DXTraveller provides safe and secure payment transfers.

As travel continues to be the favorite pass time of the global community, vast networks of destinations and accommodation are becoming more sophisticated, and, so too should the way you deal with your money while on vacation.

Keeping possession of a credit card or passwords while trying to enjoy your holiday or everyday life is becoming a risky business.

Every time a credit card is used a trace is deposited for someone with criminal intentions to use at a later date.

DXTraveller changes that by providing the "state of the art" safe and secure service for transferring and making purchases online and off without needing to use cards or passwords.

DXTraveller is an advanced service available to Gold-ebank customers that utilizes a global iris recognition and authentication technology to provide access to an account owner.

The DXTraveller has been developed for the traveller to safeguard their account access and money.

Even when purchasing goods and services the merchant is only provided with basic information of the globally verified and authenticated DXTraveller.

"Authentication not Verification":

Almost everyone knows of someone who has had their credit card stolen or details and bank accounts hacked and used in a fraudulent transaction.
A credit or debit card is simply a verification of someone in possession of a card and not necessarily the owner, and the same with passwords, it's only the knowledge of a series of numbers that can be found in a number of ways. 

The number of fraudulent crimes using credit cards and stolen passwords is well known and will only increase, which is where iris recognition authentication technology moves to the front by providing the highest level of security in the world. 

Iris recognition requires using the unique image pattern of your eye to gain access to an account, PC or even a hotel room. It is so unique that you are the only person in the world with that pattern and even more unique is that your left and right eyes are not the same.

The iris image is not recorded by a merchant or the camera when trying to access an account but is analysed in a unique way by authenticating the image via separate Gold-ebank databases held in safe jurisdictions with high privacy laws.
With the DXTraveller you can also add additional users with iris recognition to access the same account or open up additional accounts.
This is great when you want to budget amounts for things such as your children's spending money or shopping budget. It ensures full security is maintained while still allowing full access controls to be set by the accounts administrator.

The iris recognition authentication begins the chain of security that provides a person with secure control over their finances both home and abroad, even our network of DXMerchants are restricted to your accounts confidential details.


DXTraveller Single Set up costs:

Registration / Set-up of each person  $80.00US
Monthly access  $12.45US


- Upgrade account to Level 3 fee schedule
- 6 month license agreement
- First month access
- $50US Bonus to Portfolio

- Iris recognition provides access to DXTraveller, AuthentAccount and DXBusiness accounts.


Registration and set-up of iris recognition will activate a 6 months license agreement.
Iris image templates are retained in the data bases only for the duration of the 6 months license agreement. 
Monthly access fees provide the continual extension of this license agreement.
Active DXTraveller accounts are eligible for Level 3 transaction fee schedule. 

DXTraveller Package

Camera, registration / set-up for one person.  $295.00US
Monthly access $12.45US


- Upgrade account to Level 3 fee schedule
- 6 month license agreement
- First month access
- Up to 6 users can be provided with local computer access.
- $50 Bonus to Portfolio.
- Camera allows for registration of iris recognition for DXTraveller, AuthentAccount and DXBusiness accounts. 

Minimum System Requirements:

· Intel Pentium MMX-class, 333Mhz or higher
· CD-ROM Drive for installation
· Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP
· 64 MB of RAM
· 30 MB of free hard disk space
· USB interface

DXTraveller Camera Package is available on a part payment plan. see AuthentAccount details

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