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Featured Titles and Headlines
SIC - Adventures in Anti-Capitalism

SIC is an anti-dote to to all the product-driven, passionless skim-it-quick crap which crowds the shelves. From Jeremy Hardy's "Don't Shoot - I'm British" account of the tanks moving into Bethlehem, to Johnny Brown's and Rob Newman's fiction, eye-witness accounts of Argentina's financial meltdown, Mark Thomas's angle on the public response to Diana's death, Sivanandan's clear-headed poetic attacks on the staus quo, plus Caroline Coon, Alabama 3, Bill Drummond and many more, Sic is a graphic illustration of how diverse the movement really is, encompassing as it does art, activism, sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll. All for £4.95 - get your copy now before it sells out.

Quiet Rumours - An Anarcha-Feminist Reader

Up until recently, the terms anarchism and feminism were rarely found in the same sentence, much less interpreted as integrally related. This anthology draws together essays, interviews and pamphlets exploring the relationship between anarchism and feminism, from classics by Emma Goldman such as "The Tragedy of Women's Emancipation" to Jo Freeman's highly influential essay "The Tyranny of Structurelessness". Throughout the collection the theme of developing an effective, feminist, anarchist revolutionary movement is discussed and analysed from various historical and contemporary perspectives. Also included are interviews with Rota Zora, and Mujeres Creando (Women Creating), anarcha-feminist street activists in Bolivia. Essential reading.

Shattered Illusions - Analyzing the War on Terrorism

What drives people to such desperation and rage that they would kill themselves and others? The US media seem afraid to understand the roots of terrorism lest they arrive at the obvious: the cruelty of the powerful begets hopelessness, and hopelessness leads to desperation that ultimately ends in violence and death. Shattered illusions is a collection of essays of dissent by contributors such as Noam Chomsky, Norman Solomon, Shepherd Bliss, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Rahul Mahajan, and many more, examining the "war on terror", the question of what really lies behind the conflict in Palestine, war-mongering against Iraq, and the history and implications of the conflicts and US policies and actions in the Middle East.

SchNEWS of the World - Yearbook 2002

The earth's climate has its hottest year on record, while the political pressure reaches bursting point in the paranoia and madness of September 11. Behind the haze Argentina goes into meltdown. Israel reoccupies Palestine. Hundreds of thousands come out onto the streets of Genoa and Quebec, Gothenburg and Barcelona while even larger numbers fight for their land and livelihood as the corporate carve-up continues. Global and local - this book covers it all and more. Featuring issues 301-350 of SchNEWS plus 200 pages of articles, cartoons, photos, satire and contacts.

Critical Mass - Bicycling's Defiant Celebration

Critical Mass bike rides began in 1992 and have spread across the world, celebrating cycling as well expressing anger, solidarity, and protest against issues from car culture and pollution, to capitalism and globalisation. Critical Mass rides are celebrations of people taking autonomous control of the streets, and can be immensely empowering and effective in reclaiming public space, and a public voice. Edited by Chris Carlsson, a founding participant of Critical Mass, this excellent collection of essays, articles, photos, fliers, e-mails, theories, arguments, anecdotes and cartoons, traces the development and spread of Critical Mass, from San Francisco to London, from Bombay to Mexico City. It also discusses the politics of Critical Mass in relation to anarchism; publicity, propaganda and the media; the place of Critical Mass as part of a wider movement; and ends with a useful section devoted to global Critical Mass contacts and tips for organising rides. A must for militant cyclists everywhere...

Addicted To War - Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism

A new updated edition of this excellent illustrated expose of the history of America's war-dependent economy, rampant militarism and bloody interventions around the world, from the notion of Manifest Destiny to the "War on Terrorism". A superb political graphic guide for young and old alike, describing with clarity, detail and strong illustrations what they just don't tell you at school.

Now in stock - The new full colour second volume of work from Banksy

There are many well-crafted and beautiful souvenirs being produced to mark the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee. This is not one of them.

Existencilism is the second collection of artwork and anecdotes from rogue painter and decorator Banksy.  His first pocketbook of vandalism was a critical smash and sold over 20 000 copies. The much-anticipated follow-up “Existencilism” boasts an even-more impressive array of brand new dissent, deviousness and chaos live and in full colour from the streets of SanFrancisco, London and across Europe.

You kept asking for it!...

Genoa - Red Zone: Whatever Force Necessary

Working with over 160 hours of protest-based footage recorded by scores of DIY video teams an international group of film-makers set out to unpick the events surrounding the brutal and bloody weekend in July 2001 when leaders of the G8 met in Genoa.

This video does not hide from the truth - staggering images of violence provide gritty realism yet the beauty of resistance shines through.

Another classic from Indymedia.

Desire For Change - Women On the Frontline of Global Resistance

A collection of interviews with women, recorded in Cochabamba, Bolivia, at the 3rd international conference of the People's Global Action (PGA) network in September 2001. It covers women's involvement in a broad range of struggles: from culture-jamming in Australia, to coca-growing trade unions in Bolivia, from autonomous land settlers in Brazil to radical environmentalists from the Ukraine. Political influences range from liberation theology to radical ecology, marxism to anarchism, feminism to syndicalism and back again...

Aufheben issue 11 now available

Brilliant autonomist magazine from the Brighton posse. This issue contains articles on Class Re-composition in Argentina(?), Autonomist Marxism and Beyond the Ultra Left? plus extended reviews of latest titles including "Change the World Without Taking Power" and "Reading 'Capital' Politically"

Essential analysis

2003 AK Distribution Catalogue

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