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OCC: This is a invite only thread. I hope all enjoy. This thread will be at times rated pg-13 or higher so may not be good for all eyes. Thank you

In character

The mountains grew with the background as Donovan road his mount. A large onyx black heavy warhorse of great strength and stature. The days were short this time of the year; The Oak King came early as the holly King has fell. He continued to travel northward as the wind whipped through his long dark mane. He leaned back in the saddle his broad shoulders rolled to rid the stress of the days ride. It has been a long trip a quest he has found himself on. Isonia has brought many dreams to him of travel a great quest. So he travels but what he quests for is still not known, is it a person, place, item or a Beast. But his faith relies that Isonia will reveal this to him in time. The travel has been on going now these 6 days, ever more he travels to lands he has no knowledge of.

The mists hang low over this northern land the mountains raise high and steep. With great plain the sweep deeply to valleys covered with thick forest of trees that stand as wooden towers. Beasts of this land are different something about them that arenít right as all here carry a dark soul with in their hearts. But beauty bounds in this land from the snow crystalline roses to the tormrin a small kangaroo like creature with a long gated snout and the behavior of a chipmunk. The population of the Northlands is sparse for the harshness of the land is not for most. But the wonders of this land are apparent. But not much is known but that is the draw. Come now with us to these lands and the travels of a few. And what wonders they may see. And what delights they may experience.

Donovan finds his way along the old faded trail till he comes to a small stream. He looks about and sniffs the air; his keen ears listen closely to the surrounding nature for they are sentries to dangers. His muscular thighs flex tight; as he stands in the stirrup pulls his leg around and drops from the ornate leather saddle. His boots land smooth and sturdy to the ground a lil slow from the long ride. His hands slide over his muscular form smoothing his tense joints. Looks about, crouches to the edge of the water. He sifts his palm in to the water to drink from the waters. Stops quickly his ears listen the sounds have changed they have quieted. His fingers move to the strap snap that is across his broad chest. But holds wanting to see what is out there.


Sticks and Stones can break my bones but whips and chains excite me.

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Elise rode in the saddle, barely able to keep upright upon it. Her horse knew that something was wrong with her, and tried to pick the smoothest ground to walk over. Consciousness threatened to leave Elise altogether as she rode her horse, hoping to find her way to a village where she might seek medical help.

Several hours ago, Elise had been ambushed by a dark drow, taking an arrow in her shoulder. Knowing that she could not fight what she could not see, Elise had spurred her horse forward, running the poor animal until it was near exhaustion. The damage had been done however, and the poison-tipped arrow was lodged solidly in her left shoulder. She could almost feel the poison working its way through her body, and a fever raged within her that made her delerious at times.

Hearing the babbling of a small stream, Elise tried to guide her mount in that direction so they could both have a drink of the cool water. Using every ounce of her concentration to make it to the stream, Elise failed to notice the warrior that watched her as she slumped over the saddle...fighting to not succumb to the poison and the darkness.

As the horse stops before the stream, Elise slides slowly from the saddle. As he feet touch the ground however, her knees refused to support her and she fell to the ground, finally giving in to the poison that coursed through her....unaware of the warrior on the other side of the stream. Elise lay there unconscious, hovering perilously close to the fine line between life and death with nothing but her beloved horse for protection.

Looks can be deceiving....


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Donovan on guard as he kneeled near the stream. His eyes gaze apon the female his want was to go to her as she dropper to the ground. But he waited a few seconds the thoughts of being a trap or ambush race thru his mind. But he knew something had to be done. The spots of blood could be seen on her clothing. His axe in hand, he begins to wade thru the waters to the other side. His body moves slow watching the area as he nears the girl.
Her horse moves to block him from approaching any further. Donovan muscular form flexes tight as he pushes the horse back.

move you damn horse!

Thrusting the horse out of the way. He looks down at the female, his eyes falling over her taut form. He draws his eyes from her, taking a look around listening to the area; He crouches to her, setting his axe beside him. He slides his fingertips slowly move over her form. Seeing the spots of dried blood on her clothing, he tries to wake her, and looking for wounds.

M`Lady are you well? What has happen to you?

His fingertips work their way down her form checking her over, till his fingers hit a shaft at her shoulder. With out looking he knew what it was, his fingers pulled back feeling the wet and warm blood. He quickly grabs his water skin from his broad shoulder, setting it aside. He rolls her on to her back softly, a short arrow a crossbow bolt. Reaching to his boot he pulls a blade from his boot. Grasping her clothing he slices thru the material to the arrow, taking extreme care. He takes a second to look to her closed eyes a brief thought of what a beauty she is. Stops his thoughts quickly she will be a dead beauty if I can not help her. He finishes the cut of her blouse. He looks close to the arrow as he removes her blouse fully.
He eyes sink from her flesh. His fingers caressed her flesh; such soft skin he thought to himself. He reaches and grabs the waterskin pours the water over the wound to clean it so he can get a good look at the entry wound. He doesnít see a star pattern just a round puncture mark. Stands leaving her for a short time to go back to his horse and leads him across the stream closer to the female so he can retrieve items from the saddle bags quickly. Opens his bags and pulls some dressing material out and crouches to the female packs the material around the shaft, trying to stay the bleeding till he can pull the shaft. He knows she can't ride any further so he will have to do what he can. He stands and goes on the hunt for stones, kindling and firewood.

Finding a good supply of all he makes a circle with the stones for the fire, begins to build a fire quickly. As the fire burns strong he steps to the stream, slides a piece of cloth of the pot to filter the water. With the pot full he places it on the prepare surface to heat. He grabs his healing bag from the saddlebag. Everything prepared he looks over her and grabs his wineskin, as the water is heat. He looks to her, as he waits for the water to boil thoughts of her beauty seeps into his mind, His fingers slide over her as he caresses her bare breasts his fingers move along the outline of her nipple. A slight smile forms apon his lips. But snaps himself bad to reality, looks seeing the water is ready. Well now or never he thinks, pouring some wine onto the wound from the wineskin trying to sanitize the wound best he can. He grasps the shaft at the base getting a tight grip with skill and a slow movement he tugs at the arrow, but it is stuck in there. With a tight tug he keeps a steady pressure on the shaft, suddenly her flesh gives up the shaft, it pulls freely the rest of the way.

The arrowhead appears he is happy to see it is a round top arrowhead. The gush of blood escapes the wound; he places some wet clothes over the wound quickly to stop the flow of blood. Sets the shaft aside, he reaches for another wet cloth that he placed in the hot water, pats the wound cleaning it good trying to keep germs from getting in. Takes his dagger places the blade tip in the fire. He knows he has to close the wound and only knows one way to do it. As he waits for the blade to heat, he cleans the wound, then slides a wet cloth around her face. His hand trails slowly down her cheek, over her full lips, down her chin to her slender neck. His fingers move along her skin to her supple breasts. He grins always enjoys the sight he sees. The scent of heated metal grabs his attention; turnsí seeing the blade is ready. He turns and reaches for the handle and slides the blade from the fire. He knows this will hurt so her being unconscious is a good thing. He pulls the cloths on the wound and cleans it once more, he readies the blade over the wound, then presses to her flesh, he can feel the involuntary twitch of her body, and counting to 3 he pulls the blade away.

The smoke and smell of burnt flesh fills the area. He sets the blade down, reaches for the wineskin pouring a bit over the sealed wound. Then bandages her with some healing herbs, He puts things away grabs his bed roll and covers her up then slides a extra shirt under her head for a pillow. He steps back and hopes what he has done will help, the next thing will be food fresh food would be best. He places some more wood on the fire, then tends to both horses removing their saddles and getting them some feed and water. After all is done he gathers his long bow and axe steps in to the forest to hunt.


Sticks and stones can break my bones but whips and chains excite me.

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Lost within the darkness of unconsciousness, Elise has no idea that someone is working feverishly to save her. Now and then white-hot stabs of pain sink through to her and she gives a low moan in reply as the arrow is removed from her and the wound cleansed. Nor does she have any idea that the top half of her body is totally exposed to him....which is probably for the best.

As the handsome stranger presses the hot knife to her soft skin, to cauterize the wound and stop the bleeding, she jerks involuntarily...trying to escape the pain of the knife as a scream tears itself from her petal pink lips. When the knife is removed, Elise slumps back to the ground....silent and still unconscious.

As the stranger goes to hunt, the poison within Elise is still at work and she becomes dangerously feverish. Her sleep becomes disturbed and filled with visions of nightmares that make her mumble incoherently in her sleep as she tosses and turns...oblivious to the damage which she may be doing to her wound. As the fever rages within her, her body grows desperately hot to the touch, and her rantings increase but make no sense to any who would overhear.

The stranger finally returns from the hunt, and checks upon her with a frown, seeing the patch of red upon the bandages he placed upon her. Her tossing and turning has reopened the wound a bit. As his hand brushes against her skin, he mutters an oath as he feels the incredible amount of heat that she is producing. The fever must be broken soon, or she will die.

Looks can be deceiving....


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Donovan came back and was checking her; He was worried the fever was very high. He put the rabbit down, moves over to the fire and stokes it adding more wood, then sits the water on the fire so it will heat to a boil. Grabs his healing pouch opening it he pulled a brown tattered bound book, His fingers had a light touch as he flips through the book till he finds what he needs, a few minutes of reading his eyes gaze at the roots and herbs he will need to help her. He sits the book down and steps into the forest and begins his search hastily. After a while of searching He comes apon what he is looking for and heads back to the camp. He sits near the fire and prepares the medicine carefully, he looks over the stricken woman with great care lifting her head slowly to his lap, he cops her chin opening her mouth slightly pouring the medicine in making her swallow it down.

He sets down the small bowl of medicine, reaches for the towel and the water skin pouring the water over the towel wetting it good. Then caresses and wipes her forehead trying to cool her, he knows he has to break the fever. He reaches over and removes the bandage, seeing how bad she opened her wound. He doesnít want to burn the wound close again, he gets out the sewing threads out and mends her flesh close again hoping this time it will hold. After he is done me begins to dress the rabbit and put is on skewer over the fire. Moves back to her sliding his body next to hers caresses her supple skin lightly and with care, occasionally whipping her brow with cool water trying to cool her fever.


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Slowly the fever that raged within Elise ebbed and abated through the efforts that the stranger put forth on her behalf. Her skin cooled and the reddish color faded from her cheeks, as she began to rest normally. The poison had run it's course and she slept soundly, resting after the ordeal which had nearly cost her life.

Eventually, the smell of roasting rabbit made it through to her and her eyelids fluttered slowly open. It had been well over a day since she had eaten. Not knowing where she was or what had happened, she tried to sit up, but the stabbing pain in her shoulder quickly made her lie back down with a groan as she quickly closed her eyes against the tears which had arisen from the pain. Biting down hard upon her lip until the pangs of pain ebbed again, her eyes flew open as she heard a voice speaking to her from nearby. With a great effort she was able to speak through her parched lips, but it came out as little more than a ragged whisper.

Wh.....what happened? Where am I and who are you?

As Elise spoke she turned her head and found herself gazing upon one of the handsomest men she had ever layed eyes upon. Her blue eyes registered her surprise as she watched him and waited for his reply.

Looks can be deceiving....

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Donovan was stood reading near the fire, going over pages of the healing book, seeing if there was more he could do. He new time would tell, but her beauty drawn him in. It was like a sparkling web dripping with dew as the sun struck it, so beautiful it grabs you and ensnares you. He shook his head trying to clear his thoughts, he knew that she had to be a woman of high standards the fine dress she wore told him that. Such a Woman would see no pleasures of one such as he. But he was determined to help her, lost in his thoughts he didnít notice her stirring. He lowers the book turning his attentions to the young beauty; He hears the fear and worry in her shaken voice. He steps to her slowly crouching to one knee looking in to her eyes with great concern.

slowly, you have been through a lot.
He looks over her his voice low and reassuring, his muscular arms flex taut over his bronze skin as he adjusts his crouch. His voice calm he tries to calm her fears.

I am Donovan a traveler I found you here near the stream, you had been shot with an arrow bolt, from who I donít know. But I have been taking care of you.
How are you feeling? Seems your fever broke finally.

Donovan moved to the fire stocking it a lil, then moves the rabbit to warm. He looks back at her.

I hope youíre hungry. By the way what is your name?


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Elise's eyes could not keep from observing the stranger's muscles as they rippled beneath bronzed skin with each of his slightest movements. His voice was soft as he spoke to her and his eyes were full of concern for her welfare. Elise's heart jumped a bit as she saw the depth of tenderness which was displayed within his eyes, and her pulse began to leap within the vein at her throat.

As the fact that he had asked her something had dawned upon her, she swallowed hard and tried to think of what the question could have been. She had been so caught up within his eyes, she hadn't been paying attention to his words and in fact hadn't even realized that he had spoken, for a long moment. Praying she would not sound like a fool, she answered softly.

I....I feel rather like I have been trampled by a herd of wild mustangs. Thank you for tending to my wound Donovan...and forgive my rudeness. I am known as Elise.

And yes...I fear that I am quite famished though still very weak, I am afraid.....

Elise's words trailed off in a well of embarrassment as she realized that her top had been removed and she was bared to Donovan's gentle eyes. She quickly crossed her arms in front of her chest in effort to hide what he had obviously already seen far too much of for her comfort, and she looked away in mute embarrassment, a crimson blush rising to her cheeks. As she moved her wounded shoulder, she could not stop the grimace which flew across her face, and closed her eyes, hiding the tears of pain which had risen within them.

Looks can be deceiving....


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Donovan crouched at the firesí edge, pulling an etched blade from the leather sheath. As he slides the blade through the rabbit, the juices dripped into the flames making the fire pop sending some embers on to His shirt. Donovan stuck the knife into the rabbit quickly, as he jumped up quickly as the embers burned through the fabric into his bronze flesh. Quickly grasping his shirt, the buttons flew as he ripped it from his broad shoulders. His golden skin draw tight over his muscular form as he tosses the shirt to the ground quickly stomping the fires embers out. After his mind got his mind back to the here and now, a slight grin formed on his lips as he turned to look at Elise, almost forgetting her name she just told him.

Um sorry about that it was a lil hot. Good to finally know your name Elise.

Grins noticing her blush from her nakedness, He quickly looked around, stepping to his saddle bags he pulls out a tunic, quickly steps to her crouching beside her his eyes desperate to stay locked on her wonderful eyes. But her body more beauty than he has seen, and it has been so long since he has been with a woman. No matter how he fought they would drift on their own to her full breasts as they heaved with each breath. He slides the tunic over her torso. Almost by instinct he caresses her flesh lightly. All he felt was a softness and beauty that he would give anything to hold and be with.

Donovan snaps himself back in a frame of mind, finishes covering her body, his emerald eyes flows up her form to meet the gleam of her eyes. His grin brightens his mind starts to form coherent words.

Here you go Elise I know it isnít your fine silks but all I have right now. I meant neither insult nor dishonor by undressing you but only to treat your wound. But Elise I might say you are most beautiful. His grin grew apon his lips.


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Hearing a sudden rustling coming from the vicinty of saddlebags, she peeked and saw that he had pulled a tunic from his bags. He moved quickly towards her, and knelt down beside her. He kept his gaze locked on her eyes, until he assisted her in pulling the tunic on, to cover her nudity. When she couldn't see, for a moment, she felt his eyes heavy upon her firm full breasts. As the tunic slid over her upper torso, his fingers lightly brushed her skin and Elise could not stop the small gasp which escaped her lips as his fingers brushed against her skin and a jolt very much like that of lightning shot through her body at his touch.

Elise found herself captivated by the emerald eyes which gazed upon her and she sat as if hypnotized, unable to move until Donovan finally broke the spell, hurriedly pulling it down over her body and covering her from his gaze. His slow grin took her by surprise as it seemed to light the entire area up. And she heard him apologize for the poorness of the material. As he did so, she found herself returning his smile warmly.

Donovan then went on to explain that it had been necessary to remove her blouse in order to treat her wound and Elise nodded slowly. She was about to speak, to tell him that she understood, but then the next words he spoke took her by surprise again, as he told her that she was very beautiful. A hot blush crept up her cheeks and for a long moment she was totally speechless...unable to do anything else but gaze into those captivating emerald eyes of his. When she finally regained the ability to think once more, she quickly lowered her eyes and spoke in a voice that was little more than a whisper.

You.....you're very kind Donovan. I owe you many thanks for saving my life. I have no idea how I will ever be able to repay you for what you have done, but I assure you I will figure out a way somehow.

So tell me, what brought you to these parts Donovan? I was very lucky that you found me, but this is a dangerous area that nobody travels through unless they cannot avoid it. Are you on some sort of a journey or quest?

As Elise waited for Donovan's answer, she dared to lift her eyes once more, to gaze upon him. To her great relief, the spell between them seemed to have been broken.....for now. Her azure eyes watched him with a great deal of inquisitiveness within their sparkling depths, as she waited quietly.

Looks can be deceiving....


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Donovan turned his eyes away as she slipped the shirt on to her silken form, his eyes looked back just to catch a glimpse of the beauty he has enjoyed so much. As she finished she spoke to Donovan.
He turns to her hearing her words, a slight grin formed on his lips. [blue]

M`Lady there is no reason to repay me, I did what any man would have done. I am just glad I was here to help, But I am on a quest I have had these dreams of Isoniaís beckoning hand calling me to the north, I have no idea why. Maybe I was called here to help you?
Isonia will tell me when the time is right I am sure. But beyond that I come from the south lands some call us barbaric but we just like to keep to ourselves.

Donovan looks into the fire trying to focus on something, to keep from staring at her, her beauty and softness is so foreign where he comes from, But he wants to know of her was it her Isonia. His eyes slowly shifted back to her form taking in all of her curved form. His eyes slowly flowed down from her eyes to her slender neck, down her supple chest He felt the heat with his body rise, as his eyes fell lower on her body He stood wiping his wet palms on his leather brown pants. His gaze moved from her curves back to her eyes. A slightly crackled but deep voice.

Elise where are you from? And I havenít asked but how did you come to have a arrow in you?

He asked his questions to move along the conversation but talking was not on his mind. But the look of the woman and her beauty has caught him awkward.


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Elise heard Donovan begin to speak again, this time in a thoughtful voice. He told her most gallantly that there was no need to repay him, and as she heard this, her eyes took on a new, stubborn light. However, she remained silent until he had finished speaking. As he stopped speaking for a moment, he seemed almost pensive as he gazed at the fire, as if there was something on his mind. When he began speaking again, Elise sensed his words did not match the pensive air about him...but were instead an effort to hide that which was truly bothering him. Her voice was a little stronger as she began to speak to him, her azure eyes focused upon him to relate the sincerity of her words as she spoke.

Donovan, where I come from, it is customary to repay a person who has saved their life. To not allow me to do so would be considered an insult. You see, I am not from around here either, and though my ways may seem strangely foreign to many, they are the ways of my people and they are a part of who I am.

As to where I am from, I am from a place very very far from here, across the great wide ocean. I was on a ship, sailing for Carafax when we were taken by surprise by a freak storm. The ship sailed into a reef, and foundered badly. There was a huge gaping hole in it's hull, but we all managed to make it to safety before it sunk. However, there were no other ships headed towards Carafax to be found. Someone told me that if I could make it to the seaport of Karpathia, I might be able to find passage upon one of the ships heading that way. That is where I was headed when I ran into a band of dark drow in the forest. They demanded a toll from me for passing through their forest and when I refused to pay it, they came after me. One of them got off a lucky shot with his bow, before I was able to get away.

I fear that even now they may still be tracking me. So we should get moving as soon as we can. As to the question of my payment to you....you said that you were on a quest. I will join you upon your quest, in repayment for your having saved my life. It is the very least I can do. As soon as I have healed a bit more, I can help you with the hunting, and you will find that I am skilled with the sword you see there upon my horse. Thank the gods that the arrow found my left shoulder instead of my right....or it might have affected my swordsmanship.


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Donovan eyes still looked over her form as she spoke to him of her travels. But his attention was grabbed when he heard the word dark drow. He has heard of them but never saw one always thought they were just another boogieman story the old women would make up to scare the young ones into behaving. He thought as she said they may be after her even now, robbers usually donít do that unless it is for something valuable. He maybe this is why Isonia brought me here and now to help her or expose her. He thought to himself that he should stay close to her tell he knows more and her beauty makes it easy to stay close to her.

Donovan moved to where his axe and bow grabs them up before he sits close to her, he eyes flashes over her soft curves. He grined to her, the instinct of a young man started to take over. Over taking his shyness, He inquired about her story as he watch ever soft movement of those wet glistening lips, and the way her curls moved in the breeze. The way the V of the shirt trailed close to her breast outlining them clearly. His words were genuine interests but his eyes were interested in something else and it was her mind. The hunger with in his green eyes was clear to see. But he labored through his words best he could.

Well it is lucky you survived the ship wreck that is lucky in itís self. Isonia was with you at that time.

Dark drow? I though they myth, hmmm. Well M`lady I well defend you if they wish to come and follow, I didnít put all that effort into healing you to let some dark ones take you. Any way my eyes have become very hungry, ~grins~ um I mean liking to look at you. I should say seeing you.

Donovan made the lil slip but it was not by accident, he was doing his best to attract her attentions but he has lived in the woods in a small village, he was kept to busy for such things and know woman peeked his interest. But He was hunting now but it was for tender smooth flesh to touch.


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Don't ask...rofl

Test my patience....
Taste my magic.

For the honor and glory of Isonia

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Elise saw Donovan move to get his axe and his bow as she spoke quietly to him. When he sat back down near her, and kept the weapons close at hand, she knew before he spoke what his intention was....to protect her. Until now, Donovan had been unfailingly polite to her and she had begun to feel more at ease with him. After all, had he wished her harm, he certainly would not have gone to the trouble of healing her.

However, as time passed, she became acutely aware that his attention seemed to focus increasingly more upon her body, than what she was saying. This made Elise more than a little nervous. She had never been with a man before and she found herself wondering what, if anything, besides healing he had done to her whilst she was unconscious? Elise began to chew upon her lower lip without even realizing it as her thoughts seemed to travel in circles. She had been topless when she had woken up, but to her knowledge, nothing had been done to the clothing below her waist...or had it? And wouldn't she have known it if he had ravished her? Wouldn't she feel something that would tell her she was no longer virginal?

As Elise heard him say something about his eyes having become hungry, she gave a small gasp of alarm and looked at him with wide eyes, full of fear. She tried to scramble backwards on the ground to put more distance between them, but she moved her wounded shoulder wrong and when the waves of pain washed over her, she could not hold back the small cry of pain that flew from her soft pink lips. She raised her other hand to her hurt shoulder and blinked rapidly against the tears of pain that had risen within her eyes.

Alarmed at the things that he sensed from his mistress, her beloved horse came trotting over to her, placing himself between Elise and Donovan. The horse gave Donovan a warning look, and then lowered its head towards Elise, nuzzling her cheek with its soft velvety nose as it whickered softly to her. Fearful of what would happen to the horse if he angered Donovan, Elise spoke softly to it, through teeth gritted with pain until the nauseating waves began to abate. When she was finally able to think and to move again, she drew herself painfully to a sitting position, and then slowly rose to her feet, taking the horse's reigns in her hand and drawing it to a tree which was near the stream. She tied the reigns loosely to the tree and told him to rest, before slowly making her way back towards Donovan, wondering what he would do if he pressed his interest in her. She sat slowly down, this time placing the fire between her and Donovan as she looked at him warily. Finally, realizing that there was an uncomfortable silence betwen them, she spoke.

You must forgive him. I have had him since he was a colt, and he is very protective of me. I guess you could say that the two of us grew up together.....

Elise's voice trailed off as she realized how foolish she sounded and she found herself becoming lost in the hypnotizing flickering of the flames before her.

Looks can be deceiving....


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Donovan watched the horse, he knew the horse sensed his hunger of his mistress. He watched the devotion of the horse his eyes glanced to Elise as she took care of her horse, he saw in her eyes the same care as the horse. He relaxed his gaze and saw Elise in a light he hadnít fully seen her in. A woman of more than beauty but much more, he saw courage, love and a zest for life. He looked at her and it hit him like a bolt of lightening. He wanted Elise to look at him with that look. He wanted to see her gaze of devotion as she looked in to his eyes.

Donovan watched her as she tied the horse and moved to the other side of the fire. He looked concerned of the bearer she had placed between them, and the way she spoke to him.

There is nothing to forgive M`Lady you are indeed lucky to have such a devoted companion, you care for him deeply.

Donovan looked apon her with wanting eyes, he still lusted for her but he also felt something for her. Sad it took a horse to show him what was staring him in his face, he thought to himself. He stood stepping around the fire sat down next to her.
I hope you donít mind if I sit her? The smoke was getting in my eyes over there.
There is a chill on the air, would you care for a blanket?

He had a grin on his face for just being near her; he could smell her essence it filled his senses. A grin came over his lips as he waited her answer.


Sticks and Stones can break your bones but Whips and Chains Excite Me.

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Elise watched warily as Donovan moved around the fire to seat himself next to her, as if unwilling to allow such a great distance to lie between them. As he did so, he spoke softly to her, and that served to make her feel a little more at ease....especially when he turned the conversation towards a safer direction. As he politely inquired of her whether or not she would like a blanket, Elise thought for a moment.

He still gazed at her with a look that made her feel as if he could see right through her clothing, and the idea of an extra layer of protection was an appealing one, so she nodded her head slowly, smiling at him shyly through her long, dark lashes. Her voice was soft and unsure as she spoke.

Thank you Donovan....a blanket would be nice, indeed. There is one in my saddle bags if you don't have a spare. Does it always get so cold here at night, or is my fever returning?

Elise shivered a bit, almost as if to emphasize her statement. She watched covertly as Donovan rose to fetch her a blanket, and she found herself jumping slightly as he returned and gently layed it around her shoulders. He was so close to her that she could hear his breathing and swore she could almost hear the beating of his heart...or wait, was that her own which was pounding so fiercely? Elise murmured her thanks to Donovan and pulled the blanket snugly around her shoulders...quite forgetting the concealment of her bare legs which peeked out from the bottom edge of the blanket.

Looks can be deceiving....


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Donovanís hands felt the shiver of her form as he covered her shivering body with the blanket. His lips so close to her ear that his warmth breath brushed her ear as he spoke.

I will be fine Elise I donít believe your fever returns just been a long day for you Elise. But I could see the chill set in on such soft and supple flesh as yours.

As he spoke his hands drifted along her body he noticed how his palms raised and lowed with each of her curves. His hands tucked the covers in to warm her, each fingertip felt the heat with out touching the suppleness of her flesh but the fire was flowing through the blanket. His green eyes turn to her and grin formed to his lips as he caught the sparkle and innocence of her eyes. Drawing back pulling his fingers from her his muscular forms ripples tensing as he releases the hunger he feels as a Man. With out knowing he let known his hunger, Though his honor and actions try to hide it as much as possible. But her beauty the picture of his fingers caressing her breasts as he cleaned her wound. He stepped away quickly. Taking some breaths one deeper than the other.

Donovan turns quickly to look at her his breath hot and strained, Speaking his words hesitate like he was fighting what to say for a brief moment.

E-Elise I shall return I need to bathe.

With his quick words he turns and steps off toward the reeds. In his frustrations he begins to strip before he is fully out of view, throwing his shirt off revealing a muscular but also scared back with long lash stripes across his back. Disappearing into to the reads only to hear a splash of water moments later.


Sticks and Stones may break my Bones but Whips and Chains Excite Me.


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Elise listened as Donovan spoke to her and she could not help but be slightly startled again, and yet somehow excited at the same time as she heard him describe her skin as soft and supple. She watched breathlessly as his hands seemed to linger over her body through the blanket and she swore she could feel the heat emanating from his body. The air between them fairly cracked with the electricity of desire.

Then, suddenly Donovan stepped back and Elise became conscious of the raggedness of his breathing and how it was labored and heavy. As she watched him with widely innocent blue eyes, she saw what seemed to be an internal battle being waged within him and was highly confused by it. She could not deny that she felt so very odd when things were like this between them, but she had yet to decide if it was a good odd or a bad odd....and so until she did....it was just....odd.

She heard him finally manage to say that he would be back shortly....that he was going to take a bath. Elise blinked in confusion at this sudden news, but simply nodded her head slowly in acceptance of what he had said and her eyes watched him as he began to move away.

She watched as he removed his shirt before he was totally hidden by the reeds and what she saw made her draw her breath in, in admiration, but in surprise as well, as her eyes skimmed over the old lash marks he bore upon his back. She mused briefly, wondering how he had gotten them....and then he was lost to her eyes, completely hidden by the reeds. Soon enough, she heard a brief splash as he entered the water.

Turning her gaze back towards the fire, she sighed softly. Donovan had managed to confuse her more readily than any man she had ever known before. Never had she felt such feelings or been drawn so much to anyone. It was somehow exciting and disconcerting at the same time. Elise wondered what she should do. She had a feeling that sooner or later things were going to come to a head with Donovan...and she wasn't quite sure how she felt about that. She knew that he desired her, and she began to think that he must not have done any more than tend her wound while she was unconscious. Certainly if he had taken her....he would not be fighting his desire so hard now, would he? Elise thought not.

Slowly Elise's treacherous mind drifted back towards memories of the sight of his strong, lean back when she had seen it briefly before he had vanished from her sight. She had longed to run her fingers lightly over his flesh....tracing along his scars with a touch as light as a feather. She wondered what it would feel like to touch his bare skin. Then, with a small groan, Elise tried to force her thoughts away from such tempting thoughts and visions....however the splashing she heard from him in the water only served to heighten her curiousity. Finally, drawing in a shaky breath, Elise slowly rose from her place by the fire and dropped the banket upon the ground. Careful to stay out of the firelight, she moved in the shadows silently as she could, until she was hidden along the river bank and the sight of Donovan's flesh was visible to her questing eyes.

She didn't know what she thought she would see...but surely it was not the sight with which she was greeted. As she gazed at him beneath the light of the half moon, he seemed to be bathed all in silver. The water clung to his skin in wet silver droplets and he seemed to be like some god come down to earth, instead of the man who had saved her life. Elise took a single step forward, her eyes riveted upon the sight before her and she forgot to watch where she was stepping. The dry crackling sound of a reed breaking beneath her foot suddenly made her heart leap up into her throat as Donovan seemed to hear the noise and look directly towards the spot where she had hidden herself from view. She waited until he had finally removed his eys from the spot where she hid, before finally allowing herself to move again. And then, she crept as quickly as possible back to the camp and flung herself back down in front of the fire, hugging the blanket to herself as she tried to slow her pounding heart. Hearing the sounds of Donovan returning from his bath, she quickly closed her eyes and tried her very best to feign sleep. She concentrated upon her breathing until it was slow and even, relying upon the almost meditative abilities of hers to do so. And then, before she knew it, she had really put herself to sleep. She was breathing deeply and regularly by the time that Donovan had come back to the fire. It was the sleep of the exhausted...deep and dreamless.

Looks can be deceiving....

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Donovan stepped from his bath his thoughts flushed from his mind by the soothing waters. But there was still a grin to his soul; he knew that more than the animals of the forest were watching. But that didnít not offend him but bolstered his ego. His eyes fell apon her sleeping form as he stepped closer. His legs came to a stop, his eyes trailed her form as she slept. Her beauty more powerful in the moon light. How could such a tender creature burn his soul so? He wanted to lay with her, take her in his arms as he has seen men of war do. But she was different to him not a woman to be taken as spoils of war or to bed for a night. He wanted more from her, How he knew this He hasnít a clue. Thoughts filled his head as he watched her. Is this love I feel for this one? He thought deeply. His thought moved from one extreme to the other, cursing himself for being a old man soft to just take her and be done with it. Other thoughts speaking to him of love and cherished moments. He acted a fool for starring at her like this as if he was a boy of dust again.

Donovan stared at her his eyes telling the story of his deep passions ragging inside. He didnít notice her turning in her sleep catching a glimpse of his eyes gazing at her in turmoil and care. Only a small towel covered his glistening bronze form, each breath his thick chest flexes to a ripple of his muscular form. Donovan started knowing he looked like a fool a stalker as he sees her waken eyes glimpsing at him. But he watched her he watched her eyes widened to where once again he saw the moon glow with her gaze.
Stepping back he turned his towel almost falling from around the tight skin of his muscular thighs. Catching it quickly he quickly blurts
a sorry to have waken you.

He goes back to laying his clothing near the fire to dry.

Sticks and Stones will Break my Bones But Whips and Chains Excite me.


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