Linux dvd-rw/dvd-r writing made easy and free...

dvdrtools is a fork of cdrtools, with the primary goal of supporting writable DVD drives. The initial version was released February 4, 2002.

The current version of dvdrtools (0.1.2) was released on February 27, 2002. It can be downloaded at http://freesoftware.fsf.org/download/dvdrtools/ in source form and as precompiled binaries for Red Hat Linux 7.2 i386.

CVS (and anonymous CVS) access is available through Savannah. If you intend to help out with development (or web site design ;) ), please contact bero at gnu dot org for getting CVS write access.

We do not keep tarballs of older versions. If, for some reason, you need an older version of dvdrtools, use CVS. For example, to get version 0.1.1, use cvs co -rv0_1_1 dvdrtools.

There are two mailing lists for dvdrtools:

dvdrtools is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.

If you find dvdrtools useful, please help pushing it forward - contribute some code, write some documentation, help improving the website (I know I'm bad at design...).

Some useful links:

cdrecord-dvdhack - In case dvdrecord doesn't work well for you, try to apply this patch to cdrecord. If you install it instead of dvdrecord, PLEASE inform me !!!!
DVD+RW/+R for Linux
How to burn a DVD-Video under Linux with mkisofs and dvdrecord
Experiences with FreeBSD Pioneer DVD-R and dvdrtools

Search dvdrtools archive using Google. Just add something after "dvdrtools" in the search box.


If you can help us in maintaining this web, for example with better design:
j m u n o z A T s o f t h o m e . n e t
(I am not dvdrtools developper, don't ask me about technical questions)