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Rocketry Online   Rocketry Online is the best overall source of information on our hobby I've seen.
There are discussion forums as well as an extensive index of vendors and rocketry web sites. This is Yahoo for rocketeers.
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Read my introduction to hobby rocketry on the welcome page.

There's a lot of general information on hobby rocketry:

Here are some sites with information on rocketry in education:

  • Space Team Online is a nice site on rocketry for educators, including many low-cost projects for the classroom.
  • Apogee Components has an excellent education links page. This is a great place to start looking for more information on rocketry in schools.
  • The SciLinks program is a set of web sites for teachers, organized by National Science Teachers Association.

Here are the California rocketry clubs I am a member of:

  • Association of Experimental Rocketry Of the Pacific: AERO-PAC.
  • Rocketry Association of California: ROC.
  • Livermore Unit of the NAR: LUNAR.

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