Who In The World Would Have Guessed There Is A Furniture Store From Hell? Well There Is And It's,

EVERYTHING That You Will Read And See On This Site Is TRUE And We Have Experienced FIRST HAND, None Is Hear-Say, All Images Were Taken By Us, Of Our New Furniture We Purchased At Kanes-Furniture.

Welcome To Our Nightmare, All I Wanted Was A Nice Living Room Set, We Had Just Purchased Our Home And We Were Anxious To Get A New Living Room Set, I Decided To Go To Kane's Furniture. My Buying Experience At Kanes-Furniture In Tampa Was Nice Of Course They Were Getting My Money I Spent Over $2,000.00 For My New Purchase. I Waited In Anticipation Friday November 3rd @ Approximately 11 AM.

Well Problems Started From The Minute The Kanes-Furniture Delivery Truck And Delivery Men That Represent Kanes-Furniture Pulled Up To The House, My Wife Asked If They Would Like Her To Move Her Car So They Could Get To The Front Door A Little Closer, Then The Kanes-Furniture Delivery Mans Response Was And I Am Quoting Him Word For Word "No We Can Unload Your Shit From Here"! My Shit? Was He Referring To The Over $2000.00 Worth Of New Furniture I Had Just Bought From Kanes-Furniture? I Guess He New Something I Didn't At The Time And He Was Just Being Honest. When I Went To Set Up My Living Room Today (Sunday Less Than 48 Hours Later) I Unwrapped The Sofa First To Find The Pillows Soiled And The Cushions Dirty.

Pictures Don't Lie See For Your Self!

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My Wife Called The Store Immediately And Talked To A Woman Named Betty And Said 'Will See What We Can Do And Call You Back" My Wife Then Unwrapped The Ottoman And Found The Leg Severely Splintered And The Legs On The Love Seat Damaged. My Wife Called Me Crying And I Called Kanes-Furniture And Spoke With The Kanes Store MANAGER Jim Shelby. He Said Sorry All Sales Are Final. I Said I'm Having 7 Of My Relatives Over From Out Of State To Stay For A Week And See The New House And Visit Busch Gardens And Disney Etc..All Of Them Arriving Wends. In 3 Days! We Have Not Even Sat On Any Of It Yet! And He Said Oh Well, Its Yours Now! This Is A Manager At Kanes-Furniture Store Telling Me I'M STUCK WITH IT! Not Even Being Sympathetic Or Apologetic! I Hope Kanes-Furniture Does Not Treat All Seniors Citizens Like This. I Explained To Him That It Was Just Delivered FRIDAY The 3rd. Today Now Being Sunday The 5th I Thought You Had A 72 Hour Return Policy, At This Point It Had Been Only 48 Hours. What Happened To The 72 Hour Return Policy That's What It Said On The Receipt I Signed When I Received The Furniture At My Home On The 3rd, Today Is The 5th? What Happened To The Warranty For One Year?

This Is Kanes-Furniture Idea Of Customer Service? You Know I Didn't Even Get An Apology Or Was Even Talked To In A Nice Way By Kanes Store Manager Jim Shelby All I Got Was Called A Liar And " Oh Well Your Stuck With It" And Hung Up On. I Am So Disgusted And Disappointed In Kane's-Furniture, I Welcome Any Other Disappointed And Ripped-Off Customers To Share Their Horror Stories.

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I Did Not Want My Money Back All I Wanted At That Point Was A Replacement For All The Damage Furniture Kanes-Furniture Had Just Delivered. It Looked & Smelled Like It Had Been In A Break Room In The Back Of There Ware House For A Few Years With All There Foul Mouth Employees Sleeping, Sitting On It & Smoking And Spilling Liquid Of Some Kind All Over It.

I Could Have Bought Better Furniture At The Flea Market And A Lot Cheaper!

I Am A Reasonable Man, But When The Kanes-Furniture Store Manager Jim Shelby Said For The 10th Time That I Was Wasting My Breath And It Was Mine And I Was Stuck With It He Hung Up On Me, Well, I'm A Business Man My Self And If I Treated My Customers Like The Way Store Manager Jim Shelby At Kanes-Furniture Treated Me And My Wife I Would Be Out Of Business Along Time Ago, I Don't Know How Kanes-Furniture Have Been In Business Since 1948 With Rude Foul Mouth Employees Like Him And His Delivery Drivers Working There, How He Is On The Payroll Is Beyond Me. I Also Mentioned To The Woman That Answered The Phone At The Tampa Kanes-Furniture Store (Said Her Name Was Betty) About The Foul Mouth Delivery Driver And She Said, Quote Again " I Know, We Have Gotten A Lot Of Complaints About Them". When I Told The Kanes Store Manager Jim Shelby About It He Said He Did Not Believe Me And That Was Just Hear Say, Before I Could Tell Him By What His Own Employee (Betty) Said, Its Not Hear Say, He Hung Up On Me Again. But Before He Hung Up He Said Its Not All His Fault That I Damaged All My New Furniture In Less Than 48 Hours. Look At The Pictures, This Is A Brand New House And A Lot Of The Furniture Is Still All Wrapped Up From When It Was Delivered From There Foul Mouth Driver. Can You Believe That, He Accused Me Of Damaging The Furniture That I Just Paid Them Over $2,000.00 For Less 48 Hours Ago, That I Was Putting In My New Home. Because Of What Kanes Store Manager Jim Shelby Repeatedly Said ('I'm Stuck With It' & 'Oh Well' & That's To Bad') I'm Going To Take Other Measures To Try To Make This Wrong, Right. You Would Think If Kanes-Furniture Is Going To Make A Business Out Of Ripping People Off They Would Buy Up All The Domain Names That Had The Word Kanes In Them?

You People Can Thank Tampa Kanes-Furniture Store Manager Jim Shelby For Taking Me And My Wife To That Big Cliff And Pushing Us Over The Edge. This Man DID NOT Even Try To Work With Us, And Just Said, 'Oh Well' & 'Your Stuck With It' & 'That's To Bad'!

You Know, If You Have Thousands Of Dollars To Flush Down The Toilet And Enjoy Being Treated Very Poorly While Spending Your Hard Earned Money, Well, Look No Further, Kanes-Furniture Is For You.

I Have Ordered Software ( Submit Wolf ) That Will List This Domain Name (www.kanes-furniture.net) In 3045 Different Search Engines ( Yahoo, AltaVista, AOL, Hotbot, Snap, Infoseek, Lycos, etc...) That Will Guarantee Me Listing In One Of The First 3 Pages Of All 3045 Search Engines I Submit To, Using The Key Words & Meta Tags: Kanes, Furniture, Remodeling, Couch, Love Seat, Dining Room Etc...I Also Ordered Mass Direct E-Mail Delivery Software, ( Millions CD Vol. # 11 ) That Will Send This Domain Name www.kanes-furniture.net Out To Over 10 Million Computer Users On Line That Have E-mail. I Also Plan To List This Domain Name (www.kanes-furniture.net) In The Tampa Tribune & St. Pete Times Under Furniture For Sale, Reading Something Like This: Affordable New Furniture Only At www.kanes-furniture.net, I Think No One Should Ever Have To Go Through This Kind Of Shit, I Want The Whole World To Know About The Nightmare My Wife And I Have Just Lived Out At Your Store. Life Is Just To Short For All Of This Trouble. It Won't Be Long Until Newschannel 8 "On Your Side" Will Be Here For An Interview.

Again, Thank Your District Manager Jim Shelby At Your Kanes-Furniture Tampa Store For Making All Of This Possible, With Out His Foul Mouth Employees And Rude Attitude And Ripping My Wife And I Off, There Would Not Ever Be A www.kanes-furniture.net . There Is A Way To Correct This Serious Problem And How I And My Wife Was So Poorly Treated And Ripped-Off By Your District Manager Jim Shelby.

Looks Like Kanes-Furniture Is Having A Big Sale On High Quality Furnishings!


It Says No Furniture In Dumpster, If You Buy From Kanes-Furniture, That's The Only Place To Put It!

To This Date, No Apology From The Store Manager, No Replacement, No Nothing, Zip.

You Could Be Next, There Are Better Places To Shop For New Furniture Where You Will Not Get Ripped Off. Here Are A Few:

 www.scandesign.com  www.lazyboy.com  www.roomstogo.com  www.ethanallen.com

Before You Even Think About Shopping At A Kanes-Furniture Or A Savon Furniture Store, Do Yourself A Huge Favor, Take The Time To Read All The The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Reports Listed Below. You Will Be Glad You Did! And Spread The Word!

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Both Tampa Stores Look Like A Bad Place To Shop! I Know One Of Them Is Personally!

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And Wait, If You Think You Are Safe Shopping At The St. Petersburg Store Think Again!

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Steer Clear Of The Kane's Furniture 21590 US Highway 19 N Clearwater They Are The Same!

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Steer Clear Of The Kane's Store At 5902 US Highway 19 New Port Richey They Are The Same!

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More Of The Same Junk Furniture/Service At The Kane's Store At 5700 70th Ave Pinellas Park!

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Dont Think For One Second That Savon Furniture Stores Owned By Kanes-Furniture Are Any Better!

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Here Is Another Savon/Kanes-Furniture That Seems To Be Trying To Out Do The Other Stores!

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Here Is Another One, And The List Goes On... And On...And On....And On.....And On......And On!

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I Think Your Starting To Get THE BIG PICTURE NOW, Well, I Want To Be Fair. Sorry, I'm Not Going To Play Favorites, In MY OPINION, And I Can Also Say I Speak For Over 100 Others Consumers (To Read The 100s Of Horror Stories I Have Received From Other Consumers Click Here)That Have Shopped At Kane-Furniture And Have Emailed Me There Furniture Buying Horror Stories, Its Safe To Say:


After Reading All 9 Reports (Thats All I Could Take) It Almost Looks Like You Guys Are Competing To See Who Could Be The Worst At What You Do! Could That Be Possible? Read All 9 And You Be The Judge!

I Would Also Like To Add, EVERY KANES/SAVON FURNITURE That I Did A Search On With The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Came Back Saying The Same Exact Thing:

Customer Experience:

Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to unanswered complaint(s).

The Bureau has received a pattern of complaints concerning receipt of defective furniture, poor customer service, specifically, failure to return customer telephone calls and delays in receiving replacement of the furniture.

So In My Opinion Based On What The The Better Business Bureau Reports Say, What Ever You Do, Don't Buy A Thing From Any Of These Stores Listed Here: Click Here!

   Sometimes The Truth Hurts  

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        I Have Been Receiving Alot Of E-mail From Brown Nosing Employees Of Kanes-Furniture Looking To Score Brownie Points At The Junk Yard, Please, I'm Not Going To Post Any Of Your One Sided Emails, There Is NO EXCUSE For The Way We Were Treated! So If You Would, Turn To Another Way Of Trying To Make Yourself Look Good...Thanks.      

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