Final edition, posted 7/4/02, two hundred years after the disintegration of our Republic was initiated
by the United States Supreme Court by taking to themselves the exclusive right to decide law.

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If you do not believe this attitude, read UNLIMITED ACCESS, by Gary Aldrich, ISBN 0-89526-454-4

There are several groups in America who support the Republic as it was once designed. These groups are intractible in their campaigns against the Anti-Constitutionalists who would deprive us of the Bill of Rights. We'd like to encourage the reader to consider joining their causes, so we made their banners into Active Links that you might want to pursue

Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States Organization Banner

Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Organization Banner

Keep And Bear Arms Organization Logo

Citizens of America Organization Banner

American Patriot Friends Network, a network of networkers

Boy Scouts of America

Armed Females of America a truly Constitutional organization
It is our pleasure to recommend a wonderful site for anyone who wishes to study any part of the documentation of the founding of our nation. Information is prepared in all formats for downloading, and the quantity is absolutely mind-boggling. Home schoolers should go there, as should any inquiring minds who are trying to find out the TRUTH about the Founding Documents and historical documents of this nation. We can not say enough about the work Jon Roland has done on this site.

Another great site has just come on line, loaded with information about human behavior behind the tyranny, dumbed-down citizens, and the animosity toward the 2nd Amendment:

Ring of Conservative Sites Ring of Conservative Sites

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