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Welcome to the Networking Newsletter
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The Networking Newsletter Project puts those interested in a better, fairer, greener world in touch with each other. This is achieved via this web site (updated at least twice a week) and a bi-monthly printed newsletter, which cover campaigns, news and forthcoming events for human rights, animal rights, the environment, development and peace issues. Free web pages are available to member groups, and the Project also provides training and support in all aspects of campaigning successfully.

Please follow the links above to news and dates about all of the Greater Manchester's campaigns. The key areas (latest newsletter, campaign dates, contacts and resources) are explained fully below. Latest news can always be found in the STOP PRESS section and some actions you can take now in our concise (but growing!) online activism section.

You join the Networking Newsletter's mini emailing list (about 2 emails per month) updating you on local campaigns, request a free web page or give (constructive!) feedback, by completing a simple form or sending an email. You can also submit your events online. And of course, we encourage you to subscribe if you like what you see!

Networking Newsletter

Issue #44, covering November and December, has the latest news from campaigns from all over Greater Manchester. Late, breaking news can be found in the STOP PRESS section.

Also check out the report of the Network for Success event held on Saturday 26 January. Previous newsletters are also available.

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Check out the up-to-date comprehensive list of campaigning organisations in and around Manchester, or national groups including other online Networking Newsletter-type sites and useful contacts in general.

We also have a regularly updated list of prisoners who'd appreciate you dropping them a line.



A comprehensive list of who to contact when you need practical help, advice or materials, some training or just somebody to discuss your latest campaign tactics.

We've also started a page of links to online activism - please let us know of your additions.

And of course, there's the list of what to boycott!



And don't forget the people in court and prison

Network for Success

Saturday 26 January 2002
2pm, Friends Meeting House

The day was an astounding success with 42 groups holding stalls and over 60 people popping in to see what Manchester's social justice campaigners are up to. There was lots of networking and new links forged between groups. The evaluation forms were united in their response - "well done, an excellent day, looking forward to more".

The report of the day includes profiles of the groups, photographs of the day and a round of the latest news.


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So, what is the "Networking Newsletter"?

The Networking Newsletter is part of the "Networking Newsletter Project" which puts people in Manchester working on issues of peace, environment, development, animal rights and human rights in touch with each other. The project also helps develop networks and skills for more effective campaigning.

The main elements to the project are:

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