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Video Exclusive
The Boys Check-In
Dates For Your Diary
The Popstars: The Rivals tour dates have been announced!
Boys Have It Covered
Take a look at the boys on the cover of their new single.
Evictee Farewell Chat
Chat live to the girl voted out this week - Monday @ 5.30pm
Win Studio Tickets!
See the girls and boys singles revealed live.
GR8 TXT Gossip
Send GOSSIP ON to 83049 for all the latest Popstars gossip.
Adopt a Pet Rival
Perk up your phone with a pop pet of your very own to love and care for.
Send GR8 audio MSGs
Send your fave moment of the show to a mate by text!
Get Stage Fright
Reach the stage before the bouncers to win great prizes.
Latest ringtones
Loved the boys' songs? Get them downloaded to your phone.
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