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Producing quality web graphics is usually a complex and skilled task requiring both artistic skills and technical knowledge. Not anymore. With the help of our Web Graphics Collection you can create top quality, professional, personalized graphics that give visitors to your website a great impression.

The Xara Module system enables anyone to create customized graphics, animated text and photos, even top designer-quality button bars - all in your colors, and with your own wording. Do all this with no programming, no complex Java or CGI scripts.

You can now produce web graphics in seconds with just one line of HTML to insert. Xara Modules are web page add-ons that you configure online.

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Photo Effects Module
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Spinning Text Module
Graphic Button Module

This collection contains over 20 different Xara Graphics Modules allowing you to create great looking web pages.

Includes: Button Bar, Heading, Banner Ad, Button, Spinning Text, Bullet, Divider, SmartPhoto, Slide Show, Cross Fade, Book Flip, Snow, Spectrum, Droplets, Magnifying Lens, Shake & Shimmer, Rippling reflection, Message Scroller, Horizontal Marquee, Sliding Messages , Speedy Messages, Typewriter Text, Message Presenter, 30MB Storage

Each of the Modules in the Graphics and Effects Collection can be purchased individually with prices starting from just $1 per month. Create an account by clicking on the Try now button and use the "Buy" button in your Module store to subscribe.

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The following Graphics Module is also available to buy individually:

The unique SmartText module brings the ability to update the content of your, or other's websites, without using a web authoring tool or touching your HTML. More Info

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In addition to the range of Graphics Modules that are available we also offer Data Manager Modules. These are the quickest and easiest way to create customized databases for your website.

The four Modules that form the Data Manager collection allow you to create complex forms for your website, to store data collected in an online database, to search and manage that database and to send emails.

Includes: Database, Database Query, Mailer and Form Modules (Database and Database Query cannot be purchased separately)

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Made from different Graphics Modules and Button Bar Module
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