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image by Gino Verna

Features: Short Morrissey interview on Liquid News (BBC TV)
posted by davidt on Tuesday November 26 2002, @08:15AM

English Martyr writes:

The November 25th broadcast of Liquid News featured a short interview with Morrissey from the previous nights PETA bash. The shows producer actually publicised this earlier in the day on the Morrissey-solo discussion board.

The Morrissey section was presented live from The Cat and Fiddle, (Morrissey's favourite hang-out), in L.A by Steph West. She told the presenter in the studio that she'd had a fantastic time with Morrissey after Pamela Anderson couldn't get a babysitter and didn't attend the party. Studio guest was the "crashing bore" himself - Elton John.

Anyway, here's what Moz had to say on various subjects:

On being at a Hollywood party
"I'm only at this party tonight because it's people for the ethical treatment of animals. I would never go to another party in L.A. I'm not that silly. And you know why." (Raises eyebrows at interviewer who can be heard laughing).

On animal rights
"You have to be quite extreme. And, um, you can't just whisper this fact about animal protection."

On Myra Hindley
"If it was a fair world she would have been buried, head-first as her victims were buried. And not had the ceremony that happened, I think last week, in Cambridge. But if Myra Hindley had been really remorseful, as she said she was, I think that the remorse would have meant that she would remain in prison and be silent. But, she wanted to be free, which confused me, and that's at odds with remorse, I think. She's like a Jack the Ripper figure really."

Back in the studio, an uncomfortable looking Elton John said, "I like The Smiths a lot. I thought they were brilliant, one of the best bands. I've never met him so I can't really comment and I won't say anything nasty about him". He sidestepped the question about why Moz hasn't got a record deal by getting his little dig in at him. "One thing, I cannot understand people who move to L.A. from Britain and all they do is go to the pub and want HP sauce and the tabloids. Why don't they stay at home? I do agree with him about Myra Hindley, absolutely. I mean he's a fairly interesting guy."

All in all, Morrissey looked superb and talked with his usual blend of wit and intelligence. The only thing worth watching on a very tacky show.

ivor_the_injun also writes:

Liquid News, BBC1, Mon Nov 25, 00:08ish (BST)

Quite an interesting news piece covering Moz's appearance at "an LA party", paying particular attention to the photocall with the turkey.

Brief interview to camera where Moz spoke about nothing much at first, but then went into some detail as the questions turned to Myra Hindley ("she should have been buried head first, like her victims").

My favourite bit was when the programme cut back to the studio for opinion from panellist Elton John (!) - "I really liked The Smiths", "I don't understand why people move to LA and just go to the pub" and "He's a fairly interesting guy". Finally, one of the hosts asked Elton's fellow panellist Ms Dynamite if "all this has tempted you to go vegetarian?".

"Er...I like turkey", she said.

Update: 11/26 18:34 GMT: Video clip is available on the BBC Liquid news site, but may not be for long. Link from a comment by an anonymous person.

Update: 11/29 04:46 GMT: Archived link to the Real Video file.

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The Smiths upcoming live DVD (Rock Masters, BBC)?
posted by davidt on Tuesday November 26 2002, @08:15AM

Natalie (mizmoz) writes:

I just heard about a concert DVD series that the BBC is releasing called "Rock Masters", and apparently The Smiths are going to be one of the bands that will have a DVD. I don't know anything about a release date or pre-ordering info yet. I found out through a site about The Cure ( because The Cure is also one of the bands being featured in this series.
James also writes:

Just to let you know that the BBC are releasing a series of live DVD's (and on VHS as well..) called Rockmasters, and there is a Smiths live performance featured on one of the DVDs. I don't have any idea of the setlist as yet, but I do know that it's up for release on (or around) FEB 18th 03. It's just slated for region 1 (US and Canada) at the moment, I'm pretty sure we'll get region 2 (PAL and Japan)

Other bands in the Rockmaster series include
acdc, blondie, the cure, hall and oates, Emmylou harris, billy joel, the kinks, the police, carlos santana, and thin lizzy

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"These Things Take Time" - Rolling Stone mention, U.S. release pending?
posted by davidt on Tuesday November 26 2002, @08:15AM

Shoshana writes:

From Rolling Stone Issue 911, December 12, 2002:

Cartoon Morrissey
Smiths Singer is Unwillingly Animated

Story by David Swanson

“When the Smiths broke up, there were people threatening to kill themselves,” says David Nolan, producer of the new British television documentary These Things Take Time: The Story of the Smiths. “They were the soundtrack of their lives. It’s important that we get that across.” But the band’s ex-frontman, Morrissey, wouldn’t participate so Nolan was forced to animate key moments in the band’s history. Morrissey, currently at work on a rival documentary, remains peeved. “He’s concerned that the program is defamatory,” says the singer’s lawyer. A U.S. release is pending.

Scan from Jimmy via Recycled Papers


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Site Sponsors: Chicago Morrissey/Smiths night (Nov. 29)
posted by davidt on Tuesday November 26 2002, @08:15AM

Tony writes:

Morrissey/Smiths Night
Friday, November 29, 2002

9PM to 2AM

UPSTAIRS at Delilah's
2771 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois
21 + $3 cover

Here is the flyer.

Note: the submitter of this item is a Morrissey-solo site sponsor, and has made a monetary contribution towards the costs of running this site.

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Smiths party in El Paso, TX (Nov. 28)
posted by davidt on Tuesday November 26 2002, @08:15AM

auxocromo writes:

Smiths Tribute, Club 101/El Paso, Texas on Thanksgiving.
Because we must...

Update: 11/26 19:47 GMT: CLUB101/MOZ59 writes:

Club 101 in El Paso, Texas, is having an all night tribute to
The Smiths/Morrissey on Thanksgiving Thursday, Nov. 28.

500 San Francisco, Downtown El Paso
(915) 544 - 2101

18 and Over
$5.00 Cover
Doors Open @ 9:00 p.m.

Please, log on to our site for flyer/more information:

Get there early to celebrate Thanksgiving and the influence of
The Smiths with us.....this night promises to bring in a full house!

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Morrissey and Chloe the turkey (PETA Thanksgiving) photos
posted by davidt on Saturday November 23 2002, @09:00AM

An anonymous person writes:

There's a surprise appearance for Morrissey in The Sun's Bizarre column (Nov. 23, 2002):

Moz's bird

IF misery guts MORRISSEY is playing “name that tune” I reckon I’ve got it in one.

With his hands firmly clamped around Chloe the turkey’s neck, it has to be THE SMITHS’ classic Meat Is Murder.

The group’s former frontman wasn’t really playing charades – he was attending a dinner in Hollywood for animal welfare group PETA, where Chloe was the guest of honour.

Morrissey recently played the Royal Albert Hall in London, where fans included JONATHAN ROSS, DAVID BOWIE and VIC REEVES.

We meat again ... Morrissey and Chloe the turkey

Robert writes:

I came across this picture of Moz on Yahoo News. It was under Yahoo's most popular section.

British rocker Morrissey poses with Chloe, the guest of honor and not the main course at a Thanksgiving vegetarian meal hosted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) at a private home in Los Angeles, California, November 21, 2002. REUTERS/Jim Ruymen

Click to enlarge

Other photos at Yahoo!: Chloe with James Marden, Chloe with Charlotte Ross.

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Morrissey's Thanksgiving dinner with Pamela Anderson
posted by davidt on Friday November 22 2002, @08:00AM

Veronika writes:

(Los Angeles-AP) -- Pamela Anderson's doing Thanksgiving early. She's hosting a dinner tonight where a turkey will be a diner, not dinner. Yeah, a live turkey will be there. Anderson doesn't eat meat so she's having an all-veggie meal. The dinner's at a home in the Hollywood Hills. Along with the turkey, some of the guests include Charlotte Ross from "N-Y-P-D Blue," John Salley of Fox's "Best Damned Sports Show Period," James Marsden of "X-Men" and British rocker Morrissey.

Jeff Catania also writes:

Hello, this morning (Nov. 21) at 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time on 93.9 KZLA (That's a country station in Los Angeles) the DJ's announced that Pamela Anderson is having a celebrity vegetarian Thanksgiving in the Hollywood Hills area. Some of the guests are John Salley (Basketball), Kid Rock (of course) and I kid you not as they said and I quote "Legendary British Rocker" Morrissey. There will be a turkey there, but it will be alive and running around free. There were no jokes to follow this statement, so as far as I know this is going to happen.

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