A Ridership Message from Executive Director Byron Brooks

The recent travel of LYNX officials to the APTA Conference and Expo in Las Vegas has been widely reported in the local media. We recognize this unfortunate incident has tarnished our reputation and we have taken positive steps to address this matter. Read more.
Fare Change = Free Transfers
Effective January 5, 2003, LYNX standard bus fare will change from $1.00 to $1.25. While it will now cost an extra quarter for one-way fares, there�s a silver lining that will benefit all LYNX riders: free transfers! That�s right, just ask the bus operator for a transfer ticket when you pay your standard one-way fare (you have 90 minutes to use the transfer during your one-way commute).
Two Million Riders!
LYNX�s recent steady growth in bus ridership saw a dramatic increase during the month of October as over two million riders � 2,009,879, to be exact � used the bus system. That�s a 7.4 percent increase over October 2001 and only the second time we've reached the two-million mark. LYNX saw an immediate decline in ridership last year due to the economic slide that followed the September 11 terrorist attacks. However, over the last several months, LYNX's ridership has shown some remarkable increases.
LYNX Internal Review
Because of certain questions raised by the local media, primarily about the attendance of LYNX Board members and staff at the American Public Transit Association Conference, Exposition and Roadeo in Las Vegas this past September, LYNX Board Chairman Russ Hauck appointed LYNX General Counsel Tommy Boroughs and LYNX Board member and Secretary Bill Bagley to conduct an Internal Review. Read the review.
Speakers Bureau Comes To You
As a way of spreading the word about how LYNX serves the community, our Speakers Bureau will come to your organization and discuss public transportation and how it affects us all. If you would like additional information or want to set up an appointment, please call Sheldon Watson at (407) 841-2279 ext. 3019.
Check out golynx tv, a 30-minute television program that lets you know what's happening at your favorite local transit authority. The LYNX-produced show is aired on Orange TV, Seminole Government TV, Ocoee TV and Access Osceola. To watch a video clip of the show's opening sequence and find out, click here.
Take Five!
Our Five Minute Monthly � a periodical sent out to local elected officials � is now available online. The newsletter provides ridership reports and summarizes the organization's activities throughout the Orange, Osceola and Seminole region. Read the online version of the November issue here ...
Bus Service is Changing
\Make sure you mark down December 29 on your calendar because that�s when the latest LYNX bus service change goes into eftect. Some 19 Links are affected, so consult the new, lower-priced �Schedule Book� or the individual route schedules regarding exact changes and departure times. Due to funding partner budget constraints, service to the UCF LASER routes and Link 101 will be eliminated effective December 27.
LYNX Board Meetings
Want to know when the next LYNX Board Meeting is or what was covered at previous meetings? Just click on the appropriate link below for:
- 2002 LYNX Board Calendar
- October Board Meeting Agenda
- October Board Meeting Summary
- Detailed Minutes from Previous Meetings

CAC Meetings
Date: T.B.A.
Time: T.B.A.
Location: T.B.A.
If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Sheldon Watson at (407) 841-2279 ext. 3019. Read the previous meeting's minutes here.

Community Update
Would you like to be on the snail-mail list for the Community Update, a quarterly publication that provides informative takes on LYNX services and programs? Then email your mailing address and contact information to Debbe King at DKing@golynx.com.
Commuter Rail Comments
A series of public meetings regarding the North/South Commuter Corridor Alternative Analysis Study were recently held. These meetings provided an opportunity for the public to learn about the study and provide comments. Public comments regarding the commuter rail study are still being solicited. Find out more ...

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