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New Game In Development
This is a new game I've been working on for a while. I haven't come up with name yet or even a story, but I hope I will get some time to work on it and Alien - Bean Invasion on the Christmas Holidays.

I am currently making some more midis for The Spirit Engine and so far it's going very well, both mark and I are happy with the results.

More news coming soon!
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New Mini GNG Screens
Hey hey kids! Muahahahahaha.
Been awhile since I posted some news on here =D. I present to ya'll today two fresh screenies from Mini GNG. Whilst they are still form the source level, they do show a few added features.

In both shots, you should notice a lil guy with long ears following Godo. For those who paid attention to any and all previous posts concerning GNG, you should know this lil guy is Mogwa. The pics also show a new ability I added. Godo is now able to climb ladders and scale trees making for some interesting gameplay. Also present is a new enemy (One for all you monkey lovers). Another new addition, not shown in the screenshots, are smaller trees that can be chopped down and made into bridges. Things yet to be added are Mogwa's ability to swim and a few more enemies. Level building will commence soon. Once the first level is done, a demo will be uploaded ;)

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TSE Preview
Andi has written up a neat (and rather flattering ;) ) preview of The Spirit Engine on Planet Klik which you can read by clicking here. It goes into better detail about many parts of the game and there are four new screenshots up (five if you count the menu screen :) )

The info is either squeezed out of me by Andi, or comes from playing the slightly old Natomic Beta.
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Battlements Again!!
Just a quick post to say the new 'Cyndari Prime' skin is complete on the Battlements website so check it out. One more skin remains to be done for the main 3 character types.
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Battlements Update
Solid and I have been working loads on Battlements. The new skin for the 'Tribunal Pact' character is finished so head on over to the Battlements site now.

I've started work on the next skin now... so stay tuned for more Battlements updates.
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Something Big has landed...
You may have seen the 'Something Big' ads around the site... well, the something big was my new community site, Planet Klik - so go check it out.

Also, this week, I released my first shot of 'My Beautiful House'. Check it:

Okay, that's all from me at the moment, but hopefully some inspiration to do a news post will hit Yoshi, Spyda or Mark and they will post about their games... hey, miracles DO happen.
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