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Teen Programmers Unite was formed in the summer of 1996 by and for teenaged computer programmers worldwide. The site's goal is to help people who fit into this growing category exchange ideas, perhaps work together on something, and learn.

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Member Sites & Creations

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  • tdkyo's AtmosDS
    Some Adobe Atmosphere worlds and resources
  • rahaydenuk's DX-DEV
    The home of my operating system, DXOS.
  • vladimir_l's iSch
    hopeless project started when i sorta quit computing and i'm finsihing it off about 1 hour a week
  • ItinitI's Shining Blue Sun Syndicate
    Somewhat of my homepage, and a way for me to try out web design techniques, but I might start posting/writing articles in the future.
  • pcns_87's A bunch of not useful stuff thrown on a site!!!!!
    just go there 4 the heck of it! its just so great!
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  • Resource Links

    The resource links are organized by category. Here are the latest submissions:
  • Shakespearean Language: A programming language designed to have code that looks like a shakespearean play. (from vladimir_l)
  • Max Server Pages (MSP): A Server-Side implementation of Max , free edition avalible. (from vladimir_l)
  • ASPy: A JPython ( Jython ) server-side scripting language with similar syntax to ASP. (from vladimir_l)
  • Beatiful Report Language (BRL): This is an Open Source server-side sctipting language with links to Scheme. (from vladimir_l)
  • Escapade (ESP): A neglected free server-side scripting language ,designed for begginers. MySQL compliant. (from vladimir_l)
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    Hardware changes in TPU at November 14, 2002, 10:29:53 AM by Psion
    We've finally bitten the bullet and bought new hardware for this server. Hopefully we can avoid downtime periods like this last one in the future.
    IRC meeting in TPU at July 26, 2002, 10:50:43 PM by Psion
    We are having an IRC meeting on July 27, 9 PM GMT, to plan improvements to TPU. You can find the full scoop so far in this thread.
    Server problems in TPU at July 13, 2002, 03:08:09 AM by Psion
    You may have noticed server outages in the last few days. We have been having some problems with our RAID setup. Hopefully it is fixed now, but don't be surprised if you can't reach this site again in the near future.
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