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Author Of Evil and Immortals...

Posted: 2002-08-19 07:41     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Shit happens

ENeMA... I swear just ain't fair, heathens heathens everywhere. Oh lord come on down, got to spread some love around.


Posted: 2002-08-19 09:02     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Indeed it do,Kenos....
Indeed it do.

I hate bottom feeding tho ;>

It can never ever be justified and using OOC cheats is even worse i am afraid :(
A very sad day..braggadaccio about using OOC cheats(if it is true)..tisk tisk. worse than any in game stuff that may have ever occured.

You heathens will learn honor sooner or later . A blatant landgrab is a blatant landgrab is a blatant landgrab.

It was once that only the foretians threw away all that we had held true. Now Enema have joined them, it is there for all to see.

(Other than Kenos)..
Ya best run alts in the other games ;>
Otherwise ya might all of a sudden find yourself treated like an unguilded for the trash play that is now a red mark on all of the guilds game.

Tiz farking sad and i am disappointed in these heathens.
So!..they gonna die like pigs.
play like a farm animal and you will find yourself treated like one.

This hit sickens me and is clearly what it is for what it is. A weakass attempt at a landgrab.
I hate weakness yet these ppl are throwing it at us full bore.

~does his best Emilio Estevez impersonation from teh Young Guns.....
"I'll make you famous"..~


Posted: 2002-08-19 09:31     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I stopped reading after I clicked the link to geocities..
Say you've got a few faithwide scummers who are sitting around, wasting turns, nothing really to do....
...One look shows you that the top guy or gal in a Darden guild, and another in a Foret guild are relatively defenseless against scum.....
....Faith wide scumkills. A few scummers from every guild, you could randomly start

If this crap is true I'll help any guild or faith in killing those who take part in these shitty scumkills..

~~ Lost Knights Alliance ~~
~~ AGM Scum - DEAD ~~
'Death is lighter than a feahter: duty, heavier than a mountain.'


Posted: 2002-08-19 09:40     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
"Bob Wahn
Posted: 2002-08-12 10:50
Hook a brother up with some scumless heathen and I will kill

Bob Wahn
AGM Diplomacy | SotEP"

AGM Diplomacy... what kind of arse-bandit diplomatic corps did you crawl out from the midst of???

~~ Lost Knights Alliance ~~
~~ AGM Scum - DEAD ~~
'Death is lighter than a feahter: duty, heavier than a mountain.'


Posted: 2002-08-19 09:58     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
LEO fight your own **wars** with your own guild...

Don't let us think that LKA was also involved.

IOM GM-->Valid
SSS coGm+IN Master of Drobens
DARDEN killer in SPEED


Posted: 2002-08-19 10:07     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't bring LKA into this..... This is not our business, nor are we involved in it, so please just leave us out of it.



Posted: 2002-08-19 10:15     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

IOM GM-->Valid
SSS coGm+IN Master of Drobens
DARDEN killer in SPEED


Posted: 2002-08-19 10:16     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I am not an agm in guilds and I never mentioned LKA..

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Posted: 2002-08-19 10:17     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Thank you.



Posted: 2002-08-19 10:36     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
My name is Duma. Hear me roar.
I said my name is Duma. Hear me roar.

::strains face::

I said my name is Duma! Hear me ...

::passes gas, rather loudly::


Sorry. I just like to hear myself.

Go Darden!

I like mine fuzzy with circular squares.


Posted: 2002-08-19 10:57     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
*gives Bat a wedgie*

There, now LKA is involved

Luv ya, Batty :>P

~AGM of Cowardly Tactics for LKA~

Gorgon Zola

Posted: 2002-08-19 11:51     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Leave Bob Wahn alone. He can say whatever he wants in a private chat, until he does it he is innocent. We had not the time or manpower to be involved in this, we were at war.
My attitude to the game has completely changed, Bob Wahn has the right to scum kill anyone he wants whenever he wants. That's the way the game works. That's the way i'll play the game from now on.

SoTEP forever

Bob Wahn

Posted: 2002-08-19 11:57     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Wow.... amazing. I hope I don't find out the tratorious bitch that leaked that info. *grits teeth* Anyways, we have been at war so it is impossible for me to scumkill anyone, especially since I restart. Damn, I just wish we had a spy in Darden or foret....

Oh yeah, Leo, go fuck yourself. I am the only scummer in SotEP

<edit> Well, thanks to this fucking mess I am the GM of SotEP now... Brimstone is playing no longer

Robert Nesta Wahn XIII
Honorary Member of Penguins Inc.
First Grand Lieutenant of Lemming Patrol

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Little Devil

Posted: 2002-08-19 12:07     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Kinda funny ooc spying is being brought to the next level.

One off course has to remember how everything here all words are politically inspired.

Now i have to admit i havent looked around much in three weeks. Beside survivor. But still.

People cry boohs and baahs when a spy happens on them. But when it's them caught spying then its all ligit and okay.

Now personally i have no clue to the validity of the textfile. i repose myself on one thing. I know Tara. It's not her way to lie.


It's just sad how far people will sink. And i expected better from some. But then i maybe shouldnt have.

Please continue on. Next stop will be hacking sites i guess .....


PS. And oh Maverick its nice to see your still on your righteous campaign against TBL. what has it been now. three ages ? four ages ? huh ?

New ages same song ...

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Voice Fionn

Posted: 2002-08-19 12:19     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

Mija's Evil Side

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