DSV-IS workshop will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on diverse approaches to the design and implementation of interactive systems. The particular focus of this year's event is on models and their role in supporting the design and development of interactive systems for ubiquitous computing.

The DSV-IS'2002 workshop will have the thematic focus:

Bricks & Blocks: Towards Effective User Interface
Patterns and Components

It is especially focused on models, patterns and components supporting

Ubiquity and Usability

Usability of interactive systems for ubiquitous computing is a key factor of future software developments. The challenge in user interface development is no longer to implement a single (stationary) user interface from specification but rather to allow user interfaces for a wide variety of devices (e.g., mobile devices, cellular phones, PDAs, pocket PC, handheld PC,... ) and multimodal input channels. In addition, deploying a same user interface across a wide variety of devices, appliances, and platforms raises the question of how to factor out common interaction components and patterns across the different instances of the user interface, while preserving (some) consistency. Rather than reproducing the same parts on different platforms, common bricks and blocks might be used. Some platforms are well suited for certain interactive tasks, while others are not at all able to support them. This edition is dedicated to all forms of patterns involved in human-computer interaction: cross platform, design, globalization, mobility, ubiquity, usability,….


We seek high-quality, original papers that address theory, design, development, evaluation of ideas, tools, techniques, methodologies in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Affective, emotional and game based UI
  • Agent-based UI
  • Component-based UI development
  • Development support tools and techniques
  • Domain specific model-based approaches
  • Formal description of user related properties
  • Formal methods in interactive systems development
  • Front-end interfaces to multimedia, hypermedia, knowledge-based, personalized information, simulation systems
  • Methods, metrics and tools for computer-aided evaluation of UI
  • Mobile and ubiquitous interaction
  • Model-based and task-based approaches to UI design
  • Model-based Interface Development Environments (MB-IDEs)
  • Models for Novel Interaction Techniques
  • Models of context of use, specific properties of mobile and ubiquitous usage contexts
  • Models for context- and situation-aware interactive assistance
  • Novel Techniques for Interacting with Formal Models
  • Patterns in HCI: cross-platform, design, globalization, mobility, usability,…
  • Pattern languages
  • User interface architectures
  • UI management systems (UIMSs)
  • UI for virtual/augmented/mixed reality
  • UML and HCI


DSV-IS’2002 is the 9th edition of a series of events in the same tradition:

  • DSV-IS’94, Carrara (Italy)
  • DSV-IS'95, Chateau de Bonas, (France)
  • DSV-IS'96, Namur (Belgium)
  • DSV-IS'97, Granada (Spain)
  • DSV-IS'98, Abingdon (UK)
  • DSV-IS'99, Braga (Portugal)
  • DSV-IS 2000, Limerick (Ireland)
  • DSV-IS 2001, Glasgow (Scotland)


It is a historical tradition to hold each edition in a different country or region.

Special Thanks to our sponsors.

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