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Americanpie.net Official Website

Welcome to Don McLean Online, official source of latest news and exclusive material provided to us directly by Don McLean. 

The Music of Don McLean. Our multimedia pages include previously unreleased Don McLean music and other material. A BMI licensed site.

Don McLean in 2002

Watch this RealVideo clip of how DonDon McLean in Concert McLean looks and sounds in concert in 2002. And from our archives, a full length concert version of 'And I Love You So' by Don McLean. Licensed by Don McLean and BMI. View the full music library.

Don McLean - legendary singer-songwriter

Don McLean writes: "Thanks for taking an interest in this page and in my activities. I have been singing since I was a small child but once I began to play the guitar, I formed in my mind the idea that perhaps I could write songs. Simple rock songs like 'Teenager in Love' could be played with the same chords over and over. I've taught my six year old daughter how to play this tune, it's that simple. Folk songs were also everywhere in the fifties and the guitar was perfect for them. A simple, beautiful song will inspire most musicians to try to write. Complicated, pretentious and non-melodic music is a turn-off. So are lessons. Keep music in your life and have fun with it and after a time it will grow on you and you will understand the language of song."

Don McLean

Don McLean's superstar status is always attributed to his remarkable song, 'American Pie' which, in 2000, once again topped the charts worldwide, this time recorded by Madonna. Back in 1972, 'Vincent' ('Starry Starry Night'), taken from the 'American Pie' album gave Don McLean a second number one hit single and another landmark entry in the history of popular music. 

Between the heady years of 1971 and 2000, Don McLean released over 20 albums and scored major chart successes with 'Everyday' (1973), 'Mountains of Mourne' (1974), 'Crying' (1980), 'Castles in the Air' (1981), 'Since I Don't Have You' (1981), 'Can't Blame the Train' (1987) and again with 'American Pie' in the UK in 1991. Don McLean is immortalized as the subject of the Roberta Flack/The Fugees No. 1 hit, 'Killing Me Softly With His Song'.

The legend of Don McLean continues to grow and is celebrated here at 'Don McLean Online'. Please enjoy your visit to this site and contribute to the many interactive elements. Now, here is a message from the man himself:

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American Pie Quiz

Which famous singer provided backing vocals on Don McLean's original version of 'American Pie'?

Bob Dylan
James Taylor
Pete Seeger
Cissy Houston (Whitney's aunt)
Lee Hays
Neil Young
Joan Baez

What Don has to say about 'American Pie'

Thanks to Madonna, Don McLean's 'American Pie' is once again one of the most talked about songs in popular music. Don McLean has provided several statements regarding 'American Pie' in the past 18 months. Here are just a few:

Don McLean Madonna"Madonna is a colossus in the music industry and she is going to be considered an important historical figure as well. She is a fine singer, a fine songwriter and record producer, and she has the power to guarantee success with any song she chooses to record. It is a gift for her to have recorded 'American Pie.' I have heard her version and I think it is sensual and mystical. I also feel that she's chosen autobiographical verses that reflect her career and personal history. I hope it will cause people to ask what's happening to music in America. I have received many gifts from God but this is the first time I have ever received a gift from a goddess." - Don McLean, 2000

"the growing urban legend that "American Pie" was the name of Buddy Holly’s plane the night it crashed, killing him, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper, is equally untrue. I created the term." - Don McLean, 1999

"Because of an off-hand funny comment I made backstage at a concert years ago, a story circulated that the song {American Pie} has been a burden and even that I didn’t sing it for a while. That’s completely false. I am very proud of ‘American Pie’ and the many satellites that grow from it and revolve around it. For many years I carried my songs around and now they carry me around. I have always sung ‘American Pie’ for my audience and would never think of disappointing them since it is they who have given me a wonderful life and untold affection for almost 30 years." - Don McLean, 1999

Don McLean licensed "American Pie" to Weird Al Yankovic for his "The Saga Begins" parody of "Star Wars" which appears on Yankovic’s 'Running With Scissors' album; the song is that album’s first single and video. Said McLean: "Al is the best there is at what he does, whatever that is. In addition, my kids love his videos and I am honored that he thought of me and did such a great job."

Don McLean Videos

Many fans ask about the availability of Don McLean videos. There are two great Don McLean videos available for purchase. These are Don McLean: The Voice-The Music-The Concert, recorded in 1991 and features Don playing solo and with a rock band, and Live in Concert which was recorded in 1980 and includes interview footage with Don McLean. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Don McLean directly?
It is not possible to contact Don McLean directly. Don does not have an email address or any public contact information. If you ever receive an email addressed from 'Don McLean' then please ignore it - it is a hoax! If there is something that you think Don would be interested in then please contact me. I can send material to Don but, as he is very busy, I will only send stuff that I believe Don would really like to see. 

When will Don McLean next have a concert in my town/city/country?
Please check the Don McLean Online tour information page for up-to-date concert listings.

How do I book Don McLean for a concert performance?
Don's booking agency is Paradise Artists in Ojai, California. His agent there is Jim Lenz. 

About Don McLean Online

Don McLean Online has been produced in England by Alan Howard since 1995. He is employed by Don McLean's Starry Night Music Inc. as Don's official biographer. This book is due out within the next 18 months.  Oscar Adonebu (on holiday until September) is site editor. The site is licensed by BMI and various sound recording copyright holders to legally broadcast music.

Site Status

Site Producer: Alan Howard.
 Last Updated: 14 November, 2002

News from Don McLean

May 2003 UK Tour Announced.
EMI special markets is releasing a 20-track greatest hits package in North America in Feb 03.

Don McLean is appearing in the new General Motors TV advert for Chevy cars, alongside the Beach Boys, Elton John and Prince. A clip from Don's 1972 'Till Tomorrow' video will be featured.

Due Jan 2003: Don McLean's album of children's music 'You've Got to Share'.

Search for a Don McLean Song

Our database includes over 200 songs recorded by Don McLean and released on album in the past 30 years. Enter the name of the song (e.g. Vincent (Starry Starry Night)) to find information about which albums it appears on. 

Song name: 

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Vincent (Starry Starry Night) - Lyrics
And I Love You So - Lyrics
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Empty Chairs - Lyrics
Rolling Stone Review: Setting the Record Straight - Direct From Don McLean
Don McLean Stage and Guitar Setup - Direct From Don McLean
Crossroads - Lyrics
Tapestry - Lyrics
Till Tomorrow - Lyrics

Direct from Don McLean

We are incredibly fortunate that Don McLean takes an active interest in this site. The new  'Direct from Don McLean' page includes great material from Don, including a letter from John Goldrosen, Buddy Holly's biographer, a detailed account of Don's guitar and stage setup and lots more. Don McLean trademark Thumb

Enjoy this unique material sent to us by Don McLean for his fans enjoyment.

Looking for a Don McLean album?

We have a complete listing of all the main Don McLean albums released since 1970, including track listings, current availability and fan reviews and ratings. Just click here!

News Headlines

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Coming soon New greatest hits package due for release in US & Canada, Feb 03.
Tour news UK Tour May 2003 announced
Nov. 5th Don sings on the new Mike Read-John Betjeman album 'Songs' due out on Nov 17th.
Oct 7th Don McLean sanctions the use of his 'American Pie' trademark for the American Pie III movie.
Oct 2nd Don McLean celebrates his 57th birthday.
Oct 1st Don McLean is featured in the Wall Street Journal as his song 'American Pie' is about to feature in GM's new Chevrolet TV ad campaign.
Sept 3rd Don McLean has signed with Paradise Artists of Ojai, California. Don's new agent is Jim Lenz.
July 2002 The producer of Don McLean Online has launched a new music site: Neil Diamond Interactive!
New releases  United Airlines will be presenting a Don McLean career retrospective as part of their summer in-flight programme. Don McLean's new album 'You've Got to Share' , an original studio album of children's music for children of all ages, is due soon.
19 July 2002 Our New chat room is open Saturday and Sunday evenings from 8.00pm London time, 3.00pm New York time every week. Great place to meet Don McLean fans.
Feb 1 2002 Don McLean's 'American Pie' enters the Grammy Hall of Fame.
Oct 30/31 Don McLean makes a triumphant return to Ireland with sold out concerts in Dublin and Belfast. Read concert reviews.
Sept 13 Don McLean DVD - 'Starry Starry Night' released featuring concert footage from 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s.
May 29 Live chat with Don McLean. 
May 19 Don McLean receives honorary doctorate from Iona College
May 15 BMI confirm 'American Pie' has now been broadcast more than 3 million times on US radio - over 25 yrs continuous airplay!
May 12 Perry Como has sadly died. Don McLean pays tribute: "Perry Como was the epitome of class, style and decency - three things we don't have a lot of in the music business anymore. In his quiet but magical way, Perry Como was every bit the equivalent of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett or any pop singer of the century.''
April 24 Live Internet Chat with Don McLean 
New CD Releases Two new CDs were released on April 24. 'Don McLean Sings Marty Robbins' -  the great new album features Don covering 12 classic songs from the 1950s . 'Starry Starry Night' - a two CD set features Don McLean recorded live in concert and includes a duet with Nanci Griffith. Order your copies online now!
In the Shops Now: A great new CD, 'The DonNew CD McLean Collection' now available. Featuring 'Dream Lover', 'Castles in the Air', 'Crying', 'American Pie' Live, 'Vincent' and several rare recordings.
7 March 'American Pie' has been voted 5th in a list of 365 Songs of the Century compiled by the Recording Industry Association of America and National Endowment for the Arts. Don McLean is delighted and considers it a "major" accolade.
11 Feb Don McLean has written us a detailed account of his guitar and stage setup. Read this unique document now!
2 October Don McLean celebrates 55th birthday
28 August Limited edition reproduction of original 'A Pie' lyrics go on sale
10 July Don McLean announces deal with 'Demon Records' in the UK. The 'Prime Time', 'Chain Lightning', 'Believers', 'Greatest Hits Live' and 'For the Memories, Vols I & II' CDs will be on sale soon in UK shops
4 July Don McLean performs for 300,000 with the Boston Pops Orchestral
June 2000 Don McLean completes a sensational sold-out tour of England. Read the fan reviews A surprise mini-tour turns out to include Don's best concerts ever in the UK 
9 April Don McLean's Greatest Hits CD makes UK top-30. Don has two albums in the top-30 charts for the first time in 20 years.
March 2000 PBS TV -  Don McLean special. A 2.5 hour concert recorded in Austin, Texas in November 1999, featuring full orchestra and Don's band is broadcast in edited form as part the PBS television pledge season. 
5 March 'American Pie' debuts at #1 on the official UK singles chart
14 Feb Don McLean issues statement on Madonna's cover of American Pie. (see left)
23 Jan Don McLean Online featured in UK Sunday Times Newspaper
31 Dec 1999 Don McLean performs in Lincoln Memorial Gala concert, Washington DC. Don is interviewed on CNN. "Clinton was ebullient as he joined with Don McLean singing "American Pie"...", - Reuters
31 Dec Don and wife attend Clinton's Whitehouse dinner

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