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Author Of Evil and Immortals...

Posted: 2002-08-19 00:42     Profile; Edit   Reply w/Quote
Well I find this amusing,LOL could be an interesting war. If I stay alive that long.Shoot!, I used my turns for the night.
Kinda like running out into the middle of a gunfight with a stick.
So if I'm in DIE, that means I am at war with whom??? Read the attachment from Katarina, sounds to me like that green stuff is nasty shit, ummm Where do I get some.
K so we are here for guild wars, don't totally understand the problem, would assume with all the guilds they have listed would just about be even.
Coarse could be wrong, Going looking for a bigger stick, with luck catch ya all tomorrow


Posted: 2002-08-19 00:55     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Damn glad for time stamps in chatrooms..they make it very difficult for spies to cover their tracks ...Dauthi yer a damn genius :)


Posted: 2002-08-19 01:08     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Actually, Tara - My post had nothing to with the rest of this thread at all, besides what I quoted from you. If i had been referring to other parts of the thread, 'woulda said so.

My point was - You claim these people are making things shitty here. Im claiming your making things shitty there.

That's it sunshine. No mention of anything else.

Next time I'll put a footnote at my post explaining too just take the words upfront, instead of trying to read into them for other meanings.

But if you really do want to get into your -logic- then just say so, because I wont be going to bed for a few more hours. Although, I dont want to have to sit here typing..

Vroo binev en acem yub


Posted: 2002-08-19 01:10     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I hope you all die of ghonnarehia before my sword punctures your mid section you summamabitches! WAR ON ASSHOLES!!!!!!


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Stee Jans

Posted: 2002-08-19 01:20     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Dammit Bat, this completes the trifecta of me being hit before I can hit in every war so far.

Ah, luck.

I feel sorta bad for the people in the guilds we hit with little to no intention to do anything, but 'tis the way of things.

Back when I led TFC, I would've viewed tactics such as these as rather unfair and diabolical, but from different perspectives, you never know.

For example, had my faithmates planned such a thing back in the day, got called on it, and were hit like this, I would be disappointed, but moreso in my faithmates. Faithwide scumkilling? One of the most reprehensible tactics I can see being employed in the guilds game, along with gangbanging and bottomfeeding.

On another hand, had I found out something like this while GMing, I would have responded in the same fashion. I have no problem protecting my faith's interests in a hit that will likely doom myself or my guild.

Or, if I were planning something like that, and got hit before it came to fruition, then I would concede they had the right to do so.

And SD is right, don't take things so personal people, this is a game. This is an overly violent chessmatch, we're just looking for the smartest way to achieve checkmate.

And Reg an alt? LMAO!

The Warhawk is Sharpening his Talons.


Posted: 2002-08-19 01:50     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Lasher if all you've got are cheap, tired little shots at me just save yer time posting it. I never said they were making the game shitty here. I'm saying they are wrong for using a private thread that hasn't been posted in for -days- (shows how serious that was) an' say WE are wrong for "thinking" about scum killing people who would be at war with Isonian guilds, when we all know damn good an' well you all sit around daily an' talk the same thing.

Still doesn't get around the fact that they got info from a private GM message board when these same people have been oh so publically against "OOC Spying" in the past.

It's after midnight now, I think I've wasted enough of my night on this. Later an' enjoy the war, ya earned it.


I hate insomnia.


Look if all this crap came from some stupid ICQ forwards or some crap that'd be kin'a fair game I guess. Not from private, password-protected message boards though. Read what I said too, I said ISA/Enema were back at war so any killing would have to wait till they were back at war with us. So what.

If I had someone from one'a yer faiths come to me with copy of a thread from yer private boards or chat saved from yer private chat rooms, I would have come straight to the boards with it an' laid them out for everyone to see. I wouldn't protect the fucking traitor.

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Posted: 2002-08-19 04:00     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Just spin, just spin over and over and over again.

We all spin, the game is about who can put the most spin on the tactics that they use to try and win.

But in the end the only person you can be responsible to is yourself when you actually take the time to look in the mirror and ask yourself whether the way you are playing the game is making it more fun or less fun.

In the end its up to every individual because the community can not police itself anymore. The day when 2 faiths stopped caring about what was right or wrong is the day that this type of action became legitimate.

Khal and Enema, I feel for you, I know what it is like to be treated this way, I know maybe better than anyone how it can drain a player.

But everyone here had the chance to stop it, everyone here had the chance to make sure that shit like this never took place again, but when it was not happening to you, most of the game turned their backs. Because as long as Foret was losing, then who cared at what price.

Make them pay, turn the game against them. For as I have said as long as I can remember, TBL is a cancer on the guilds game. And luckily in the game, you can cure cancer, all you have to do is destroy it. Over and over and over again.



Posted: 2002-08-19 04:21     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I do hope the initiates of this bottomfeed have thoroughly thought out the repurcussions.

Because there most certainly will be repurcussions for a long long time to come.

First repurcussion: Khalistov's realm is meat =]



Posted: 2002-08-19 04:39     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Actually it's not the first, Stee's kingdom was killed earlier t'night.

Maverick, if you an' yer buddies hadn't ever talked about doing the other faith in when they're at war with yer faithmates, then yer post would have some legitimacy. As it is, yer just sittin there runnin yer fuckin pussy mouth as usual. You bitched an' moaned when Lockelar an' Korolath went to some chat room, that was "OOC Spying" that was HORRIBLE to do. What's the difference here? That thread was from the private Iso. GM message boards that people need to register for.

As far as TBL, well I don't think after this age any of you will have to worry about it. Either I won't play Guilds anymore (taking Demmy's advice *smirks*) or I'll play Foret because I obviously can't trust SOME people I thought were friends on this side of the fence.

At least when Foret "plans to conspire" against US (which of course they have) their people know when things are being serious or BSing an' they don't seem to have that stab-yer-people-in-the-back sort of thing goin with them.

If I wanted to scum kill you people I would have long before now.

I don't have ISA's numbers on our banner however, I know yer hitting us an' that's fine, whatever you have to do to protect yer guild. TBL is at war with Enema for protecting the Traitor we have in our Faith.


Posted: 2002-08-19 04:51     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

Who else am going to watch squirm! Tara, your great, but ... bah... never mind...

(goes back to his corner)

All in the name of the Lost
Dema Makhan

AGM of Diplomacy


Posted: 2002-08-19 04:54     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
From a word of experience..never trust your fellow GMs. BAck at the beginning of Canon, i ran a scum guild. We were great, and got to the top of the ranks. We were hit hard, all knocked down. So i said on our private GM email string to the effect we'd be scum killing and burning said guild rest of age. Some how my private conversation with my fellow GMs got out to the guild that hit us. I found out who did it, they said they did it because "it didn't feel right to them." And rather than coming to me and telling me, they took it right to the other guild.

So perhaps someone didn't like the tactic taht was being proposed and simply went behind your backs like was done to me.

Moral of the story, never trust your faithmates (shoulda just been in your guild, and maybe a select couple GMs that you knew would help), and a "private" GM thing is never really private. Just some words of past experience :)

Cabalos - "I'm not a crook."
Back home...
Beware of magic seeds....
Forever Lost...


Posted: 2002-08-19 05:01     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Tara, the difference is Korolath came INTO our war chat and spied under some sort of bot.

SunBlade on the other hand didn't make a fake name to gain access, didn't hack in, did nothing of the sort. He was sent the information by one of your own.


Big Fucking Difference.

Vroo binev en acem yub


Posted: 2002-08-19 05:28     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
A short excerpt from the Scum-Killing thread really does sum up the postion which I will be taking for the course of this fight:

...Of course, seeing the complaining on the boards make it that much more sweet. But hell - it's all in good clean gamefun, right?

Why, you're absolutely right.

It is all in good clean gamefun.

I couldn't have said it better.


I'm a hog. Your bitching is my mud. And I'm rolling in it.

Snort Snort Squeeeeeeel

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Posted: 2002-08-19 05:32     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Oh yeah, Bat... To you I tip my hat, war on, brother.

But, what is wrong with the name Evil Never Makes Amends?

There's nothing wrong with that name, demmit.


Posted: 2002-08-19 05:33     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Right, like I said before if that had happened with me an' one'a yer own I would have told you exactly who yer traitor was rather than twist things around like they have. Khal an' most the Enema people I considered friends of mine, being their friend I would have told them who sold them out on some BS like this rather than taking it for my own gain.

What did I post in that thread too? That ISA/Enema were at war again so no *Shrugs* Doesn't even matter at this point.

That's exactly the reason I won't be playing Isonian in guilds any longer, if I stay in the Guilds game at all *Shrugs*

Cabalos, you know, yer so right. If it's one thing I've learned in this Game especially now, it's not to trust a single goddamn person at all. Ever. About anything. All the shoot-the-shitte stuff I might have done with my "friends" who are in other guilds or other faiths, done. Over with. How do I know they won't use what I say against me again? Fuck it, I'd rather not have friends like that at all.

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Posted: 2002-08-19 06:36     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Ah, a heathen that has seen the light.... come tara, come to the light side of the force, FORET!!! :)



Posted: 2002-08-19 06:44     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
On the BBQ today

Roasted KHAL, with hot burned IKE's and overthrown with Stee Jan's sauce...

And ISA?????? We just denie them...

We are only serving ORANGE juice

IOM GM-->Valid
SSS coGm+IN Master of Drobens
DARDEN killer in SPEED


Posted: 2002-08-19 06:52     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
freshly squeezed OJ at that Bat ;>

this is going to be oh so fun..this war with the enemas

I see mucho dying in the near future,
on both sides of course. mostly of the orange variety however

Let's see..how long will it take to drop enema to the bottom-rankers?
It may take a bit :/
i love this type of fight cuz we got nothing to lose and the heathen has much to lose.
(including any respect they may have garnered)


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Huma Dragonsbane

Posted: 2002-08-19 06:57     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Something was a bit fishy, and the response by Khal to me in the last thread seemed a little overboard, now I know why.
My impression and general good feeling towards Enema from the beginning was right.

I am not suprised by Iso's little plan. I knew there was a reaosn I left that faith.

I am in the top 10 and was scouted 10 times in the past week. Good Luck Enema and ISA, take the bastards down.

But sometimes man it just seems,
Everybody only wants to dis-cuss me
So this means I'm dis-gusting,
But its just me I'm just obscene

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Posted: 2002-08-19 07:12     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
My impression is the following :

I see only smiling ISA faces and ENEMAS who s*****t in their pants!

As Ry told,we have nothing to loose anymore and nothing to gain.

ENEMA, war till reset. Very amusing right????

IOM GM-->Valid
SSS coGm+IN Master of Drobens
DARDEN killer in SPEED

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