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See how well you do with our online games!

The Tuning In quiz tests your CBC-TV knowledge through five decades. And try matching the CBC news item with the decade in which it happened in Test Your News IQ.


Learn more about the rich history of CBC Television and the important role it's played in helping define the culture of Canada.

The 50th Anniversary Interactive Timeline includes video clips, archived photographs and facts about CBC-TV.


Read articles and online diaries: Knowlton Nash and Evan Solomon explore the past and future of television in their articles.

Online diaries include producer Geoff D'Eon's making of A Day In The Life Of Canada and From Sea To Sea, which chronicles the cross-Canada journey of the 50th Anniversary VIA Rail train.


It all started with a bald puppet called Uncle Chichimus, broadcast from fledgling CBC English Television on Monday, September 8, 1952, at 7:15 p.m.

Fifty years later, CBC Television marked the anniversary of this first broadcast with an incredible variety of celebrations on air, online, and in your community.

From September 6 through October 10, CBC-TV brought you special programming to celebrate this significant anniversary. And the celebrations will continue with special features and highlights - right through the regular programming season.


Watch clips from the CBC video vaults


Excerpts from the book Here's Looking at Us: Celebrating Fifty Years of CBC-TV