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You are my victim since 12/6/99.

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The title of the page is in reference to temperature rather than relative hipness. It is VERY far north.

The photos are all taken by me over the past five or so years. If you like them, download them. Use them as wallpaper. I'd be delighted. The backgrounds are nice oriental papers from Eastern Michigan University.

The Stories

Frohike's Finest Hour (PG)
Frohike contemplates the love of his life. (Um, NC17)
Originally billed as "Alpha Prequel" on the newsgroup, this is the real title.

My Constant Touchstone Who Makes Me A Whole Person (PG)
My stab at MSR.

Arcades: To fresh woods and pastures new (NC17)
Scully's view of the events during Arcadia.

Arcades: Look homeward angel now, and melt with ruth (NC17)
Mulder's view of events during Alpha and Trevor.

Starbuck Lost Beneath the Waves (PG13)
Angst suitable for the whole family.

The Crouching Thing (PG13)
Sometimes you see things you just don't want to see.

Things Happen (PG13)- NEW!
Things happen and then other things happen.

Bad Boy in Leather Stories

Prime Mover (PG-13)
Krycek takes control.

The Batman Plot (NC17)
Krycek tries to assassinate Scully.

Prone (NC17)
Krycek kidnaps Mulder and Scully and waxes philosophical.

Unnatural Tendencies (Sequel to Prone) (R)
Krycek pays Scully an unexpected visit.

Substitutes (Sequel to Unnatural Tendencies) (NC17)
Scully almost gets killed and makes some decisions.

(NOTE: excuse the screwed up table at the beginning, I'll fix it later)

Die Songficenlied MSR

Just Good Friends (NC17)
Scully goes out on a date while Mulder mopes.

Cooling (NC17)
Scully has the nervous breakdown she should have had on the show.

Slit Skirts (NC17)
In which Doris gets her oats.

Anagram Poems (PG)

Slash Haiku (NC-17)
Work in progress with my pals. We're accepting submissions. (Or dominances)

Sarah's fanfic Recs:

Punk Maneuverability

Punk's stories are some of the finest out there. Faboo slice-of-life stuff and clean enough for the whole family! Much unlike mine. Punk is the goddess of consistent characterization. You never have to worry about her Scullies or Mulders doing anything that might seem false.


If you want plot, this is the place. Nikki is twisty. That's twisty, not twisted. It's a GOOD thing.

E. Ripley

Another plot maven, Ripley maintains the shrine to Lucius Hartwell and has a secret torch in her heart for the dear, lost Pendrell. She is collaborating with me on a secret project whereby we will conquer the fanfic world and you will all tremble before our might!

Rachel Anton

If I could think of stuff like this... well, I'd be Rachel Anton. "Eleventh Hour" planted her firmly in my pantheon of fanfic goddesses to be worshipped, and she just keeps getting better and better.

Lili Blue

Writes wonderfully sad stuff and some whimsical stuff as well. I really liked The Ex Factor.

Livia Balaban

A real-time friend of mine for a number of years, I have recently corrupted her into posting her fanfic and she now has the 4th most recommended story at Ephemeral! I am proud to be her collaboratress in smut.

M. Sebasky

Another real-time friend of mine, she is another victim of my corrupting influence - or as Punk put it (to M.)"She's converting half the world!" Yeah, baby, me and Paul. We saw the light on the road to Damascus and now we just can't shut up. Go read M's story Pater Noster, like NOW.


So? Is "Everybody Having A Good Time"? Sabine's fic is a nice mix of angst and comedy a little heavy on the angst, but then, why else would I be recommending it? Check out "Dance Card" for the former and "Spooky Action At A Distance" for the latter.

Jennifer Stoy

I worship the ground she slithers over. She has bent my mind in ways it should never have gone and all I can do is thank her for it over and over again. Go read her dark, warpo stories immediately. Your intellect will thank you for it, providing your heart is sound.


Wen's stuff is some of the most lyrical and beautiful I've ever read anywhere (and I have an M.S. in Literature) and I've read a lot of books. Most of it is sad. But it's always beautiful. Why she hasn't got a boat-load of Spookys is utterly beyond me.


A website re-design to make this less crappy

Trailer Trash (a novel, yes, I'm demented)

The X-Files (2300)

A Messed-up Untitled Time Travel Thing

1,000 Oceans (Next in Die Songficenlied THEN...)

I'm Not Sleeping (Next in Die Songficenlied)

Arcades III

The Road to Tunguska

The Secret Alt. Universe Project (with Ripley)

Normal People II-IX (with Livia Balaban)

The Giant Warpo Mytharc Thing(with Livia Balaban)

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