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This site has the facts on object-oriented database architecture, product comparison, and selection. The articles section provides an extensive overview of object database technology and its use with Java and C++.

When you integrate database capabilities with object-oriented programming language capabilities, the result is an object-oriented database management system (ODBMS). An ODBMS makes database objects appear as programming language objects in one or more object-oriented programming languages. An ODBMS extends the language with transparently persistent data, concurrency control, data recovery, associative queries, and other database capabilities.

Object-oriented databases are designed to work well with object-oriented programming languages such Java and C++. If you are planning to store Java or C++ objects in a database, you should consider an object-oriented database. This site will help you get started with object-oriented databases.

Object-Oriented Database Articles

Interested in how object-oriented database products work? Want to know when you should consider using an these products? What are some architectures that take advantage of these products yet preserve your existing database investment? These articles provide answers to these questions and more. Check out the articles on object-oriented databases.

Object Storage Fact Book

Looking for object-oriented database product comparisons? The Object Storage Fact Book has the details. These details are essential for making an informed product selection. The data in the Object Storage Fact Book will accelerate your selection process because the arduous and time-consuming task of gathering product data is completed for you.


The focus of our consulting is on accelerating the decision process for product comparison, selection and use. These are hands-on learning opportunities for you to bring your database design problems and situations. These workshops can be customized and adapted to meet your particular needs.

bulletObject-Oriented Database Product Comparison
bulletSelecting the Right Database Product

Also, are you looking for help in trouble-shooting and critiquing a high-level design? Check out Architecture Review.

Free Web Services Seminar

Here's a chance to attend a free online seminar on data management options for Web services. The seminar covers the ways different data management options can affect the performance of your Web services application, your development time and complexity, and the overall cost of deploying your Web services application.

Click here to view this seminar whenever you like at The title is Web Services: Data Management Options. You can find it either at the right of the page or by clicking on "View list of all transcripts" option at the right of that page. The date the seminar was recorded was March 20, 2002. The date will help you find it in the list of events.

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