Eleusinian Visions, online journal of arts, metaphysics & socio-politix

Eleusinian Visions

Online Journal of Multi-Arts, Metaphysical Studies & Socio-Politix

edited by T.S. Minton

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Transmetamorphosis: Messages From the Emerald Host:
Literary-oracular premiere by T.S. Minton

Showcase poet:
Anna Rose

  • Editorial "Whoof Session"

    Freewheeling commentary by T.S. Minton: "Introduction to Eleusinian Visions, New Age controversies, and the Great Chain of Being."

  • Literary Enclave

    Online poetry & fiction magazine and literary links & resources. Features underground classic "Cascabel Meditation: Sunrise" and more by T.S. Minton et al. (including Showcase on Anna Rose); resources for Internet research; ordering information for Student Writer's Edge how-to manual (to come); and launching pads for writing teachers, students, and job seekers (to come).

  • Hieroglyph Gumbo

    Visual arts and multimedia showcase: fine art (original portfolios to come, by Nico Vosloo et al.), links to audio recordings of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" and a rambling Acid test rap by Beat avatar Neal Cassady, and comics & comix.

  • Politix & Conspiracy Corner

    Meta-left/right wing commentary and links, and original essay "The Back of the Barn is Dripping Wet" by Daniel Calabrese.

  • Bridge to the Net

    Access to info tools and resources.

  • Coming soon:

    Eleusinian Mystery Tour: metaphysics, esoteric religions, and New Paradigm studies (and controversies!), and Soundz: music links & reviews

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    T. Steven Minton:
    Webmaster, Editor & Writer-at-Large

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    E-mail to: tsm64@hotmail.com

  • This site is winner of the Best Webzine award from poet Ernest Slyman, who wrote: "Terrific pages. Great design. Great contribution to the World Wide Web."

  • "I...enjoyed your poetry very much. You have clearly found your voice. Your use of imagery embodies the very essence of the thoughtful recognition of life's subtler essence." Gary Morelli

  • "Your perspective of the universe [in "Eni Lightbeam & The Emerald Host"] is as pure as a child's, yet the experience of adulthood has not failed to narrow this true vision, as experience tragically does with the vast majority of adults. The funnel vision from which most adults suffer makes their roots grow in the soil of society's teachings. Somehow your roots kept spreading beyond this soil, leading to the purest waters from which your extended roots could then drink. The pure waters that flowed within you grew branches that could stretch far into the sky where messages from the infinite heavens blessed your willingness to understand and appreciate wisdom." Barry Cheskin

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