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Author ENeMA - You can run but you can't hide.
Mr. Evernight

Posted: 2002-08-16 13:54     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Good Christ. After reading ENeMA's posts, you'd think Calis had insulted every part about each member individually except their grandma, and that's only because he had to go offline.

Politics inside, I'm impressed!

-Thyarr | BDSM Outcasts
Thank you, disillusionment!

Stee Jans

Posted: 2002-08-16 14:30     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Actually, in retrospect, I'm not too pissed with Calis, it was sorta a spur of the moment thing and I hate losing my cool over something like this.

That's something that the rest of ENeMA can take care of. :)

Oh Deeva you wound me so, but I guess that's 'cause you have to compensate for never being the scary one in ISA. I mean hell, when Calis pisses me off more than you, who have been there far longer, then I think we know who's on the backburner, eh? I would feel insulted if you took notice of my comments. *chuckles*

I would reply to Dysh, but he's more along the lines of some Turette's Syndrome, ADD-reject than an actual poster to give the time of day to.

"Stee sucks!"

Yes Dysh, Stee does suck, now here's your apple juice.

"Fucking bounch of rabbits!"

Yes Dyshie, we are rabbits, oops, hold on, let me take care of that drool.


Did you lose your pacifier again, young man?


Weak Dysh, you can come up with better than saying I'm a quitter, I know your imaginary vocab of insults has something that will keep us scratching out heads longer.

No worries Mac, I still love you. ;)

*pokes Reg* Hey, nice to see you around. ;)

ENeMA - I pity da Foo'!.
Somehow your motives aren't pure,
Somehow I can't find the cure.

The Free Corps


Posted: 2002-08-16 16:03     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
As long as you know what I want and what you are then it's fine.

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Posted: 2002-08-16 16:43     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
And what may I ask is wrong with the backburner?

I get a better view of Calis.

MaCloud's lil gummybear
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Stop trying to smoke mine.


Posted: 2002-08-16 16:50     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
*Simply smiles in serene innocence.*

My my my...this all looks SO familiar....

...how does that go, again?

Oh! Yes!

Strange feeling of deja vu...

Where am I to go now that I've gone too far?
Gypsy Princess of ISA
Wicked, Wild Her'ricaine!

Evernight Sweetheart

Posted: 2002-08-16 17:00     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Growls at Calis.

I am NOT a pussy! I'm a rabbit dang it! Stop changing my species on me before I go dragon on your arse! >=|

The Sweet-n-Sour Nurse
Wanna play doctor?

~*~HP Forever~*~

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Stee Jans

Posted: 2002-08-16 17:15     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
You're right about that, I suppose, Calis is backburner worthy. :P

Hey Desi. :P

The Warhawk is Sharpening his Talons.


Posted: 2002-08-16 17:15     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I can't seem to see any answers to this original post by Calis:

You have hit a long time ISAer. Not only one hit, but you declared on him.

Not only that, you declared on him -when- we still have a non-agression pact from our last war. What is up with that?

It has been what over 24 hours? Calis has politely, well maybe not politely, but he has asked over and over again for an explaination. I think we are being more than patient, I think we are being saintly patient.

Your answers so far have consisted of:
Khal says........Calis, I'm thinking that I have an idea of what this is about, but I think you might have overlooked a minor detail or two. Then proceedes to ridicule and flame about nothing in particular. Nothing except...you have an idea...... ok

Ike posts to discuss body parts and animals....still no answers to the original accusations.

Now Calis posts even more info... he actually states it was Khal that attacked... still nothing from Enema.

What is it your afraid of? Are you stalling about something? Because that is what it looks like to me.... are you going to accuse us of something? Or do you have no justification for attacking a kingdom in ISA.

I for one would NOT allow this to go on so long. Calis wants these negociations on the boards, I believe the ball IS in our court and by not satisfying our requests we have no alternative but to assume it was a land grab, a cheap nasty land grab. And, using your "limited online time" is a stalling mechanism. Sure is a good thing I am not the GM of ISA, Khal would be dead.
I expect retribution, and 10 fold. Unless there is something Enema has to say, I suggest you drop your alliances with your faith mates, Khal and prepare to be a target. But then, I am not the GM, but that IS what I would do.


Posted: 2002-08-16 17:21     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Calis, you'll get your damned reply here later tonight when I can actually sit-down for more than the 5 minutes I have right now.

But don't even start to think that I didn't see your post or that I am refraining from responding.

Your mouth is starting to write a check your guild can't cash.

:::Puts up a new Road Sign for Demmy:::

TRC Alumni Please Use ENeMA Offramp, Exit #2

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Huma Dragonsbane

Posted: 2002-08-16 18:08     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

I really can't believe what I am seeing. I have talked to Calis a lot, and dealt with him a lot, and for him to snap like this, something is definitly afoot. I know people in Enema, and those responses are frankly suprising me, except for Ike, cause I once got into it with him when he tried to strong arm me into giving Orthae Velve peace last age, sticking his nose where it didn't belong, so I can see where he might have ticked Calis off.

Here's the thing, I heear a lot of inuendo, a lot of walking in circles around the BIG TOPIC which no one will directly addressed. What ever happened, the details of the attack, just put up or shutup. ISA claims and has prof of Khal's attacks. All Enema has to do is explain. Either it was an accident and apaologies are in order, or Enema is trying to hurt ISA. If thats the case just have the balls to say it *shrugs* Its really not that complicated.

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give 'em hell long as I'm breathin
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Posted: 2002-08-16 18:20     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Sighs and slugs back a wine spritzer Thank God, the drugs wore off Demmy.

Hey Calis quick question sweetness...

If I start looting and burning you can ENeMA get compensation when you do the sensible thing and beat the holy hell out of me? Cus I am looking at your approach as sound real estate investment tactics... or the hair brained idea of a man eats WAY too many paint chips. Either way sounds like fun to me.

I believe the ball IS in our court

No, see it WAS in your court, but then I scummed it off ya. Now it's over here, see Demmy wanted to play with it. Ain't he cute!

Oh, and just so there is no more confusion remember that all the ladies know Ike is one sexy mo-fo.

Tribe Polar Bear!
Polar bears still hunt people for food ya know...

GM ENeMA- Oh what a feeling!

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Posted: 2002-08-17 01:08     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
No worries Mac, I still love you. ;)

Damn you stee........Damn you all to hell....

I love you to man

Now back to the topic.
Well portia thats a nice story, got any proof ?

Didn't think so, now our guy was hit, thats proven, if you can't come up with a why then fork over what you owe. Its not complexe math here. You can feel insulted all you want by Calis hell you can all get togather and have a damn support group for it, just quit beaten around the bush and give back the land.

Deeva's little gummybear

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Posted: 2002-08-17 15:45     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I just got back from vacation, and I see this thread.

Not really sure what happened, but I see some old-timers (whom I like all around) looking like fucking goofballs.

All this over some lone kingdom attacking another single kingdom?

Jeez peeps.


Posted: 2002-08-17 15:55     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Oh no Odo, it's much much more deeper than that.

This is getting rediculous.

ENeMA, I assume our NAP is over a few daus early with this.

I've yet to here anything from any of the vaunted membership of ENeMA regarding our situation here. You have 24 hrs.

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Posted: 2002-08-17 18:56     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
It was a cheap trick. It was nasty and underhanded. They took land, now they hide. No answers, no explainations, just they got some sort of "idea".

Well I got an "idea" too......eye for an eye actually a whole kingdom or two or three for an eye.

Calis is too patient. 24 MORE hours! I have no qualms about hitting down when it is in retaliation to a definate agressive actions against one of our own.

You can't just believe ISA is going to just forget this little incident. Perhaps, Enema will just ignore agressive action against their countrymen, but that hasn't been my experience with Khal or any guild Khal has been a part of.

Khal also won't lie. So, he has no answers, I concider this silence a form of crawling? Is that what it is? Just hoping we won't retaliate?? This is just plain sad Enema! You know MY opinion of this little fiasco of yours! Your stalling to save your own precious little kingdoms...


Posted: 2002-08-17 19:29     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Odo - ask Calis for the full story, then you'll see why members of ENeMA who normally get on fairly well with members of ISA are fuming at the amount of OOC bullshit going on right now. I thought Calis ran ISA well, until now - I credited him with a real improvement in ISA morals and standards.

But this takes the cake. The amount of double standards dealing going on in this thread is why a number of us are wondering why we bother even trying to be friends with the IC heathens - because we get it thrown in our face, repeatedly.

What's the point of playing the game if, the second our backs are turned, someone who you thought was a decent person pulls a low trick like this and backstabs you? Seriously, what the hell are we doing paying to play an online game when the people who are supposedly faith leaders, people with integrity, reduce themselves to pathetic, morally-rancid puddles of piss whenever they have the chance to bring someone else down through nefarious means?

If you want to play the bad guy, do it. Be a badass. Screw people over. But don't do it while pretending to be nice and friendly OOC, because that's whoring yourself out for the game. And that's not cool.

ENeMA, I assume our NAP is over a few days early with this.

So, after half a thread of repeatedly threatening us... then going silent when we call you on it... you're making ANOTHER threat?

Cindy's half right - which is a hell of a lot closer to the truth than you've been since the kingdom was hit and you began your bullshit OOC manipulation. It's also a personal best effort for Cindy, since she usually comes no closer to even spotting the facts of the matter than Calis comes to anything worthy of the word "sentience".

This is lame, Calis. Even after the OOC manipulation, you have a lower count of facts and condemning truths than you have brain cells to rub together. Even Dysh, with his innumerable personality flaws and pathetic halfassed flames, could come up with something more challenging and interesting then "you have another 24 hours".

Fuck you, Calis. Fuck you and your deadline. To quote any number of collagen-enhanced wrestling stereotypes with more brainpower in their people's elbows than you have in your entire masturbation-slick body, just bring it.

And put Dysh back in charge. Though I never thought I'd say it about anyone, you need him to give you a quick lesson in class and integrity.

The E-Team - ENeMA GM
That's why it's called English, Brighty Darling.


Posted: 2002-08-17 19:45     Profile; Edit   Reply w/Quote

Ah'm awn a deddlahn naow?

Tell you'n's whut. Jes' a'tween you'ns ISA bitches'n Ol' Reggie...

Screw deddlahns.

An' screw tawkin' an' tawkin' and tawkin' 'bout dis ennymawr. ;pp

Brang it to Thu Swarmp'n if'n you'ns gawt the bawls'n Unca Reg'll sind enny of you'n that'r dumb enuff t'try straight back to yer assclown leeders in bawdy baigs.


(Less'n they Deeva... innat kess, Ah'll hafta git kreeatiff.)

(Or Dysh... a'caws'n Ah woodent inflick sinddin' Dysh baick t'ENNYWUN. HAWRF!)

A'cawrs'n if'n enny uv you'ns awr purty wimmen, we maght diskuss the turms yer inkAWRsurashawn!


- Ol' Reggie


Posted: 2002-08-17 20:12     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
� you'll get your damned reply here later tonight when I can actually sit-down for more than the 5 minutes I have right now�
*taps foot*
Christ�s sake, have a little time problem there? Typical of this whole ordeal. Not even approaching the topic relevant, always skirting around it, avoiding it. Now why would you be doing that?
Gee, could it be because you know you screwed up bigger then you could have possibly thought, and now don�t have the balls to step up and admit it? Darden should be a new color on the scrolls just for you, Yellow. I really do feel sorry for your guildmates, having you as a GM.

Grasping at straws there I would have to say, having to flame emphasizing spelling errors. Pitiful. Once again, another Enema member writing a big old post yet not even attempting to justify the actions or prove their �innocence.� Hell, even say your side of the story, because right now you all look like a bunch of twits.

You know, I really do understand why the guild is named Enema.
You all have your heads so far up your own asses that you would want �em to be at least a little clean.

Fervent ALWAYS
Yes, we are that damn good!
ISA ...... I feel SOOO Dirty!!
Venus, the Embodiment of Human Perfection!


Posted: 2002-08-17 20:28     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
From this thread I can see why Khal would want to take some time to compose a proper reply. Any hastily written explanation would be ripped to shreds and be useless. Khalistov said he would reply by tonight. It isn't over yet. I think Calis was right in giving Enema some more time to respond. Treat others as you would like to be treated. It looks like there are plenty of Enema members on but they are allowing Khalistov to give the official reply. ISA members have a right to be upset, but I think it is said that there are two sides to every story. Go ahead Khal. I doubt you can be wrong since they are just a bunch of unbelievers anyways.

Huma Dragonsbane

Posted: 2002-08-17 21:00     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Blah blah blah, boo hoo hoo. Still nothing has been explained. Sunny nice flame, but once again proves nothing. Yeah I know, you are all staying quiet and letting Khal answer, but he is so busy he can't right now.

Sorry I am a busy man myself and have given up GMing in another game and have handed the GMing of SAO in Maxim to Ori for now cause I am too busy, yet a post does not take that long, not any longer than the supposed attacks took.

It does not take that long to "get the facts right" so they are not misconstrued. Thats why they are called facts, because they can not be disputed. Just spit it out already, if ISA did something wrong, we will all smirk and say "thats ISA, nothing new", if Enema did something wrong, but you wait this long to explain it, sorry but it reeks of deception.

Now other than ISA being a faithmate, I can not side with anyone right now for I know nothing of what transpired, but at least ISA is talking, be it lies or not, they are saying SOMETHING addressing what happened. The longer you wait Enema, the worse it looks =/

Not takin nothin from no one
give 'em hell long as I'm breathin
Keep kickin ass in the mornin and takin names in the evenin


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