Important Announcement!
5k Authorities to turn the 5k over to "The People"

This is something that we should have done a long time ago. But hey, at least we are doing it now.

Since we have never had sufficient time to devote to the 5k, it has been existing for a long time with too much potential. And potential is a bad thing which should be eliminated, through the actualization of all the good possibilities.

For more information, browse the 5k yahoo group.

And, if you are interested in the latest reason we don't have enough time to 5k-ate, then have a look at the greatest game the web will ever see: The Game Neverending!

* * *

And now back your regular programming ...

For Your Pleasure: The 2002 Anything Goes Winners

(Not that the public ratings and the complete list of entries weren't capable of pleasuring you as well.)


* * *

Yes, yes, the competition stopped taking new entries on June 6th, and the 366 entries in the 2002 5k "Anything Goes" competition are now public (there were about 500 entries in all, but we have removed the duplicates, broken links and over-the-limit entries).


Please take the time to rate the entries: collaborative filtering is what [it]'s all about. And ask questions (each entry has a discussion thread attached to it). And, if you particularly like something, let the creator know! They love to hear it.

* * *

The 5k recognizes the roles that constraints play in creativity and discipline in craftsmanship. Please make beautiful things!

The 2002 "Anything Goes" Winners!

All the Entries

Editor's Picks

2002 Call for Entries

2002 FAQ

2002 Judges


Saturday, September 28

:: People ask: "Hey! You dolts! When is the next 5k going to run!?" Well, here is a thing: you tell us! After 2-1/2 years of intense soul searching, extreme meditation and other related hippy things, we have decided to do what we should have done 2-1/4 years ago: make the 5k a real .org! Details will be provided very shortly and an email announcement will be sent to all site members.

If you want to provide your services (coding, design, organization, translation, moderation, etc.) or resources (servers, bandwidth, etc.) then what you need to do is join the 5k yahoo group where, hopefully, a new 5k order will spontaneously emerge. We hope that some good arrangement will spontaneously arise, but the 5k Authorities will select what they consider the best proposal if there are competing but incompatible ideas.

Wednesday, August 7

:: The winners have been announced. (Look over that a way <-- ).
:: By about 8:42pm Pacific Time (GMT-8) the winners will be announced.

Wednesday, July 24

:: ... but we never thought it would take this long. We are still waiting on two of the judges, both of whom have been made to feel very guilty and should deliver in a day or two. Neither of the two was Susan Kare, who should win an award for best judge because she was the fastest. So go and buy some fonts designed by Susan Kare!
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