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John Y. Naka

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Brought to you by the
NABF Editorial Team

(with special thanks to David Fukumoto for organizing the team and laying the foundation for this newsletter)





NABF Newsletter #1
November 2002


"There are no borders in bonsai. The dove of peace flies to palace as to humble house, to young as to old, to rich and poor. So does the spirit of bonsai."

John Yoshio Naka


Bonsai sketch by John Y. Naka

We are truly blessed that we are able to enjoy the art of bonsai to the fullest here in North America. The bonsai world that we inhabit today is far richer than it was 30 years ago. Those whose memory takes them back to the 1960s and 70s will recall how few books on bonsai were then available in English, and how difficult it was to learn about the art and horticulture of bonsai at that time.

The bonsai clubs and associations of North America have played a critical role in realizing this transformation. From Bonsai Clubs International and the American Bonsai Society to the smallest club, these groups of dedicated individuals brought bonsai enthusiasts together--at national, regional and local symposia and meetings--to be inspired by the early teachers and each other. And it worked. Eastern grand masters like Saburo Kato and Yee-sun Wu have been predicting that North America will be where the action is relating to bonsai/penjing in the Twenty-First Century.

In celebrating our good fortune, the NABF Editorial Team brings you this premier issue of its on-line Newsletter. We wish to pay tribute to the bonsai teachers who laid the foundation for our bonsai world in North America, as well as keep you informed of the activities of NABF's members--the bonsai clubs and organizations of North America. We will also provide the latest developments in our preparation for the 5th World Bonsai Convention in 2005 in Washington, D.C., to be hosted by NABF as the North American representative of the World Bonsai Friendship Federation.

This premier issue is devoted to John Yoshio Naka. NABF has received tributes and photographs from bonsai lovers across North America and around the world attesting to the towering influence John has had not only on the art of bonsai but on us as human beings. We welcome your comments on this first issue of the NABF Newsletter and on other issues which will be published in the future.

The NABF Editorial Team
November 1, 2002




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